friday 13/05/2011

Cheers for the feed back i like the concept xienwolf and the power gain was instant though with the poision having a defet poision would be pretty cool or damage reduction to reject the fury out right plus and extra dame or two.

lol ty to Rowan Loa for being a debbie downer and making my post seem a bit empty, though im not fussed as i was not trying to get lots of responces just one or tow to see if someone else liked the idea a little smiley

Cool thanks people.

lol at that whole Cauli thing. Had no idea that thread existed thanks for posting it lol

I know wat clans im getting next time i get a pack

thursday 12/05/2011

Id say w8 till tomorrow when more bezerk cards will be released, BTW titanium is definately not the best pack to pick, I think the only benefit is has is its no doubles, but who wouldn't want to get 2 charlies within 5 packs for example. smiley I know its unlikely....
go with what magnus said, w8 till tomorrow and buy a tonne of newblood / elite / classic. New blood is a great pack atm with a new clan so id go with that. A deck like rescue is ok to begin with but make sure to make it mono, and when you get more clintz change clans you use every now and then so you can get a feel of the game.

Globumm, great back then, still useful now.

Abilities of card with protection cannot be stopped by opponent soa
for example : you cannot stop/negate caelus cr ability (with protection activated) with bryan

if you want to stop caelus cr with protection activated then you must use card that have both soa and sob (like leviaton,glorg,dieter)

same case with protected bonus,you cannot stop all star bonus in davina with lehane,unless you use card that stated above

hope this help and good luck smiley

Thanks people! I actually got Ambre at first, but then decided I wanted Charlie instead so I sold Ambre and some other cards so I could buy Charlie. It was so worth it. smiley

My b-day is coming up later this month and I'm gonna get a bunch of Ultimate Game Cards (to get credits). So, I'm just gonna buy Ambre and those cards I sold back later.

I need some help. I have leveled up to 10 but cant go into any of the level ten rooms and haven't received vansaar or whatever. Jane even mailed me and its been about a day since i leveled. why is this?

wednesday 11/05/2011

@Capn Clintz
I've tried it out on nearly every card in the game, and it works. This is just my way of looking at cards, so if it doesn't suit you, I'm fine with it.

Anthropia, you proved my point. smiley

Happened to my friend to
its because you bought too many cards in too little time wait a day probably

@windforlife I think if that option was available it would only activate on your own cards and only be viewable yourself, otherwise people may mistake a level 5 card for a level 3, or something like that.

They appear automatically on old threads.

But Azgroth isn't good for 2 hit KO. I will love to have caelus cr but i haven't money for that, tomas is a good card, maybe it is the one.

Thanks for the answers guys smiley

Search Engine Optimization, techniques to rank higher in google and the like. Which is something good for all of us I suppose, as it should bring more players to the game.

Manga literally means funny drawings, so this game should fit the definition. However modern meaning differs a bit and is translated as Japanese Comics.

tuesday 10/05/2011

Anyone interested in joining guild:1346901 feel free to send me a message. Let's build a guild. Let's build decks.


Theory crafting.
Fun and laid back guild.

The said settings can be found in any game room, near the top of window under 'Game preferences'. Select 'No random'.

Yeah I just sent it to Customer Support. I fell for the Fight Club kick quite a number of times so I learnt to make sure to check the heading before playing. So i found it weird when I didnt get the free 75 bp :

it would be uppers or montana

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