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wednesday 18/07/2018

I all ways thought berserk should of been -2 life min 1 really. cause there so easy to go around. smiley

@ abposse yes they do . as far as I know.

I reckon even if Freaks weren't so meta defining atm as Naarcho rightly says, Jungo could do with a small buff, not to the bonus or stats but merely by shifting allowances of Jungo in the stages slightly. I miss Mindy, Rodney and Troompah particularly, all enormous fun cards with no real niche today

tuesday 17/07/2018

Thanks guys for the help. Definitely going to be choosing Dominion and GhostTown. I will probably get a titanium pack, and then when the new cards come out on Friday I'll get some new blood packs for the new all stars card coming, as well as Slade and Captain rescue. smiley

monday 16/07/2018

I think one reason for limiting cards is to simply make it more of a challenge. Possibly get some people to buy credits to continue a run. As someone who earned every arcade star, I occasionally spent credits not to have to repeat matches in heroic mode (usually if I died in matches 9 or 10).

To me the AI is so much more predictable. The AI will use the same exact strategy each round. So if you lose in round 3, remember how the AI pilled and responded to your card. A very large chance it will do the same thing next time. Also, there is a high chance the AI will play against your deck, the same exact way in heroic as it did in normal.

I would suggest using an attack manipulation clan, where you can 0 pill constantly, forcing the AI to have to pill rounds. I used the same Uppers deck for almost the entirety of arcade mode. Making a few substitutions here and there to combat cards I knew the AI was playing that round.

Core difference:

+power spends pills to gain advantage
+attack saves pills to keep some leverage

Cbj was first release in a thematic pack that got release some day after the release of her comic. That pack returned shortly again with some mission that player could eventually try to clear. August 12 cbj got release in new blood. At August 27 cbj was finally release in all packs and stayed there until October 10 were she left the city.

Barden is another good example, but from what I've heard his price went up mainly because of EFC presence, but even then, not everybody plays Piranas.

Judge Lynch also possible as he barely misses the stated time frame his is 3 months 3 weeks
Another thing is freaks onward the majority of crs were rare then, uncommon, then common, all cards were at least usable without giant glaring flaws during their time of release
So I'd take out at least
Tuco and Mallory, maybe flood ed

Marshal definitely #1 pick followed by Poppy Mary then Dakota

sunday 15/07/2018

I wish SoA was their weakness. But any time the opponent draws Marshall, you're pretty much SOL with or without SoA in your hand.

This information will lead people into falsely believing cards like Nellie, Herman, and McLayton are unbeatable. And that is most definitely FALSE!

You have to understand the following when considering using those cards.

Cancel Attack Modifier exists.
Cancel Power Modifier exists.
Protect Power exists.
Protect Attack exists.
Stop Opp. Ability exists.

Additionally, cards with higher base power and better power manipulation destroy aforementioned cards simply because their combined stats, bonus, and ability outshines them.

On a side not, I personally refrain from using Uppers because Raptors are all too commonly used.

saturday 14/07/2018

Berserker are good as is. that bonus they never be played cause they be a backlash bonus an that's just more pain full.

friday 13/07/2018

“Defeat life abilities and - opponents life abilities are no longer allowed in arcade“
Really? The only exclusion I can find is that you cannot use “Vict. or Def.: -X opp Life & Pillz min Y“ (which I wouldn’t use anyways,because its glitched). Even then, its only for Hardcore mode, you can use that ability in normal.

And Lds are good cards for decks, but outside high level EFC they are far from essential.
How about:
Christelle, Dr Six, Jose Star, Magnar, Maurice/McLayton (what ever you can afford), Jackie Cr/Kazayan/Wayne Stark, Zatman Cr/Al Safra, and Saltsberg/Muller

thursday 12/07/2018

I had to switch to vortex an it counted it for me but the other clans did not. so it was weird.

I was also thinking about something like 7/8 cancel all opp. modifications, wouldn't be that overpowered I think, since there is a lot of 9powered cards and SoA cards smiley remember Sentinel bonus is underwhelming compared to other manipulate clans.

wednesday 11/07/2018

Just say/describe what you want. I'm sure there are still enough people around who can do that (me included).

tuesday 10/07/2018

Have decks saved as presets. smiley

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sunday 08/07/2018

Thank you a lot ! =)

friday 06/07/2018

I see more op cards I got it , I will be re-posting this in the EFC section but thank you so much HipHoppa.

Maybe week 3 and 4 rewards "Captain" is Sentinel version of him?

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