sunday 17/07/2011


piranas for t2

@cos hespera
6/3 soa / sob gets banned? 3*? Sounds sketchy
dieter isn't banned... or is he?

saturday 16/07/2011

The clans with the highest average value for the their cards right now are Bezerker, Vortex, Bangers and Nightmare, ordered highest to lowest.

Ofcourse, Bangers and Nightmare might not be the best for netting clintz because so many of their expensive cards are rare. Piranahs, Pussycats and Jungo have some very expensive uncommons meaning they might net you more clintz from them on average. Jungo and Piranhas have pretty well priced commons which is a nice bonus. Also, Nightmare has 10 rares while Jungo and Pussycats have only 7 each, meaning if you include Nightmare, you have less chances of your rares being from Vortex or Bezerker.

I get this information from this fan site:

Yes and yes

Yes i agree that in elo you got the whole different opinions thing since u must have 2 stars and 3 stars to the deck work.
but in T2 i feel like this thing of choosing a card depending on opinion doesnt work as much.

all that changes is how much money you got.

its just thhat i feel like each clan in t2 got the decks practically made alwready,just depends if you must make some adjustments in case ur poor(clint wise)I was thinking of ur started centering a little in more then one play style in a clan.Like piranas with pill manip and the old power manip they used to have more of could maybe get improved.

but for elo yes its all on diff play styles and i was hoping this could get more into T2

When you complete all missions for one clan? Do you keep playing for it or do you sell everything and change to another clan?

Once they get a CR they'll plummet down

IPhone update now, please smiley

I still can't play that coveted Single Player mode you chaps keep talking about.


^This picture describes it.

"Because Skeelz are like the only clan that doesnt have an offensive bonus... "
Skeelz bonus atleast helps you when fighting Soa cards or Sob cards. There's still a good 6 clans that don't have that advantage.

friday 15/07/2011

Thank you so much guys..two replies already mark my decision smiley

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100% of the time your game is decided onward how you open it. When both players play well that good start leads to the situation where the "grand show " is on the last rounds. The chances for both parties are decided earlier, by the cards remaining and the lifes remaining. Often it becomes game of 50/50 (all in, or defend against fury etc). -.but this usually means both parties have played extremely well at previous rounds because game becomes a showdown.

With succesfull start you most probably are putting opponent on downward spiral where in rounds 3/4 he will have minimal chances of win (he has to quess how many you pill to win both - or to win by fury and be able to defend against counter-fury or some other stuff).

Games being decided in rounds 1/2 involves many risks - for example running out of pills and opponent can even double-fury to win. People learn to avoid these situations thus they play - even if they take risks - game such way they are able to play in the last rounds even if their risks somewhat fails.

Tho - there are times in the metagame where "Fu*k it, I'll just hack him to pieces in rounds 1 & 2" is extremely effective tactic only noobs can defend against.... smiley

DC means disconect I believe? And if that is the case then it won't affect your loss ratio, if they leave the match by "Forfeit" then it counts as a win for you.

Try this very very very cheap budget deck
Frankie Hi

Thats a cheap, always elo usable, dt usable deck and you can upgrade over time.

I submitted my artwork to you toxica

thursday 14/07/2011

I've continued to put together another competative deck for new players. This time it's an Ulu Watu / Vortex deck. It's a little more expensive (5000), but Stanley is the key card the deck revolves around and his price is on the rise.


Uppers, jinkz, sentinal, all star.

For Uppers I'd suggest this: New uppers extravaganza

Oh i see and sorry for not being more considerate. My bad and hopefully no hard feelings. But oh yeah i use it in Deathmatch and get in a lot of 2HKO's

wednesday 13/07/2011

Get 2 new bloods AFTER the upcoming new cards come out. Then save up another 10 creds for another new blood in the new batch after this upcoming one.

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