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saturday 20/11/2010

friday 19/11/2010

check out this deck and lemme know whatcha think

sunday 14/11/2010

You scared me so much I miscliked the smiley buttton.

saturday 13/11/2010

Killer deck,no one can survive it smiley

friday 12/11/2010

If that's the case, then they need to have something that lets you know what everyone else is playing, or at least what settings the room is on.

tuesday 09/11/2010

Great and fun deck to play with,and wheeery powerfull.. smiley
Enoy and rate and comment!!


monday 08/11/2010

Lol thx Gio, I was going to post it right away but it took too long to post so forgot. smiley

sunday 07/11/2010

monday 01/11/2010

This is my Death match deck, it does reasonably well but i think it could use some improvements smiley what do you think?

Played more and won more, only 1 second place so far.
And it doesn't contain spudd cipoy.. Like seriously, what?

sunday 31/10/2010

This deck is nice, however Ambre creates a set gameplan meaning That a decent-good player will throw a damage reducer or SOA every courage turn. This can cause you to change your gameplan...which will cause your opponet to waste pills, but I'm guessing you go for the quick KO everytime.

Here's mine =)


And this =)


friday 29/10/2010

Urgh sorry again http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_deleted

thursday 28/10/2010

I have decided mon skells but without any staples

wednesday 27/10/2010

This deck is been bugging me for the whole time in DM

any1 can suggest changes?

I agree with above post. I would go dieter for pan, but thats just me.

monday 25/10/2010

sunday 24/10/2010

Rate this deck and leave a comment on how you would improve it if you can. deleted

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