wednesday 25/05/2011

At this very moment skeelz because they have the most powerfull cards but if you waite intill berzerk gets a few more releses (and there prices settle) then it could change.

I would chose Gil because he is better most of the time because very few opponents would lower there pillz to about 4 intill the last few rounds.

@kise2-HW i mean all my personal clan missions

tuesday 24/05/2011

Who would know apart from you two smiley

I would drop Vince.

Also you should keep it at 8 cards because this will allow you to get the more powerfull cards more often.

The number of clintz seems to be arbitrary (at least for me), same with loosing and gaining it. I have to look out to make sure where does it gets lost and where does it come back again (before filing any reports).

Anyway, you're not the only one.

monday 23/05/2011

Stop Opponent Post: X

If THE CHARACTER wins the round, the enemy player will be unable to post on the forums for X days

Yup funny thing tht alrdy happens in facebook UR but not on the main site

sunday 22/05/2011

Yeah just get the better card of skeelz and sell the worse. if you got all pick a clan that goes well with skeelz and start collecting those. then chose a clan that goes wel with either skeelz or your second clan and collect the good cards of that. bring viarity into the game and you can start using them once you've got 4 cards bought in a half deck and get used to the new clan and also have some kind of comford as you are also using the skeelz that you know how to play.

Add Tino, & Embolt. I would say replace Vince and Russel to get them in there. You want low base damage values so you can stay above the minimum value which will prevent your other -Opp Life from triggering. Praxie is really expensive, but his Min 0 makes him priceless for this mission attempt.

Lol magus that song friday is horrible

prince jr

saturday 21/05/2011

Actually.... I like it-- under conditions.

The credit card must obviously have a limit. Probably 75% of the player's total clintz. Just to show that the player actual HAS the money to make the purchase.

Next, using the credit card should still cost 10% of the purchases' original price.

From there it will automatically take 10% of the clintz you owe from your account every week.

If you can't pay the 10%, your purchased item will be repossessed and sold on the market for 2-5% over the current lowest price.

Kate will keep your payments.

I'm only saying this since it's cute; I don't really want it implemented, though.

Bumped this from 1,5 years back to say that?

So the market has so many different strategies. I think I just got a hard lesson in this crash course. Well it seems that maybe I need to gather this information and put it to proper use all had great insight at the end. I can say I don't regret posting this for the fact that every error is a learning experience to pave the path for ones' self improvement. Though this was interesting and the debate hit all my points I thought would be right. I admit it is sometimes fun to humiliate oneself and yes okay, I'm still new to this. So okay I see the flaw in my reasoning and it seems all sources points this out. Thanks for bearing with me I guess....I had all my questions and issues answered(more than once). I will just wrap this up by saying I'm just really stubborn and persistent until I am completely shown otherwise, which is probably my biggest flaw or my strongest aspect.....I really can't figure that out. *well life moves on*

friday 20/05/2011

Half decks Tyd, pirañas+heroe Tyd, Mono Taljion.

Thats the more usual aproach. Still, it really depends on ur strategy, Taljion will get the damage through most of the time, and he is always cost effective, meaning that u rarely will have to pill more than the damage he does. Tyd in the other hand can play the roll of a Wall.

Emeth, Trish, Gatline, thormund.

oh yes..great for a type one decksmiley

Unless hes got a vermyn n dont rade

thursday 19/05/2011

I don't know. Every other forum works fine with moderators actually moderating and not having to proofread every single post. There are spamfilters and curse-word filters and "report abuse/spam" buttons and moderators can give warnings to offenders and they can ban them and all. It's not like they have anything better to do than reading posts in the first place. They propably have to read every post anyway, it would only might be too late for some, if not catched early on.

I can totally understand all this gestapo thing. They want to protect underage children from exposure to cruelties of online trolling. I absolutely support that. It's not like some of the game art is totally inapropriate for children.

It's a human like robot, like C3PO.

It could also be a mobile phone operating system.

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