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monday 18/11/2019

To my understanding, Final Strike is Vicotry or Defeat; and +3↔5 Damage randomly selects between 3, 4 and 5 added damage.

Only players from Z-Palace in the previous week are allowed to vote.

sunday 17/11/2019

Winning by time out in tournaments awards as many points as you would receive if you won by KO in the fourth round with 1 or more pillz remaining.

Tournament rounds are made shorter to provide players the opportunity to play dozens of matches within a single hour for optimal points.

Those who time out receive less than nothing for the match played. They are penalized heavily for it and should they time out too often or abandon too many matches within a certain time frame, they are prevented from joining additional matches for several minutes, denying them a chance to repair the damage they inflicted on their own score.

In EFC, timers are increased to allow players time to think rather than be rushed into making hasty moves that might prove to be a mistake. Abandoning a EFC match is generally considered acceptable behavior if the outcome is decided within the first 1 to 3 rounds as it saves both players time. Running out the clock, however, is a desperate attempt on a loser's behalf whose only hope for victory is their opponent losing connection.

friday 15/11/2019

Griffonmor will eat Bahari when he wakes up so Bahari will go CR pretty soon smiley

sunday 10/11/2019

Diego Cr 2-star for a friend with "Solorin" written on it
Thanks in advance smiley

Note: recent promo pack 250 Credits.
Note to be used later to create a thread.

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thursday 07/11/2019

I also wonder about the thing mentioned by Memento in the comics. "A being like Uchtul Cr but without the Backlash", however maybe it is Glibon.

While God Griffionmor has disciples in the Nightmare, wonder what his role is. I mean we heard of Hindelga in Olga's bio, Pa Mei in Yu Mei's bio and those cards weren't released years later.

I also wonder who this Dargohr character is mentioned in #Ymirah Cr's bio.

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wednesday 06/11/2019


Year 2006

June 19: New characters, available now in the shop
Cards Released/Card ID:
Leo: 285
Perle: 286
Melluzine: 287
Mojo: 288

July 3: New characters: Nympheea, MC Decay, Candy Jack and K Cube
Cards Released/Card ID:
K Cube: 289
Candy Jack: 290
Nympheea: 291
MC Decay: 292

August 14: The beauties, the beast and the killer !
Cards Released/Card ID:
Methane: 301
Feelyn: 302
Yookie: 303
Samantha: 304

August 28: New characters: Miss Bikini and the bad boys!
Cards Released/Card ID:
Gary: 306
Diego Cr: 307
Gabrielle: 308
Zdrone: 309

September 11: New Clan: All Star
Cards Released/Card ID:
Striker Cr: 311
Mikki: 312
Lamar Cr: 313
Katsuhkay: 314

October 9: Four new characters join the All Stars
Cards Released/Card ID:
Bhudd: 319
Terry Cr: 320
Flo Cr: 321
Kimberley: 322

October 23: New characters
Cards Released/Card ID:
Jim Cr: 324
Ambrose Cr: 325
Dwain Cr: 326
Beltran Cr: 327

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I forgot Angelo is Don's son, it would make sense for him to be the boss then, since the other three are too old. Veccio could be his "assistant".

Angelo is actually a good option, if he gets his plot updated with his new Evo. For now he's just a debt collector, but he needs to be much more in order to run this clan. A good bio for him could be:
"Former debt collector, Angelo would spent his days crushing the heads of whoever took too much time to pay the family. But with Don, his father, going missing, he realized there was something different with Clint City, and so, he and the clan would need to step up the way they run their business. Now, with the support of his elders, he's running the family, and although his conduct is based on subtly and intelligence, he promised the clan will be more aggressive than ever, in order to find out what happened to Don, and punish whoever's guilty, with a smashed head, of course."

For stats, I would say 6/4 as a 3*, and he should be a bit older and more respectable, in his new evolution.

sunday 03/11/2019

Nice picture smiley

Obviously Gheist was Lawful Evil under #Sugmund Mt but after his departure they follow his orders more loosely letting their own desires to take hold of them. Even though that one time when they activated Mechakolos Cr was something a Chaotic Evil group would do. Still members that follow Sigmund's original orders outnumbers those that are chaotic within Gheist.

Vortex is full of capable individuals and they could be a force of good if only they saw the errors of their emperor like Serafina did.
I think of Vortex as North Korea. Just because their leader is evil doesn't mean everybody is evil. The Vortex folks are just blinded by their Emperor in the sense that he can't do no wrong. However if there were more people like Serafina I'm sure the Vortex regime would fall. Now that Dregn is dead I wonder what will happen to the Vortex next.

I can see why people see Hive as Evil. Having a hive-like mind is quite scary and being the wife of a tyrant sure left it's mark. However I believe that after #Maana Cercei was killed she saw the cruel ways of her husband/brother which made her a benevolent ruler.

saturday 02/11/2019

[img] https://i.snipboard.io/w5qNOS.jpg[/img] ->>>>> image smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley


tuesday 29/10/2019

Haha true. With all the talk of ultra evolution, we might as well see ultra evolutions for those two. Manon Mt as four star might look like 6/6 + 4 power and *Scarlett Mt might look like as a 8/3 + four damagde

monday 28/10/2019

You can close this I got my answer.

saturday 26/10/2019


However I will try to remind you just like any other player to please avoid this mistake. What Cryptocoinz says is actually true.
As a Moderator, I cannot fix this as this problem is to do with currency such as Credits and Crypto. It is beyond the scope of my permissions.
There is a confirm button, please read the text in green before you purchase.

80 Credits ( +800 cryptocoinz for free! )

If it says (+0 cryptocoinz for free!) and you select confirm, it is taken that you agree to the transaction. Please read it next time whether they do compensate you or not.

I apologise if they can't compensate you. But as I said earlier, me or any other Moderator with the same permissions as me don't have the power to fix this mistake.

wednesday 23/10/2019

Another issue with that system was they inadvertently made a pseudo Cr market since the old retired artworks were only obtainable by market/trade and not by event or pulling from the cr distribution bonus system at the time making the retired artworks even rarer than Cr cards since the supply can only get smaller. so a lot of people stockpiled the hell out of them to only be punished for their greed when UR decided to immediately convert all old cards into new art unless they invested in a card the eventually went cr or mt like GraksmxxT Mt or Ratanah Mt a lot of people lost a small fortune.

monday 21/10/2019

@CyanYoshi nice profile pic xD

In Half decks
I would match them with defensive clans to stall for rounds 3-4 like pussycats or atk manip clans to focus pilling in early rounds to ensure a pill advantage.

Def/atk manip clans like Sakohm would be able to do both, but they have many banned cards so keep an eye out for what you can and cannot use
If you intend to make dominion the heavier side of your deck(they get the 4/5 stars) I'd pick uppers or huracan for their nice selection of 2-3 star cards will have a wide variety of abilities to pick from for lots of utility as well as having a naturally higher base dmg output for their low cost cards let them wall the first few turns and land strong blows to let you Dominion 4/5 stars rampage in rounds 3/4

Freaks are also a potent combination since they work in reverse where their bonus is strongest turns 1-2 where everyone would be tossing their sob ability cards and round winners at them to prevent the poison damage

sunday 20/10/2019


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