thursday 30/06/2011

If you are too lazy to read into what Forve said then the card with the least ammount of stars wins, if they have equal stars it's the card who played first.

wednesday 29/06/2011

Mine was Robb cr because i have made a 20k profit already! smiley

I know you have some answers but mine are more "advanced".
1: BETTER EVERYTHING!!!! Better DR, more SoB, Better cr's, Better -life, better poison, and better life gain.
2: Junkz are based around pill manip. and - power. Sentinal can do more damage, have better 2* and I prefer havok v. haze, chole+miss chole v. peeler, and lehane v. gibson (For the two star)
3: Well the good La junta's are pricy but the most expensive F.P.C. is 40k then 9k then about 8k. All in all easier to play.
4: Verym N. Also bangers are based around there 4*'s. Ulu is a little wild but mostly 4-5* so bangers have better 2*'s making them better in elo and t1.
5: Uhm better all stop Leviaton v. Burdock, poison?, better power manip (Minus) toro v. liliy.
6: Well Piranas have pill manip. some life manip. but the good ones are a little pricy (Dahlia, Hawkins, Blodh) So if you are going to spend that much for good cards why not spend a little more on nightmare (Kenny, Glorg, Ghumbo) for great cards?
7: More anti-SoA, Anti- dr, anti- Power manip. Also the new clan hype.
8: What stop card is getting you that annoyed? Karen, Ghloush, kreen cr, or scotty? Not many stop cards are that good. Just DR them and the rest of his characters still can get the hurtful SoA.
9: Noobs get him free, Confidence, 3*, Redrra is uncommon so you get her less in packs.
10: Schedule? Wheres the fun in that?
11: Was I supposed to answer this?
12: Pie?

Marlysa in any other case except when you can get Rass for clearly cheap price relative to markets.

The higher the price of unusable CR card is the less likely it is to sell to anybody. They do sell, but its totally random and only to those players that are flooded with money. Eventually they will reach ungodly prices (Rass already has) but they are still just items of absolutely no purpose except their value in "I got 'em all. Even Rass."

Basically the most probable use for card like Rass is in exchange it to multiples of new Cr's from some lucky punk that got huge hoard and is ready to make even kind of bad deals because you can offer about 700k in form of collector card,. So, you Get Rass, and when some other card goes to CR you trade Rass to those cards when their price is low - even if you would pay like only "500k" with single Rass. Its tempting deal for other party.

But because the better new CR cards gain value quicker you'll end up having 1M worth of collector cards sooner than you would by hanging with Rass and waiting it to get more expensive.

To the other party of trade the one market-expensive (but cheap on trade) CR card is better alternative since his collection is flooding with fresh CR cards that he cant sell quickly for great instant profits. Gettign old CR card with market recognition in discount seems like quick easy profit with is new unrealized fortune. So the deal is good to both parties at that point.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, but i chose to buy a Robb Cr and i have already made a 12k profit! smiley

tuesday 28/06/2011

You bumbed this to tell us that? Well it's only two months old.. And we'd agree with you.. Play Gheist/Roots if you want all-Soa hands.

I like the packs the way they are at the moment and i don't see any need for new ones.

Thanks! That was helpful smiley

Feel free to lock mods smiley

Really? smiley
Post results.

monday 27/06/2011

And - there is one thing UR CAN do about the inflation that does not stir up the balance instantly but will shoot the investors hoarding cards to foot somewhat for their current investments (thus getting money back from the "problem"smiley

UR has so many different cards that it would be totally OK to bring more cards per pack. I suggest moving 3 card packs -> 4 cards, fulldeck to 10 cards (also include one certified uncommon) and titanium to 40 or even 45 cards. (1 more rare).

Why? This would generate more supply of those cards, so it would be harder to keep the price up. Investors would have to buy 25% more to buy everything and they couldnt get good prices by selling other investments (xcept CR's) because also those cards are being better supplied.

This would be natural because as there is more cards its harder and harder to fill the collection from current pack sizes, so this would bring "old balance" back and allow new players to get into game quicker.

Naturally this would hurt the sell-prices so selling pack content would generate less clintz, but I think the problem you are referring is the pay per fights/winnings vs. price of good cards?

And ... after the prices have found their new lower level... investing is still viable option, you just couldnt push it as hard as you can now.

This whole game is tooooooo buggy pls remove the penalty.

Unless you can afford the very best Fang Pi cards your best bet is La Junta. I agree with AaaBattery about Roots not being a good clan for mono right now.

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Yes that would help, but I'm trying not to spend any money on credits right now. I just spent 40$ in the last two months, and I am trying to wait a while....otherwise I will just keep dumping my money into this game until I own all of the big 5..ha.

I was asleep at the time, so no harm done

sunday 26/06/2011

Well I put a lot of cards on the market once and it said I had to many actions in a short time period and I couldn't get back on the market for about 3-4 hour, why is that?

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Ok guys thanks ill take it into consideration all of your tips

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You pilled on filomena, those pillz were subtracted from your total, there is no other explanation

I began with Freaks (also the first clan I reached 250 wins with) and I still love them smiley. I don't care about their supposedly "not so good" bonus (although I wish the minimum was lower) because their abilities are just too good.

Moved on to playing mono Jungo lately though and it seems to work even bettersmiley

This is why I never play monoclan. These rock-paper-scissor styles of counterdecking is very annoying smiley

Even though this thread is dead and been brought back to life I'd like to add to it smiley

I think the easiest bot in today's world would be the 6/0/0/6 bot in lost war house, probably not a bot actually but a script which would be pretty easy as it doesn't haven't to take into consideration anything due to how simple it is, it doesn't matter what cards you have or play because the script will always play 6/0/0/6 and still gain the experience from the loss/win in lost war house. And the odd trip to your collection to change the cards within your deck.

DeathMatch script? Now this would be more complicated because of regular pop up messages from kate (although I'm sure you can turn them off) and the odd chance you might end up in a dead room, which means you have to write into the script a lot more 'Functions' so it doesn't malfunction and end up sitting there doing nothing, although the pill play is usually not effected by what cards your opponent has it really depends how good the person writing the script is, if he'd like the script to take into consideration cards like uranus and gratxmmt before playing pillz it would take a lot more time to write it.

Before you I don't bot. Rofl.

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