friday 30/10/2015

Koszmar z ulicy Baramca
There are only 10 spots left in the event!

Something dark and dangerous plows through the dark street of Clint City. The bloody path of bodies follows its path. Hopefully all this creature searches for are candies...

The event would be Polish orientated but everybody with Veteran rank or higher can enter.


Stage I "Trick or treat?"
Duration: 5 days
The first stage will be an activity check. I'll divide players on 4 players groups and 2 best players from each group will qualify. 3 simple fights against all opponents. In case of group's inactivity more active players can advance from other groups.

Stage II "Bloody path"
Duration: 1 week
32 players devided on 8-person groups. 3 fights against each opponent. Only 3 best players per group will qualify further.

The winner of each group will receive Betelgeuse as prize. The 4th of each group will receive 8% jackpot (~10k).

Stage III "A pill of bodies"
Duration 5 days
12 players devided on 2 groups. 3 fights against each opponent. 3 best players per group will qualify to the final round. The winner of each group will receive Ielena as prize. The 4th of each group will receive 16% jackpot (~20k).

FINAL "Kolosal candies"
Duration: 5 days
6 players, each competes against each in 3 fights. The final classification = prizes.

The first round will require players to use Nightmare card in their deck.
The second round will require a specific Nightmare card in the deck.
Third will require a Nightmare halfdeck.
Fourth will require a SoB deck.

saturday 24/10/2015

wednesday 21/10/2015

Prize system for every tourney:

50k for every tourney winner + 10 silver
15k for every 2d tourney player + 5 silver
10k for every 3d tpourney player + 2 silver
5k for top ten tourney player
1 k for all others tourney players

Prize for Top 3 Monthly Best score: tokenzs (talking about it with Drouit )

sunday 11/10/2015

Last warning. If at least 10 people in 3 days join this lotto can continue.

saturday 10/10/2015

Fyi you can win cards too, I'll try to give some too (and the donations...)

tuesday 06/10/2015

Hi guys,

my The Great Judo Tournament still needs some players smiley
You can win great prizes and fight some hard battles in different formats every round smiley
So join!


monday 05/10/2015

There is always room to be the best!

Why not confront your opponents today and sign up to the event and play for Battle-points and Tokenz?

Death-Match Mode

sunday 04/10/2015

tuesday 29/09/2015

I am going to close the event, I'll be online if you all want to talk to me.


Breaakz has won - Manon Cr - in the Speed & Need Forum !

Congratulations to him and congratulations to everyone for supporting the event and making me a better player smiley

Hey everyone, I'm going to close this event.

I have planned a forum event even better for you all smiley

Hold on for a couple of minutes until it's made on the event forum.

sunday 27/09/2015

1 messages

And we have started!

saturday 26/09/2015

Be A Hero event: looking for people to join to replace inactives. Free to join and decent prizes and pretty good chance of winning something smiley

friday 25/09/2015

Last chance to join before I do the drawings later!
Join now before it's too late!!!

thursday 24/09/2015

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Im attempting to start up my first event for my guild, However, Each time I input the date, name, and description then create event it instead returns me to the same screen saying there was an error and its possibly due to a duplicate name already existing. I tried so many...many different and random names and I get the same result everytime. Can I get any help here?
asap thank you

monday 21/09/2015

The series has finished, but here's some more events

Dual Duel
Do You Trust Us?
Rack Up Points

sunday 20/09/2015

Giveaway in progress.
check the turkish and french section

I took part in a type 2 tournament and won a lot. I haven't received my results from Kim. I looked at my battle history and all 20 matches were recorded. I won17/20 matches and I'm pretty sure I was in the top 1/3. Is there anyway I can get this fixed or am I just screwed?

saturday 19/09/2015


Fee: Free Event

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