saturday 27/01/2018

Watch out for the Flash missions A-E.
By completing them you will get one of the LDs you don't own yet.
The missions always last from monday to sunday.

friday 26/01/2018

Thanks to both of you for your help and answers! smiley

Go to the missions tab. There are the 5 missions;
-Weekly LD A through Weekly LD E

You will be awarded a random LD when you finish the final mission E

At the missions yab you find weekly ld missions A, B, C, D and E. After completing E you receive one random ld. Each week you can do these missions.
You also can get them from arcade

Its pretty annoying going through your collection and seeing a low clintz card have a value of like 100k clintz because someone is selling that STAGE of the cards evolution for that price while the real price is like 2k. It throws your total collections value off so theres no way of telling what your collection is really worth because its usually inflated by 200k+

Anyway UR to fix this by just feeding the real average sale price for the card in your collection to get a better number on collection value?

Basically, if you win with a card with +2 Life, the Mission progress goes up by 2 and so on depending on the card. Bridget's ability counts towards these missions.

In addition, if you timeout or forfeit a fight, the progress will reset to what it was before the fight.

Just keep that in mind. It automatically Missions automatically updates progress during the game after each round on display and the effect is saved after completing a fight.

thursday 25/01/2018

Damn 10/10 for effort. I don't think the game died because of rich collectors as its main reason, the game itself didn't really expand in game modes IMO, although the arcade can be accounted as a new game mode, you have to pay the premium currency to unlock 80% of the game mode(I'm not sure if you have to pay 30 credits to unlock every stage). This game just became a stale and not a real ''developping'' game which doesn't attract newer players to stay arround. But the
current market system is deffo a problem.

wednesday 24/01/2018

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He found out answer to questiion, someone can close topic smiley

Accidentaly sold an mt for 800k too low, just came from rs where typing K actualy does something --//
worst of all is it just went to market at that price, no warning, I have no clue how that is even possible...
welp rip me

sunday 21/01/2018

No, but bronze tokens are so common you'll get them no problem just by playing the game normally.

saturday 20/01/2018

The last Silvano for Elo is 3 credits

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Ok thanks all of you for responding me in the chat, and i send the report about this card smiley

Some feedback rather than questions:

1. I noticed that in "My collection pro" if I sort my cards by quantity by default they are sorted from less to more. Obviously if you click it, means you want multiple copies first, otherwise why would you click it. Makes do 2 clicks always, could sort from more to less first by default.
2. When I go to "My collection" I can no longer watch all the same All stars Aamir&Co in the first line. No need to show them by default - anyway an action is required by user to filter collection. Would be better if it started blank - would take less time, traffic and resources.

wednesday 17/01/2018

Level 100 is the new level 25 though

tuesday 16/01/2018

I like that they are keeping things interesting and new . i dig alot of the new cards and clans

Btw I don't know why people think that 4th round pill gain is useless but that pill gain can give you 1 point in DT.

monday 15/01/2018

Need help on the Pirana's one smiley

sunday 14/01/2018

Ya, I was wondering about that. Good point

saturday 13/01/2018

In my opinion, I don't usually use freak for their bonus, they have some nice cards 8 powered cards with decent abilities...bodgan matrioch Arturo olga, , I feel like people usually only see their bonus when their playing them. Their morethan that. It really jus depend on your playstyle because in always have a hard time playing with HIVEsmiley

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