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friday 15/07/2011

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100% of the time your game is decided onward how you open it. When both players play well that good start leads to the situation where the "grand show " is on the last rounds. The chances for both parties are decided earlier, by the cards remaining and the lifes remaining. Often it becomes game of 50/50 (all in, or defend against fury etc). -.but this usually means both parties have played extremely well at previous rounds because game becomes a showdown.

With succesfull start you most probably are putting opponent on downward spiral where in rounds 3/4 he will have minimal chances of win (he has to quess how many you pill to win both - or to win by fury and be able to defend against counter-fury or some other stuff).

Games being decided in rounds 1/2 involves many risks - for example running out of pills and opponent can even double-fury to win. People learn to avoid these situations thus they play - even if they take risks - game such way they are able to play in the last rounds even if their risks somewhat fails.

Tho - there are times in the metagame where "Fu*k it, I'll just hack him to pieces in rounds 1 & 2" is extremely effective tactic only noobs can defend against.... smiley

DC means disconect I believe? And if that is the case then it won't affect your loss ratio, if they leave the match by "Forfeit" then it counts as a win for you.

Try this very very very cheap budget deck
Frankie Hi

Thats a cheap, always elo usable, dt usable deck and you can upgrade over time.

I submitted my artwork to you toxica

thursday 14/07/2011

I've continued to put together another competative deck for new players. This time it's an Ulu Watu / Vortex deck. It's a little more expensive (5000), but Stanley is the key card the deck revolves around and his price is on the rise.


Uppers, jinkz, sentinal, all star.

For Uppers I'd suggest this: New uppers extravaganza

Oh i see and sorry for not being more considerate. My bad and hopefully no hard feelings. But oh yeah i use it in Deathmatch and get in a lot of 2HKO's

wednesday 13/07/2011

Get 2 new bloods AFTER the upcoming new cards come out. Then save up another 10 creds for another new blood in the new batch after this upcoming one.

I was looking at "phalloide"'s arts and I noticed something!
Look at these first arts k?
Ector N lothar.
Elek and lehrg.
Edruado n Cyb lhia.
Slema, glenn, n wesley.
Greem n damian.
(My fav) Mira and Dolly.
Amanie and ongh
lewis and rubie.
See any else?

tuesday 12/07/2011

Cancel Leader means that if you have two leaders in your hand there ability is cancled. The only exception is in lost warehouse where Vansaar's ability won't be cacled if you have anuther leader (but the other leaders ability will be cancled).

Isuicide.....this is the 3 star list.......not our 5 star list (the one met with controversy)

Hahaha, just wanted to say: amazing DeepEnd

I still think a Chihuahua would have made more sense for the Uppers since two characters own them in their card art. How many of the Uppers actually own poodles?

As for the Nightmare, I'm surprised that one didn't scare me as too many things freak me out/disturb me.

Yeah, I just did that. Went Vortex, nightmare and Sakrohm(fail spelling ..) + La Junta.

Got Kolos smiley

Get dregn now,wait for cortez to drop.

Closing this topic as it has degenerated too far

monday 11/07/2011

Just pulled Cortez, Taylor, and Gordon with 3 blood packs

I'd advice you to buy Slyde (pretty good DR) or follow Pilluminati advice

My brother was laughing at my fail in elo, he has no clue how to play this game btw, so i dare him to do better, he plays my next game and wins, by knockout smiley

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