tuesday 07/06/2011


What should I buy if I have 10k clintz

Nah I'll probably win it.

monday 06/06/2011

No need for Spiaghi if you're playing tourneys.

Harrow Ld
Robb Cr
Miss Jessie/Lehane

sunday 05/06/2011

I tried leveling cards but it cost me 750 clintz every 6 or 7 cards.

Dudley ( only level 1 though, best art in UR IMO)
Katja smiley

If you reset the page it will probally work. If not send a bug report.

Montana can have problems against uppers,nightmare,piranas and they have a high minimum so they are actually not as easy as you think they are. But its completely up to you what you do.

Azel to glorg smiley

saturday 04/06/2011

Sakrohm is a good clan but you have to think if you don't get Tanaereva cr will you wish you did.

Mono Montana is the easyest clan in that list to use in all modes.

I can't believe you guys are giving him advice on pfulling on lvl 11 :S why would he pfull when he can play couple of matches preferably in the tourney hour get 100 points a day (or more ) and level up easy and get new cards in the process just listen to
yk-lyss and you should be fine smiley

friday 03/06/2011

What is this secure trade and how does it work?

Can't we just agree that life and pills are both pretty important since they're pretty much the only two resources that can be utilized in-game? It's like people arguing whether water or air is more important for life.

Also, the chicken came before the egg smiley

How much you been playing? ELO gives you 2 and dt's give you 1 if you get top 1/3. So playing elo heaps during a dt time could get you the 2 for elo and 1 from dt for 3. And you got 1 from another dt somewhere.

"Negating damage is NOT BLOCKING DAMAGE though and thus totally irrelevant to the question, which I assume aims at the block x damage missions."

He didn't say it was a mission tho, and heal 2 does get block 2 damage most of the time.

Fun is over. post was addressed by Force already

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