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sunday 10/07/2011

Yeah, to tell you the truth I am also kinda disappointed by bikini joe. What the freaks lack now is depth, since Olga and Bogdan are getting banned with alarming frequency these days. Nothing too spectacular, just regular 8-powered cards to give the freaks some breathing room when their 2 best characters are banned.

Nice deck most of your hands should be able to beat the computer. Now and then you will get a lot of two stars and have difficaulty but becauses its only single player losing now and then dosn't matter much.

The humans probably all died.

saturday 09/07/2011

@ Bison, Warl0ck, and Soundtrack
I belive they are saying JUST searching fir the cards not buying the deck!

Well if you are colorblind bargh!

friday 08/07/2011

And if they all went cr suddenly? You get the point.

Hooper ld smiley)))))))

thursday 07/07/2011

I hope soon, as I was away from the game when she was released!

He wanted the oldest thread bump

Ok,i think i got it now smiley

Yup piranga

the CCIA is after him

Yeah, a better deck isn't so hard to accomplish, but I am not sure how much better you can get for same/lower price.

Just noticed the "current market price" listed on the deck preset. Comes in at 4.7280 if you use Edwin instead of Dudley Ld at the moment.

Another AI "trick" I figured out today (Up to Usine a Pillz with just this deck on T1 things, and a different one for the others), if you CAN beat the AI at all on round 3, they will always single pill. Even if they could kill you by tossing all pillz, or a fury, or whatever. If it is AT ALL possible that you can win, they 1 pill every time.

When you listen to music and you freak out when a bit of music sounds like the time running out noise.

wednesday 06/07/2011

Chloe/Miss Chloe!!

hot 37 messages

I like how this is going!

The starter clans were Pussycats / La junta / Montana / Gheist / Fang Pi Clang / Sakrohm
i started playing 09/02/07 so i know smiley smiley

Random mode means as long as u got over half opp's attack you can win more attack only means more chances to win but never sure, select normal or no random (not sure) mode in game options at your profile

Danae because she makes opponents pill even with attack and power bonuses.

tuesday 05/07/2011

Yeah I think I might dump my elo/dt decks and all for a while. I have very little success in elo and can't get past past like mid 200's at best in dt's. And if I try survivor I'm absolutely awful smiley Thanks for the tips! But darn losing 5% on a lot of stuff will be annoying lol

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