wednesday 11/05/2011

Search Engine Optimization, techniques to rank higher in google and the like. Which is something good for all of us I suppose, as it should bring more players to the game.

Manga literally means funny drawings, so this game should fit the definition. However modern meaning differs a bit and is translated as Japanese Comics.

tuesday 10/05/2011

Anyone interested in joining guild:1346901 feel free to send me a message. Let's build a guild. Let's build decks.


Theory crafting.
Fun and laid back guild.

The said settings can be found in any game room, near the top of window under 'Game preferences'. Select 'No random'.

Yeah I just sent it to Customer Support. I fell for the Fight Club kick quite a number of times so I learnt to make sure to check the heading before playing. So i found it weird when I didnt get the free 75 bp :

it would be uppers or montana

What awesomeness?
I have thought of this ability before and probably someone else has besides me.

I'm not sure what you are asking on this line because of the poor English skills.

monday 09/05/2011

Got to say a free online manga trading card game isn't what I'm aiming for when I search manga in google.

Thanks for the help. I'll try that.

Happy Mother's Day even thoughit was yesterday smiley

Just realised, if you follow Galaxys link you can see a mountain to the very right, which is most likely the Golden Mountain Monastery. And if the trees to the right arent the Jungo's home then the shrubby area down the bottom probably would.

Monday 12/10/09:
• GraksmxxT Level 4 - sold to --kotaro-- - 8 400 Clintz.

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You need to buy credits.

Yet people are comparing him to Jay here and there, saying such and such. These hypocrites, obviously Beef isn't all that great.

Meh, not really. I didn't notice the Kate and ELO one though, I wonder what it would have felt to fight Kate. Props to you for that. smiley

sunday 08/05/2011

Oh..i remember was awesome.....smiley

How do you use prize draw ticket?

Montana/uppers halfdeck is good

So you're saying Joshabi you are an alt account? That's against the rules...smileysmiley

Ugh if you did just admit that why do people always admit that in public?

Hmm, back on topic I remember when the elo system messed up and allowed elo banned cards in the rooms such as vickie and jackie.

I don't really care about how they can get that much in one day
what I care is it's a good way to balance the economy
you don't have money?
make 100 pfulls and you can get around 40K net profit

that means the money moved from rich to poorer players.
at least with this, poor does not going to become poorer but become richer because what you need is determination to make lots pfulls to gain money
even my friend detemine to buy marlysa cr by doing pfulls

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