wednesday 21/03/2018

Well around the time of FR closure was a card released into skeelz called navi I personally think the monster in the level 5 artwork looks alot like Kaah

Daisy is right in that GhosTown's animation only happens at night.
And, huh... I guess I just never noticed the Mythic 'sparkles'... don't really know why, its not exactly subtle...

I just said it wasn't coming three posts ago sorry youre going to have to pull it from non new blood packs

monday 19/03/2018

Can't tell if serious.

A screen would be appreciated to help understand the circumstances.

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100 tokenz = one random collector from the shop. The harder to get the token, the more expensive the collector you can get. Grind tons of daily tournaments with good decks and you will open a gold box one day.

Market demand on one card doesn't show up if game is dead or not. And people amount replying to this topic is good indicator that it' s on dead. smiley

friday 16/03/2018

The announcement is delayed

wednesday 14/03/2018

tuesday 13/03/2018

A T2 and an EFC deck will work for me i guess

Oh, and don't forget Bridget!

Just deduce one zero from all prices and they will be about then back in 2011-12 except some collectors

monday 12/03/2018

I honestly don't have too big of an issue with the -Pillz opp. missions since it actively makes you try and win rounds. Block damage however is a bit weird in my opinion but I understand that they use it since it's just one of the mechanics that's in the game. Almost every ability wants you to win a round but if you wanted to complete the Block Damage in the quickest way possible you just play no pillz until you've blocked enough... Which actually is a lot less fun for both yourself and your opponent..

friday 09/03/2018

Look how much cards and cr cards have each clan. IMHO nex cr cards will be from these clans:

Ghostown (27 cards/0 crs)
Huracan (45/2)
Jungo (59/3)
Pussycats (62/4)
Rescue (62/4)
Skeelz (61/3)
Uppers (60/4)

The highest probability is imho in Ghostown, Huracan, Jungo and Skeelz

for example i buy a lot of Jungo card Jean - if this very playable rare card will be cr, it will cost a lot.

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High enough that i can add Kerozinn to the list of high end CRs i wanted ever since i started playing, ten years ago, that i never got, that i probably never will get because lol price manip. Still, i don't regret keeping my recently acquired Vickie Cr since i wanted her just a bit more than Kero and would've been pissed if she was retired without me owning a copy.

Use the XP reserve or just play in the Training Room. It applies for any card that is not fully evolved.

tuesday 06/03/2018

There's literally a pinned post about this if you just scrolled up XD

Here's the link smiley

The staff announcement for Season 5 also contains the rewards for Season 5.

sunday 04/03/2018

How do I negotiate with Kate about it

friday 02/03/2018

That's a good point.

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