monday 25/07/2011

Try it without dot at the end smiley

Type 1 = 25* or under
type 2 = 26* or over

Cards have 2 to 5 stars each, for example arkn has 2, XU52 has 5.

If you add up the stars in your deck (generally 8 cards) you get your star total. * = star.

Heal 2 Max 12

but cards wouldnt be that good damage wise

for thos that say heal 2 is OP cuz of +2 life
we got poison 2 FIRST and UR just released -2 opp life min 2! really UR compared to freaks berzerk's bonus is Meh!

^This smiley

Damn how could anyone do stuff like that!


I think he means bodenpower

Prefulling is getting a card to just one game away from max leveling. For example, getting a 4* to 2995 XP, when the maximum is 3000. Cards like these are sold for more than market price, and people who buy them use them to level up faster, either by using their own reserve XP or by leveling them in Lost Warehouse. These are the players who you see get 20k+ BP a day without any effort.

Its seems mostly ok but personally i would change Edwin to Sargh.

Staple Gheist Cards: Arkn,Bristone,Leviatonn,Toro
Staple Roots Cards: Yookie, Arno, Noodile, Rico

You can make a deck from those cards, either make a half deck with both or go mono. Gheist are offence, Roots are offence.

sunday 24/07/2011

I personally leave training matches when it is obvious to me that the opponent is farming mission victory instead of actually training (only 1 non-full card, no Vansaar, and all high power/damage cards). Those guys just annoy me too much to waste my time feeding them.


Piranas-amazing pill tactics,ya keep on winning and getting pillz back!
Fangpi-i have a whole deck only with 1KOs(And a splashed tino)
Vortex-So unique if you win with them and are able to build a 2KO you basicly now have the match dominated
GHEIST-Lets say i get a van,now i run over all clans...this is gheist
All Star-Having double power is so cool,easy to make tactics and yeah...low time table FTW

Least Favourites

Nightmare-Kenny,Kolos,Ghumbo,Nystarok NEVER stop showing up,and Sob in my opinion makes every single battle not fun
Uppers-kinda like a stronger rescue for t2,altough -10 atack too many 8 powered and 7 powered b easts
Sahkrom-Cowardish..too many blockers n stuff,to win you must realy think it through,its annoying how you can win with any card and most times thats all needed.
Rescue-RESCUE ELO is just OP
ULU WATU-Broing as hell,no ability to make a difference in gameplay,no bonus to activate if you win,they simply have big power...and will try to damage you :I

Arkn is fine as an opener with 2-3 pillz.
Deadeye must go, andsom, rhed and cyan are better options.
Also on your t2 deck Leviton is fine cuz of all stop but tyd must go, Try pesth selma or raeth.



Serious just half deck them so much easier
use gus if u really have to....i hate beef so much

Well, the art is standalone stuff, and you can see it without training. I like the art too, but current system actually hides the developement art rather than displays anything but the last form. We dont spend our life on training rooms to enjoy the different looks.

Lets get back to my idea, I still like it smiley You could display the art basing on the character level. 4 & 5 star characters would get new art by levels 25, 50 and 75 - 3* cards would get with levels 33, 66 and 2 star card at level 50. So you would actually see this stuff on the game field too.

The cards (starwise) would always start maxed, so no more boring trainingroom to start playing, but trainingroom would be used to get best potential out of cards.

A try/fail attempt to get a sticky post.

saturday 23/07/2011

La Junta
jane ramba

Sure, almost any combo can do good. and i think gheist and junta will team up quite well as a 2hko deck.
as both clans have lots of 5/7 damage cards. wich is great for both t1 and elo. just make sure that if you need 3* cards you pick juntas as they have lots of great options where as gheist only has leviatonn who is great and bristone who is ok, but nothing more then that.

Melanie and elvis seem like staples much in the same way wardog and bryan are staples in la junta

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