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saturday 18/12/2010

A deathmatch will start after the previous one ends, as long as there are at least eight people in the room. So the chance at getting into one at the start is not great. If you want to try to find a different match, you can refresh the page and sometimes it will put you into a different one depending on how many are open and the number of people in them.

tuesday 14/12/2010

Well, as opposed to Eadh & Sigma, you could run Orlok & Nimestic... Nimestic is a good power sink.

It's a judgement call, but Orlok is really good IMO, not that Sigma isn't, but...

saturday 11/12/2010

Because most ppls preference is on non random but also no offence but random is kinda pointless theres no caculations involved an basically pure luck a 2 year old can win all their battles aslong as its on random

friday 10/12/2010



Thx mods

thursday 09/12/2010

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tuesday 07/12/2010

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1640407 that is my current deck.I know i can improve it but i dont have the clints! sometimes i get these major winning streaks and major losing streaks

saturday 04/12/2010

rate up and comet


Plz Rate and coment smiley


thursday 02/12/2010

Umm..just keep playing.missions need to be harder anyway..

wednesday 01/12/2010

This is my DM preset, its reached 510pts twice with me, with a run of 7/0/1 and a run of 8/0/0.

Please Rate and Comment!

tuesday 30/11/2010


Any tips for improvement?

sunday 28/11/2010

I like it! You might consider sliding a leader in there to boost Vortex's (already not inconsiderable attack) or their (unfortunate) low average damage.

First of all... great deck! However, I suggest you go after (atleast) Emeth. As far as DM or Survivor, I would go with DM. Survivor takes a special type of deck: slow, thought out, block heavy as well as bluff heavy. In Survivor one false move could be your last. DM is more focused on killing as fast as you can smiley leaving nothing left behind and finishing the battle as quickly as possible. I play using a Nightmare / Ulu Watu deck. High attack, many 2HKO combos and Ambre to boost my Tan-Man and Kolos smiley

Thats my suggestion!

friday 26/11/2010

11:45 Elo you were annihilated by aleroma89 (0-14): 1087 ELO
11:41 Elo you crushed baitakiller (12-0): 1097 ELO
11:41 Elo you crushed baitakiller (12-0): 1081 ELO

I could do something 'Contructive' and learn to spell smiley


wednesday 24/11/2010

Cool deck bro smiley

tuesday 23/11/2010

I lost a DM because of this.smiley


dang I feel really left out by this mammoth joke smiley

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