sunday 19/06/2011

Im sorry but this will probally not happen due to there being over 700 copys of her befor she reaches 400clintz. The best way to controll card prices is to select a card that has a few copys (about 10 or so) befor there is a large price jump.

Interesting deck it could do well.

My Thank Yous

I know I missed some names since so many of you helped me, but let me try to remember and give thanks to: adobo_powers, TCA-Thelegend, Mystic Ranger, Ultralion04, TalS, Katryton-TCA, helegion, -Legasee, 0WattZ, MookieBC-TCA, Ronski-TCA, (13), Rage, XC-Merlin, PriMinizZzTA, TnT_Mathwiz, ZhugeLiang Cr and Lord Cristian for responding to my plea for your BP Data. Without you guys, I wouldn't have found the original arithmetic progression (as shown in draft 1). Thanks guys!!!

BIG thanks you Megalewis & fast as hell for asking for this type of tool in the first place, which is what spurred me to pursue and continue this project.

Thank you ex-moderator Yami Prem who made the Level Reference Chart (Draft 1) into a sticky thread in the first place!
And thank you moderator TNT_KoRn for putting up my 2nd draft, and taking down my 1st.

VERY special thanks to Katryton-TCA who made this 2nd draft accurately possible, and for taking the time to make the app just for me. @ All, maybe if you ask nicely, he may share the app code with you!

I hope you enjoyed this second version of the Level Reference Chart. May you and your guild find it useful and effective in helping you reach your leveling goals. I will ask the Moderator Staff that this thread be closed in order to keep it clean. Feel free to PM me with any corrections, suggestions, or concerns regarding this.

All the best


The second draft for this thread has been made.

Level Reference Chart (2nd Draft)

Modz, please close this, UNsticky, but not destroy for references' sake. Thx again (Korn) smiley

saturday 18/06/2011

Just concentrate your pills and try to win 2 out of 4. Mono Gheist aren't afraid of Rescue DRs, and rescue rely a lot on their abilities for damage, so 2/4 almost assures you of winning the game (unless you got a really bad draw).

Hey gascoigne, nice to see you back ! smiley

If it's in lost warehouse, don't worry, it does not count into your win / battle record

My last 5 packs (bought all with credits from missions) have resulted into less than 10k you gotta love otto, negodz and lucas ;P

Ok. First, before you enter a room make sure you have game version set to as3. There's an option for this under the 'join room' link. Once you're in a battle, click the settings icon by the 'speed x2' in the lower left hand corner of the game. There, you will see a check list. Make sure to check off 'show free pillz'. smiley

Supply and demand has absolutely nothing to do with getting a card from a pack.

friday 17/06/2011

Would be a solution too, I just want to get rid of those missionssmiley

thursday 16/06/2011

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@fyuga : you can use imageshack,photobucket,etc to upload your screenshoot,then you can post the image link in here smiley

making screenshots also usefull as a proof when you report something to mods/customer service smiley

wednesday 15/06/2011

Sponsor pay is mine more than 1000 received through it in 6 months

You don't need 2hkos in t2... I've won 5 deathmatches in a row with cats + something else. That's where people make mistakes, they think you need to always 2hko... Yeah it would be nice but its better to slow your op down and play your own game. the timer isnt that bad and you can easily fit 5-7 games in.

I play FPC/Vortex in elo and I don't have any problem getting to 1300. They work great together.

replace Unagi with Nakata or Sayura. Nakata's got more power and is really strong against SoA, when everyone else fails, but Sayura has attack manipulation and more damage. If you go with Sayura, you can replace Tsubame with Kuei (or Kerozinn, but I presume you don't have her).
And the vortex side... I'd put Cyb Lhia and Dagg instead of Onyx and Sunder, do that when you have the money. Sunder is a great card though, but you can't really fit him in 25* unless you have Marlysa, because there aren't any good enough FPC 2* besides her and Chan.

Bennie is a good choice i have him and find him very useful especially when i use him with lenox

OH ok thanks to all who answered

tuesday 14/06/2011

On chrome it does that no matter what,

for example try watching this

after 10 secs change tabs then come back to it, it shows you the last still frame it had before you had changed tabs its happened like 80% of the time. Its not a glitch or a feature its just Chrome being slow to update the page.
Not a great explanation btw

@HRTBRK1: Blasphemy! I'm not a necromancer...I'm a necrosage!smiley

You go to the buy credits and then click on mobile

Rescue need another min 1 DR (Actually 3 more...)

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