monday 27/06/2011

I was asleep at the time, so no harm done

sunday 26/06/2011

Well I put a lot of cards on the market once and it said I had to many actions in a short time period and I couldn't get back on the market for about 3-4 hour, why is that?

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Ok guys thanks ill take it into consideration all of your tips

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You pilled on filomena, those pillz were subtracted from your total, there is no other explanation

I began with Freaks (also the first clan I reached 250 wins with) and I still love them smiley. I don't care about their supposedly "not so good" bonus (although I wish the minimum was lower) because their abilities are just too good.

Moved on to playing mono Jungo lately though and it seems to work even bettersmiley

This is why I never play monoclan. These rock-paper-scissor styles of counterdecking is very annoying smiley

Even though this thread is dead and been brought back to life I'd like to add to it smiley

I think the easiest bot in today's world would be the 6/0/0/6 bot in lost war house, probably not a bot actually but a script which would be pretty easy as it doesn't haven't to take into consideration anything due to how simple it is, it doesn't matter what cards you have or play because the script will always play 6/0/0/6 and still gain the experience from the loss/win in lost war house. And the odd trip to your collection to change the cards within your deck.

DeathMatch script? Now this would be more complicated because of regular pop up messages from kate (although I'm sure you can turn them off) and the odd chance you might end up in a dead room, which means you have to write into the script a lot more 'Functions' so it doesn't malfunction and end up sitting there doing nothing, although the pill play is usually not effected by what cards your opponent has it really depends how good the person writing the script is, if he'd like the script to take into consideration cards like uranus and gratxmmt before playing pillz it would take a lot more time to write it.

Before you I don't bot. Rofl.

saturday 25/06/2011

Now that T-NitroBobby has mentioned it, it's kind of true but mainly applies to beginners when playing Random.
Besides newbies wouldn't want to bump into very high level players who know everything about Urban Rivals, as this would put the newbies at a huge disadvantage.

Cheap uppers:
Bianca, Frankie hi, Jonas, Glenn, Burt, collin, Betenka, and hugo. make hugo standford or janice for t1 or elo.

I was buy classic, and I have got kolos


In a round, it's the Attack (ATK) of the characters that represents your chances of winning. If your character has an Attack of 10 and your opponent has an Attack of 6, it means that you have 10 chances of 16 to win, versus only 6 of 16 for your opponent.

friday 24/06/2011

Thanks im going to try out both uppers and montana.. Then maybe La Junta. As for Jungo I tried them nd just couldn'y rely on the high powers for most cards. And Junkz were a little easier but no High damage hard hiters (Minus fuzz, and rowdy)

Then yes strange death, i have played competitive paintball

Unless a miss or other event.....................

thursday 23/06/2011

I have beat him soooooo many times by just using clara, cuz he way overpillz. Then I muze it up with only a couple of pillz. Finsh with Cherry and just block with ella.
BTW his cards were Clara V. cortez, muze v. norman, cherry v. drummond, ella v. gus.

wednesday 22/06/2011

Stop watching yu-gi-oh

Thanks for the help Puddin

Just so you know multiple people send the staff ideas, and they are working hard to complete those ideas and add new things. But i agree with thoazol.

Thanks, much appreciation!!

Thx wicer

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