tuesday 17/05/2011

Sakrom is pretty good. You may find yourself a bit limited if you collect only one clan though since you won't be able to experiment with different combinations, but Sakrom it self is a pretty decent clan.


Elite. If you want to complete them quickly, Titanium, but I don't recommend it.

Y'know, you have made this thread your own personal preset list. If you need help with decks, whether it be DT or ELO or whatever, please post them under their respective forum, because I couldn't know what upgrades you'd want for it, for ELO? Or DT? Or just rate it up? There's a reason Strategy and Tactics: ELO Mode and Strategy and Tactics: Tournaments exist. smiley

3. Is it good to mix Berzerk clan with some other clan in ELO? if yes, with which one?

Since there is only 4 I believe your going to have to lol

Not necessarily, no. You can do free offers found by going to the Shop, click ''Get More Credits'', and choose between SponsorPay and TrialPay, both of which have free surveys that when you finish, you'll get credits and unlock the option to sell on the Market. There's also this guy on the homepage flexing his muscles which you can click for a shortcut.

There is no clarity, so why do you assume that there will never be others?

Saying something is unpredictable in the same post as you make a prediction about it seems a bit off smiley

I highly doubt that any clan will go without an LD. It will just take a VERY long time to cover them all. After that the big question will be if second LD's get created.

Tnx alot guys!

Here ya go http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1866516

Sorry, overly joyous... smiley

monday 16/05/2011

Well I can name you 8 cards from those decks but it will be very pricey

Yes piranas if you play elo, you can win with them in t1 to but for deatmach the battles take long usually. you could sell katan and sting, beceause if you want to use 4* cards use either raeth or scubb.

LOL! Thanks Ya'll! I got my dudely! =D
And he sure is gross, but great at same time! =D

Love it...but here's the thing..credits are easy to get in DT..and elo..just a few matches each.i would say that the best ones would cost an outragious amount of credits.

They won't bother they will either bump an extreamly old one or ask the same as someone did the day before.

I've cleared your cache. Try uploading a new picture. If its still not uploading, please send me a message directly.


sunday 15/05/2011

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Oh but not alot of ppl were using him before

It's been 2 days and i finally find that i can not upload my avatar and i don't know why.
Click "settings", underneath "change your picture", click "change", a file box shows up, and i choose the picture on my computer, the page closed automatically saying" Congrats, your picture is online". BUT, my picture is not there, the default one is gone too and it becomes empty. The size and type of the pictures is correct and i tried many other pictures, but nothing changed.
Does anyone run into the same problem?

Doubles with mutual friends is a must for this to work. Getting randomly paired up with a lv 9 that you don't know would not be fun smiley

Lol..i actually like this idea.kudos

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