thursday 19/05/2011

Interesting. =)
I'll try and get them next time. =)

wednesday 18/05/2011

Thanks for answer.
I think I will keep Simon for now. He makes nice 2HKO with Giovanni smiley

I was thinking maybe an easier system instead of going to the effort to create an therefore you can add guilds to your list to war with(agreed on both sides, of coarse)..

as for the perk...yes, that does describe being in a guild, but doesn't exactly qualify as a perk.i mean, what motivate a guild to be #1 besides bragging rights?

@0 Pride: thanks.glad someone liked it.

The best deal I saw was 10 griezzo's being sold for 100 each!

Remove Nightmare from that list, they were released on June 2006

Whenever you search for a preset and put "elo" "type elo" your search always returns decks with banned and perma banned characters. It's frustrating scroling through them to find which ones actualy match the search criterea. These filters clearly aren't doing their job right. Please fix them, ta smiley

@Mr Intelijent
Of course it will.smiley
1 less power on ur opp is always good

Vickie as she is great for Dt Dm and Survivor Splata is purely Elo and even so I would use Bogdan and Baldovino over him

Ask mods about your problem smiley

Could youll rate and comment this deck plz

tuesday 17/05/2011

It's to prevent abuse >.> aka raising your W/L ratio or completing mission.

Well I rememberd something today that I used to do before that is looking at theglobal mission point ranking but realised that in doesnt exist anymore
also that you cant see the list of missions others have done
why did they take ths option away?

Being useable in Survivor T2 is way different than being useless, maybe that's why everyone is posting the same answer. And on OP you make it sound that he isn't actually that good for Survivor, which really isn't the case.

Sakrom is pretty good. You may find yourself a bit limited if you collect only one clan though since you won't be able to experiment with different combinations, but Sakrom it self is a pretty decent clan.


Elite. If you want to complete them quickly, Titanium, but I don't recommend it.

Y'know, you have made this thread your own personal preset list. If you need help with decks, whether it be DT or ELO or whatever, please post them under their respective forum, because I couldn't know what upgrades you'd want for it, for ELO? Or DT? Or just rate it up? There's a reason Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode and Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments exist. smiley

3. Is it good to mix Berzerk clan with some other clan in ELO? if yes, with which one?

Since there is only 4 I believe your going to have to lol

Not necessarily, no. You can do free offers found by going to the Shop, click ''Get More Credits'', and choose between SponsorPay and TrialPay, both of which have free surveys that when you finish, you'll get credits and unlock the option to sell on the Market. There's also this guy on the homepage flexing his muscles which you can click for a shortcut.

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