friday 22/07/2011

You need to have brought cedits to be able to trade cards between players.

Gheist have so many options but definitely Toro and Leviatonn when they are unbanned

thursday 21/07/2011

I need to know if this is being usefull
if it is then fine il soon post more

Im currently using Mozilla Firefox 64bit (codename Minefield) and beta-64bit flash player 11 from Adobe, and it seems UR works really well with this setting. Only minor bugs seen (text boxes in flash are sometimes misformatted.)

It seems all works better in the realm of 64bit, I get pages displayed a lot faster (almost instant) and generally everything seems a lot smoother.

Give it a try if you want the cutting edge smiley

Maybe the question should be "Martha and Skiner"?

On the other hand, there are still some 2hko combinations with Martha, like Chloe/Miss Chloe, Copper or Owen, not counting the possible fury combinations.

In my view Martha is more stable, where skiner is more of a gamble. Depends on your play style, game mode and the rest of your deck.

Gamewise... make a deck you want to play or try out, thats the fun part of it. As long as you feel good playing you've spent your clintz well. When making decks you invest to your own fun! smiley

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Can you please read the manual?

deleted is a great deck for a cheap deck and still a pretty good one for versing more expensive decks.
I fear this deck due to my strange weakness to jungo.

@ Kid Morbid

The only reason I said wanda is more stable is because Ts Bee Bear is looking to make a 7/1 deck so this would mean that using stacey as a splash means she has no bonus, so she would just be a 6/2 + 2 power, when wanda already has that plus 2. If this wasnt for deciding a splash I'd probably agree with you, that stacey is probably stronger.

wednesday 20/07/2011

Lock this thread...

I don't know. I'm pretty new to all the missions because I stopped playing right before they rolled them all out.

Anyone notice in the right hand corner below the highest palm leaf their is an IV?

If you see your free pillz you start with 13. Play 4 and lose and you get back 2 making it (9+2) 11. At the start of the 2nd round you get 1 free pill making it 12. This would appear that if you play 4 pillz you get back 3, but you don't you only get back 2 + the free pill for the next round.

If you play with hidden free pillz you will start with 12 pillz, and if you play 4 you will appear to get 3 back. Why? Because you're not playing 4 you're playing 5 (the hidden free pill + 4).

Playing on the iPhone and PC used to be confusing for me because one hid the free pillz and one didn't. With the new versions on PC I can now see the free pillz on both so the confusion is gone smiley

There is no way you can see for definate but if you look here: and see which cards you sold first you might be able to make an educated gess.

I think they are fine as they are. Removing a * would mean they would have to remove some artwork. I don't collect lds to use them (appart from bonnie ld) i collect them because i like collecting urban rivals cards to see there artwork.

tuesday 19/07/2011

For dt's cealus is the best, and he will shine more often then not.

for elo, meh, all 3 are allright but none of them is that great.

Im not sure if you can.

Thanks for your help, guys and gals. I have finally decided to get the Mono Rescue deck, again, thanks for the detailed answers!
Closing the subject.

Thanks all, I have a nice idea of what I will use.

Sledg (or maybe Marco), Kerry, Ghoub (probably replacing with glosh), Elvira, Slyde. Lea, Krash and Steve

MAYBE i will include Joana

I don't really like frida, too courage based

Lothar I did consider, but he is vulnerable to too much stuff


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