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tuesday 31/07/2018

On a serious note, i am fine with them gone. it's not like they were particularly audible behind the damage being dealt by the winning card anyway.

monday 30/07/2018

How about Grey who used to be the Freaks clown before ending up in prison and joining the Raptors Clan.

saturday 28/07/2018

That's more likely yes.

thursday 26/07/2018

Yes... Thanks staff. I have been playing since 2007.. a part from the break around when FR was still around... I LOVE this game. I will never be a great player but that doesn't matter to me. I love playing. Doing missions..my guild mates. collecting the cards. I love the art and the story lines. I hit my goal this year and now Own all the non MT cards...(I really wish that putting cards in guild bank wouldnt change my ranking but anyway...) You all have kept me into this game.

Thanks for the hard work!

wednesday 25/07/2018

I've had success with playing with just common cards and enjoying the challenge of beating people with CR's that I didn't know existed.


Been playing this deck and having a ton of fun with it.

The same goes for the Gothika mission: Win 30 pillz with Guillotinette in ELO mode! smiley

tuesday 24/07/2018

When I say slade I mean teen titans slade

monday 23/07/2018

I only play mobile and i don't face many issues tbh, maybe it's better on steam/mobile than in browser.

sunday 22/07/2018

hot 33 messages

I figured gold was z lol. pluse spikey 13 i little deffencive about ghiest since i play then 99%
of the time for 10+ years. I AM GHIEST! but still jaxx ld needs to look an feel legandary.
right now hes a arkn with 1 more power 2 damage more. not so ld haven +15 attack or +16 attack total
will make jaxx be a true ld that can stand his own. Can be conditinal ability like support/ equilizer/ brawl.
an jaxx ld will feel like a real ld card not a meh ld or the weakist ld. he should be able to fight 8 power cards a bit
unlike right now he cant for a ld thats sad.

saturday 21/07/2018

Dookor´s ability cancels Valhala´s bonus, so he wins with same pills used as he has higher power.

thursday 19/07/2018

Wouldn't Hefty be better than Sabrina/Nega D Ld ?

Hmm new dominion coming out?

If you find a bug please could you contact support with the details of the bug.

The comics are fun to read. I going to get them all. kind of wish if you got the comics you get that card on the back as a free bee for buys said comic. be so worth the 40 credits an how long they are if you get a card from it with your gold tokenz.

Amber has massive advantage against a leader were she gets her ability every round. its rare to run in to him thought he lets you go second every round.
Ashigaru is really weak agins amber she's his counter. an Ashigaru counter john doom. there is a reason the leaders the way they are a lot of the time.

Its a random uncommon card, i got Betty, and 50 mission points.

wednesday 18/07/2018

I all ways thought berserk should of been -2 life min 1 really. cause there so easy to go around. smiley

@ abposse yes they do . as far as I know.

I reckon even if Freaks weren't so meta defining atm as Naarcho rightly says, Jungo could do with a small buff, not to the bonus or stats but merely by shifting allowances of Jungo in the stages slightly. I miss Mindy, Rodney and Troompah particularly, all enormous fun cards with no real niche today

tuesday 17/07/2018

Thanks guys for the help. Definitely going to be choosing Dominion and GhostTown. I will probably get a titanium pack, and then when the new cards come out on Friday I'll get some new blood packs for the new all stars card coming, as well as Slade and Captain rescue. smiley

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