wednesday 13/07/2011

Get 2 new bloods AFTER the upcoming new cards come out. Then save up another 10 creds for another new blood in the new batch after this upcoming one.

I was looking at "phalloide"'s arts and I noticed something!
Look at these first arts k?
Ector N lothar.
Elek and lehrg.
Edruado n Cyb lhia.
Slema, glenn, n wesley.
Greem n damian.
(My fav) Mira and Dolly.
Amanie and ongh
lewis and rubie.
See any else?

tuesday 12/07/2011

Cancel Leader means that if you have two leaders in your hand there ability is cancled. The only exception is in lost warehouse where Vansaar's ability won't be cacled if you have anuther leader (but the other leaders ability will be cancled).

Isuicide.....this is the 3 star list.......not our 5 star list (the one met with controversy)

Hahaha, just wanted to say: amazing DeepEnd

I still think a Chihuahua would have made more sense for the Uppers since two characters own them in their card art. How many of the Uppers actually own poodles?

As for the Nightmare, I'm surprised that one didn't scare me as too many things freak me out/disturb me.

Yeah, I just did that. Went Vortex, nightmare and Sakrohm(fail spelling ..) + La Junta.

Got Kolos smiley

Get dregn now,wait for cortez to drop.

Closing this topic as it has degenerated too far

monday 11/07/2011

Just pulled Cortez, Taylor, and Gordon with 3 blood packs

I'd advice you to buy Slyde (pretty good DR) or follow Pilluminati advice

My brother was laughing at my fail in elo, he has no clue how to play this game btw, so i dare him to do better, he plays my next game and wins, by knockout smiley

I think every thread a month old should be closed because the ammount of people bumping dead threads where the original poster doesn't even play the game anymore is getting out of control.

sunday 10/07/2011

I'm with Nintendan on this one, we never had one back in my day.. XD

UM_Fidelity u forgot the animal clan! those guys are all 1000+ clintz smiley

Yeah, to tell you the truth I am also kinda disappointed by bikini joe. What the freaks lack now is depth, since Olga and Bogdan are getting banned with alarming frequency these days. Nothing too spectacular, just regular 8-powered cards to give the freaks some breathing room when their 2 best characters are banned.

Nice deck most of your hands should be able to beat the computer. Now and then you will get a lot of two stars and have difficaulty but becauses its only single player losing now and then dosn't matter much.

The humans probably all died.

saturday 09/07/2011

@ Bison, Warl0ck, and Soundtrack
I belive they are saying JUST searching fir the cards not buying the deck!

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