tuesday 14/06/2011

@HRTBRK1: Blasphemy! I'm not a necromancer...I'm a necrosage!smiley

You go to the buy credits and then click on mobile

Rescue need another min 1 DR (Actually 3 more...)

Pickle Keeper shall now be referred to as
'Keeper of Pickles, and has amazing ideas to boot'

Geez everyone jump down his throat, looks like he is better then everyone trying to insult him or put him down in this thread as it only shows how low they are.

so lets get this straight, we can have a chit-chat thread no one jumps down M-bison's throat but this guy creates one thread and all hell breaks lose... This is a reason people don't post on the forums.

monday 13/06/2011

Sometimes it just resets your preference (it happens) just make sure your on no random and refresh to double check.

sunday 12/06/2011

Well, at the moment, mine is deleted

Also, I think these are good too :
defense magique
Sans Sylth c'est possible !

Olga is the bestsmiley, usually 5 pillz is more than enough to start the poison...

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And I started last night.

Ravioli, he was making a point. He is saying just because you invest in something it doesnt mean it is always going to be profitable.

Dont worry im not gun moan about the new perma banned cards.

I was just thinking that mayb sum of them shudn't hav the -2 pts in DT added to them

Their shud be a seperation like

-2 pts: Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, Tan man, graks etc (all the properly OP ones)

Just ELO banned: Kerry, Uranus, Sigma, Ratanah, Rowdy, Yayoi, Copper even...etc

That way we'll actually see those cards again!

Okay, thanks everyone. Time to lock up this thread...

saturday 11/06/2011


Read the 3rd rule.

Bianca to samantha.
Burt to Jonas.
Harold to Nellie.
Frankie high to Stanford or Rubie(If you can afford).
Also When Gail Ld comes out get her and switch Jonas out for her.
Hope this helps smiley

Well i tried junkz but nope didn't work for me smiley
Montana are good but only for beginners even their best cards are only moderate....
Bangers look good so ill try that out....maybe

Dude, you're great for a guy who's only been playing for about 10 days. I've been playing for nearly 3 years and still stuck at this cruddy level with 30 cards in my collection.

Based on my experience, Bangers is a great clan to start with, along with All Stars/Ulu Watu ((great +/-power bonus) because power manipulation is easier to learn/apply than Pillz/Damage/Attack manipulation.

1) You can go in your guild room if you are in the same guild, if not, fight club. If you can't see him/her, chat him/her and say if he/she can see your name.

2) No.

3) Free Offers! or Kate.

Sell it for the same price you got it?

Yeahp, I asked the guy I mentioned in the OP, he said it was a rank for French mods only.

Closing this, props to Reg for taking the time to list. smiley

friday 10/06/2011

Nahi Cr

These are all the stop all at the moment.

1) If you want to get the highest ranks then you need them all.

2) We don't know what * the other lds will be only time will tell.

3) I don't think they are going to keep making them easyer i think they will find a level of hardness they think is suitable and keep it at that.

4) We don't know only time will tell (you do get prizes if you complete the ld missions a second time (mission points + 10 credits, this is what the dudly ld missions gave you i don't know if it will be the same for all of them).

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