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tuesday 05/07/2011


I could see what you're talking about ,but I can't wrap my head around a clan of demigods of different cultures even if some sides have more on their side. With Ancient Greek gods/goddesses you are unlimited because the Greek people made up thousands of gods/goddesses to worship and most of them will be funny to see how they will use their power to help clan like god of doors, goddess of youth, goddess of rainbows, and other weird god/goddess with strange powers that can fight for the clan. I don't mean EVERY sea/other god/goddess I know you can use all the main gods/goddesses from each culture but most every main gods in each culture are the same as in power wise

I just recently gained 1 credit by doing a mission and poof! my 20 credits are now gone and I got 3 cards.


With Askai banned i dont really see a reason to use Jungo, plus with the amount of Piranas this week use Skeelz
Mono Skeelz is really strong and easy to use...be sure to add Greem though!

monday 04/07/2011

Reason there wasn't a new Ld might have something to do with the new flash version. But this week by all logic should be at least a re-release.

For the first Dudley LD you needed Ghumbo, luckily i had one, but still. 20k to get the LD plus you needed other cards too. It was a pretty expensive LD

Just got this message from one of the admins:

Re: flashback81 => Goralion
Goralion, Today at 05:25

The xp reserve has been modified some time ago because of some abuses. It doesn't replenishes to full anymore, you only gain a certain amount of xp when leveling up.

I guess that clears that up. Just wish they had posted this information in one of the staff announcements.

I'd say lulabee. sometimes you fought with SOB clans like piranas and nightmare. So, in able to negate their bonus including some clans, lulabee would be the best option. with 9 powered and 6 dmg, i would say she's good. unlike serena which her ability is for SOB clans and ability only

sunday 03/07/2011


here's my preset. Sorry I didn't know about this preset thinggy, anyway basically this is what I use for my deck, i just combine 2 of the clans

saturday 02/07/2011

I know, i was agreeing with u?

Sakrohm are the best espcially with nemestic stella sigma murray eris

If this thread is one of those "Say a crap card is unbelievable sarcastically so that people might laugh even though it isnt funny" threads then i would say Nobrocybix

friday 01/07/2011

Eh, about 3 months ago I woulda' pointed you to the Freaks, Bogdan, Olga, Esmeralda, Grudj, 13 stars,
but now I'm gonna have to say... Piranas. Ector, Tyd, Sting (Or Raeth when his retarded ELO ban is lifted) Ulrich. 13 stars, you got life reduc, a Wall, a tank, and a DR. Good luck bro.

@hopefo. That as nothing to do with the question asked by goz1k

@goz1k. Yeah, combinations dont have an equal probability, it is harder to get a deck with uncommon and rare cards.

@wicer. U didnt know that because that is wrong.

@Deepend. Exactly what i said. Maybe not as well explained =P

@Botshot. U are not the first person to mention it. I did say that at the begining. Also, it as never been really known, just assumed since the staff as never made public what the chances are

Freaks + Jungo: Low base damage but after bonuses they are extremely deadly.
Nightmare/Piranas + Gheist/Roots: SoB + SoA
Freaks + Pussycats: Kinda obvious but when not against SoB you poison then block all the damage they can do, almost requires that you don't get SoB and that you have a 2/2 split.
Nightmare + Piranas: Get the life and power manip with the benefits of a pill manipulation from piranas.

If you go here you can see the can get a general idea of what clans are worth more than others: http://urban-rivals.me/ur/clan/overview

thursday 30/06/2011

If you are too lazy to read into what Forve said then the card with the least ammount of stars wins, if they have equal stars it's the card who played first.

wednesday 29/06/2011

Mine was Robb cr because i have made a 20k profit already! smiley

I know you have some answers but mine are more "advanced".
1: BETTER EVERYTHING!!!! Better DR, more SoB, Better cr's, Better -life, better poison, and better life gain.
2: Junkz are based around pill manip. and - power. Sentinal can do more damage, have better 2* and I prefer havok v. haze, chole+miss chole v. peeler, and lehane v. gibson (For the two star)
3: Well the good La junta's are pricy but the most expensive F.P.C. is 40k then 9k then about 8k. All in all easier to play.
4: Verym N. Also bangers are based around there 4*'s. Ulu is a little wild but mostly 4-5* so bangers have better 2*'s making them better in elo and t1.
5: Uhm better all stop Leviaton v. Burdock, poison?, better power manip (Minus) toro v. liliy.
6: Well Piranas have pill manip. some life manip. but the good ones are a little pricy (Dahlia, Hawkins, Blodh) So if you are going to spend that much for good cards why not spend a little more on nightmare (Kenny, Glorg, Ghumbo) for great cards?
7: More anti-SoA, Anti- dr, anti- Power manip. Also the new clan hype.
8: What stop card is getting you that annoyed? Karen, Ghloush, kreen cr, or scotty? Not many stop cards are that good. Just DR them and the rest of his characters still can get the hurtful SoA.
9: Noobs get him free, Confidence, 3*, Redrra is uncommon so you get her less in packs.
10: Schedule? Wheres the fun in that?
11: Was I supposed to answer this?
12: Pie?

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