monday 01/08/2011

UR website isn't loading for me. It has happened several times usually around 12am. Right now I can only access the message board; the other pages will either not load or load half way.

There's no problem with my internet; I can use it just fine.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you.

Niiice smiley Vickie Cr is good same with Smokey but,....
I would try this...
Vickie Cr Edd Mona Spiaghi 14* Hawkins 16* Smokey Cr 19* Raeth and Tula (Can do Tyd and Ector.)

smiley Please take some time and read through ALL of the rules section. It's under 'the game'

sunday 31/07/2011

Buying 50 copies of much-played (both market and game) common card would not make any difference. You would just enable others to race the price a few % higher while you would be most probably stuck with your cards.

Also, atleast keep yourself from eating your own profits; your buys would be more like 1900-2325 to avoid lossy sales at 2450.

If you plan to force the momentary price up, the possible buyers will simply delay their buy and the other sellers will compensate as soon as they realize they can get a bit more now, when you served them buy buying the bulk. Only buy bulk if you are atleast 90"% sure the price will _stay_ or eventually reach some point for some reason.

Checking Prince Jr's price within a year I can see your expected price of 2450 has been reached... ONCE for a brief moment. After that it came crashing down. I consider that a high-risk investment. My suggestion would be to stay away from such risks unless you have enough money to keep the price at certain level... (which you obiviously dont) aka. dominate the market. But then again, your preference may be playing high stakes games. You might be able to shadow some bigtime investor which does the hard work for you...

Then again, Askai - a common card too - is currently 3000+cz - and Prince Jr is comparable to Askai in play-usability. And Prince Jr is not replaceble since his next option is Mona. This suggests Prince Jr CAN possibly be higher price than it currently is.

Does anyone have any good deck ideas for tournaments? Suggest any cards I can probably make the deck you suggest?

Skill is needed to avoid luck situations.

Yes i have noticed there are too many luck situations,but with skill you can avoid them smiley

That's cool. Dropped Trey and things are going much better.

Using Andsom primarily as a bluffer to draw pills which is working.

Generally speaking if you pick clans with atk manip or sob/power bonuses you will have to win 3 of the 4 rounds in a match to win. On the other hand with clans like fang pi or vortex you can get away with 2 rounds won. Finding a good balance between manipulation, damage, defense, and star balance is what makes or breaks decks and is the deepest part of this game imo. Just some food for thought.

I never saw the point for any of your threads, everyone is going to disagree. If there are obvious choices then any person with half a brain can figure it out and if there are very close cards that are good in their own right it falls the the users opinion not yours.

Thank you Botshot smiley

Slang players some roots and tell them you got that good stuff.smiley

Not really, because those guys with 683 presets posted are the ones with reliable strategy and logic behind their presets, so why limit them?

saturday 30/07/2011

Yeah it sounds good

friday 29/07/2011


Also you forgot some other facts:

- 8 power / 8 damage --- untouchable by SOA or SOB.
- backlash is backlash, no need to say it again, its bad, all do know that. But an 8 lifeswing point of view is very different from this picture 'you still have 12 life and your opponent only has 4 (elo mode)'.

and some other things I'd like to point out

- I'd take a 2 to 5 pill disadvantage if I can land Cortez first round. That's why I said use him properly, no need for attack or power manipulations.
- why is he below average? please explain.
- balance matters. yeah we all do know, that is why I said earlier pair a usable attack or manipulation clan with berzerk.

If youre going to use facts, dont forget the pros as well. lol. just sayin. smiley

Haha Godot, agreed with you. No wonder it was rescue dude. smiley

I'm currently accepting offers to make avatar (avis).
Nothing special, but I can make clean, crisp avatars similar to the style of my own. You can select the character artwork, text and, if you like, background. PM if interested.

Price is strictly 5K (5000 clintz) unless you are part of my guild, URBAN MADNESS, in which case you get a 20% discount and only get charged 4K smiley
To pay for your avatar simply private sale a card worth the given amount to me for 50 clintz.

Another example of my works is A Awso Cr.

Thanks mods smiley

thursday 28/07/2011

Nice man, always good to see new people posting on youtube for UR, makes the game more noticed.


Switch out KRonen the second you can.

Interesting deck. You might like to drop Stanly so you draw the other cards more often. (you only need 8 in a deck).

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