sunday 15/05/2011

I have to agree with Magus about Globumm there smiley

saturday 14/05/2011

Wait till next Friday to buy New Bloods when new cards are released.

Otherwise, I personally would just buy a bunch of Elites. smiley

Yes i know that one clan will rulez. But ELO format has banned some cards for clan balance ,so type allcommons can have some bans too. smiley

If you want to join guild,make sure you read their requirement first,every guild have different requirement,like minimum level,languages,elo score,etc.
Most important point by joining a guild you can make new friends,talk with,share ideas,debates about deck presets,etc.
Some guild offer deck tips,marketing tips,dt/elo/survivor tips,or even anything outside "ur world",in simple terms a social communication media in ur smiley
some guild also make internal event for their guild member,inner/inter-guild competition,etc.
My guildmates had been help me much when i first playing ur,they are my family in ur ( long lived organized konfusion smiley )
some guild also rewarded their member with nice achievement (winning competition,good elo score,or as simple as being active and contributed to guild)
basically you will gain more benefit if you join a guild smiley
to find guild that suited you,you can try to search at introduction & recruitment section,and make sure you had been fulfilled their requirement before apply
good luck smiley

Roots well known as defensive clan,when they have many dr,at the same time their bonus also stop opponent abilities
the common use of roots will be hit and run or potentially use their life manipulation,basically attacking and defending at same time (but you must know when to att and when it comes to def)
deck recomended :
ojibway / lou / rosen (5)
burdock / lily / amanie (4)
gertjan (3)
rico (3)
yookie (3)
jenna (3)
jeto (2)
arno / miken moose (2)

ojibway and lou will be good if you prefer att style (and maintain roots dr),good if combined with lily/burdock to create 2hko option
and rosen if you prefer life manipulation style , good if combined with amanie / burdock

roots have more solid powers than gheist,and when gheist is well known as att clan,roots well known as def clan,its all depends on how the player use them

good luck smiley

You get 10 credits as an alternative prize smiley

friday 13/05/2011

Very True.

"It wasn't too late, I posted that message before the person decided to revive the thread. I'll request it gets locked right away." you can lock it yourself.

Both Toxica and Deepend are very knowledgable players, but I still think recent, "useful" Crs are the way to go for long-term investments. Because of how much Jackie Cr kicks arse in DTs, or how Caelus Cr works in T2, their demand will always outstrip supply. Other useful crs like Noodile Cr, Robb Cr, and Smokey Cr also have their uses.

While the "plateau" Deepend mentioned will occur at some point, I don't think those cards are at that point yet, since they're still relatively cheap compared to some of the older Crs like Lamar Cr or Vickie Cr.

Upgrade your flash player?

Firefox and Chrome are best for gaming.

IE's only useful for downloading other browsers. smiley

Cheers for the feed back i like the concept xienwolf and the power gain was instant though with the poision having a defet poision would be pretty cool or damage reduction to reject the fury out right plus and extra dame or two.

lol ty to Rowan Loa for being a debbie downer and making my post seem a bit empty, though im not fussed as i was not trying to get lots of responces just one or tow to see if someone else liked the idea a little smiley

Cool thanks people.

lol at that whole Cauli thing. Had no idea that thread existed thanks for posting it lol

I know wat clans im getting next time i get a pack

thursday 12/05/2011

Id say w8 till tomorrow when more bezerk cards will be released, BTW titanium is definately not the best pack to pick, I think the only benefit is has is its no doubles, but who wouldn't want to get 2 charlies within 5 packs for example. smiley I know its unlikely....
go with what magnus said, w8 till tomorrow and buy a tonne of newblood / elite / classic. New blood is a great pack atm with a new clan so id go with that. A deck like rescue is ok to begin with but make sure to make it mono, and when you get more clintz change clans you use every now and then so you can get a feel of the game.

Globumm, great back then, still useful now.

Abilities of card with protection cannot be stopped by opponent soa
for example : you cannot stop/negate caelus cr ability (with protection activated) with bryan

if you want to stop caelus cr with protection activated then you must use card that have both soa and sob (like leviaton,glorg,dieter)

same case with protected bonus,you cannot stop all star bonus in davina with lehane,unless you use card that stated above

hope this help and good luck smiley

Thanks people! I actually got Ambre at first, but then decided I wanted Charlie instead so I sold Ambre and some other cards so I could buy Charlie. It was so worth it. smiley

My b-day is coming up later this month and I'm gonna get a bunch of Ultimate Game Cards (to get credits). So, I'm just gonna buy Ambre and those cards I sold back later.

I need some help. I have leveled up to 10 but cant go into any of the level ten rooms and haven't received vansaar or whatever. Jane even mailed me and its been about a day since i leveled. why is this?

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