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thursday 28/07/2011

Nice man, always good to see new people posting on youtube for UR, makes the game more noticed.


Switch out KRonen the second you can.

Interesting deck. You might like to drop Stanly so you draw the other cards more often. (you only need 8 in a deck).

It says that the first purchase of credits is 50% off. Are the prices listed on this page (http://www.urban-rivals.com/shop/?2#payment) with the 50% off ALREADY APPLIED? or would the 450 credits end up being $15??? Please help.

You can Play The Market, go to the market keep hitting reload till someone for gets a zero, and sell it for a profit .
example kenny sells for about 16500, but some times they forget a zero 1650.

Get an Ipod touch or Iphone and download the free apps. for free credits.

wednesday 27/07/2011

Just do what I said and it will work!

Hear Hear!
Is it possible to remove the winning condition completely from TLW?
Yeah sure it is easy to win if your deck consists of a single clan and I'm sitting there with my hand and it is one from each clan at 0xp.
And can we please, please reduce the time limits?
I am in TLW to level up cards, there is no reason to think about your next move...just level up your cards.

I just want to level up my cards and get playing in T1 or Deathmatch.

Jungo Clan is a sold clan with their 3 stars being probably some of the best in UR.
Their 2 stars seem to be ruled by Pegh at the moment with his damage reduction and Mindy not too far behind.
The Jungo Clan's LifeGap ability is boosted by cards like Scopica, Eggman and Nyema and the latest addition Ashiko, even though is overpriced, allows a certain amount of control regarding SOA cards.

I feel that their 5 star cards are severely underrated with Nahema and Adler taking the back seat to Askai.

My next favorite and newest clan is Berzerk.
Some good 4 stars with Revok, Gus and Beef and the monsters Cortez & Taylor.
It is however the 3 stars and 2 stars that I think are incredible.
Lola with her Defeat ability giving you 3 life allows you pill saving, Kostner offering you life per damage and Norman with his 8 Power at the cost of 1 Pill and Vivian (only 260 clintz???) at her 7/4 with protection against her damage manipulation.

And Melanie with a mere 2 stars offering you 8 Power and Protection for it.
Drummond with his +8 Attack gets a worth mention as does Esther with her 7/1 and Poison.

The Berzerk clan has a solid line up here and I am honestly impressed with them at this stage and looking forward to the any new recruits that might be coming forward.

Thanks Rod!

I typically play mono-pussycats and I got bored of my usual deck so I tried to use cards that I rarely use. While experimenting around, I noticed that three cards had pill manipulation but I never used all three before. So I made a deck using the last 8 pussycat cards to be released regardless of whether I liked them or not as long as it fit 25 star for ELO.

It actually ended up being a pretty powerful winning deck that I wouldn't have created myself and gave me a renewed faith in Candace. Anyone else wanna try with another clan?

tuesday 26/07/2011

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Right on good to know! thanks much guys.

The main Meta Consists of Piranas, GHEIST, and Rescue. That list can also include AS, NIghtmare and Freaks depending on bans.

Nice deck but level up logan.

Miss twice cr is good smiley

Okay I will use Glenn for Survior Elo etc.
And hugo for deathmatch (Leveling up)

2 - Sasha, Redra
3 - Chiara, Praxie, Sandro
4 - Greem, Jay, Belgosi
5 - Tomas, Aylen

I had 417,453 and I really am considering a sellout

I have gotten 13th place multiple times in DTs (sadly it is my best). I use a 26* deck with 9 Montana cards.

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(Post #15)

The above shows who the first pirana(s) were that introduced pill manipulation. If you scroll through, players like Gomla have listed the other "pioneers."

The 3rd draft currently out is only a "PRE-version." In the actual third version, I will list who was "first." Hopefully my data will be accurate. smiley

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