saturday 25/06/2011

I was buy classic, and I have got kolos


In a round, it's the Attack (ATK) of the characters that represents your chances of winning. If your character has an Attack of 10 and your opponent has an Attack of 6, it means that you have 10 chances of 16 to win, versus only 6 of 16 for your opponent.

friday 24/06/2011

Thanks im going to try out both uppers and montana.. Then maybe La Junta. As for Jungo I tried them nd just couldn'y rely on the high powers for most cards. And Junkz were a little easier but no High damage hard hiters (Minus fuzz, and rowdy)

Then yes strange death, i have played competitive paintball

Unless a miss or other event.....................

thursday 23/06/2011

I have beat him soooooo many times by just using clara, cuz he way overpillz. Then I muze it up with only a couple of pillz. Finsh with Cherry and just block with ella.
BTW his cards were Clara V. cortez, muze v. norman, cherry v. drummond, ella v. gus.

wednesday 22/06/2011

Stop watching yu-gi-oh

Thanks for the help Puddin

Just so you know multiple people send the staff ideas, and they are working hard to complete those ideas and add new things. But i agree with thoazol.

Thanks, much appreciation!!

Thx wicer

@Tanto89 yeah kusuri was exactly what the fang pi clang needed and can be annoying to face

tuesday 21/06/2011

Here is a great way Sell your common cards for an extra 10-20 Clintz, uncommon extra 20-30 and rares 30-50 You get loads more Clintz, I should know I have over 21,000 Clintz already! But only sell doubles of cards you have and before you sell them take a look at thier market value, or you can keep winning Clintz the hard way. But this way is the best, I mean I sold one card that was over 3k for 50 Clintz more got more money in the kitty. Try it and Pm with your response on it smileysmiley

Spam the buy button on 100 clint cards and resell, better be good ones, but useing this method reeps in around 200% profit

@M-Bison.......who would you 10th non cr card be out of curiousity

Old topic is old. Close please.

N it would stop all the founders from getting irritated

monday 20/06/2011

Oh thank you i did what you saidsmiley
Thank yousmiley

They do have some older cards with bigger images, but this is more due to artists havign the originals in stroe.

I actually made a deck very similar to your's, sicne your deck was so good and I didnt have the cards for it I made my own variation

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