tuesday 26/04/2011

Based off Gertrud's bio it has a place similar to Chernobyl.

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What xienwolf said. And since this is tuesday, there will also be a bunch of people testing their newly-constructed elo decks. Maybe 10% of players in daily tourneys are actually interested in getting a good score, I don't think it's anything intentional though.

That was creepy....

monday 25/04/2011

Hi everyone. I need help making a t1 deck, I currently use Rescue so please please ***Mail Me*** With help.
Thanks xR3L04Dz_

Considering you need at least two players to actually play anything, I'd say you should recruit first.

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If we saw the art we choose but the opp saw the one THEY had chosen, that would be cool

Jpeg u should use thors hammers deck

My deck!
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No Fatecalling Bryan is no

From Generals Bio
Determined to overthrow the Government and its corrupt administration, he escapes and goes on a vendetta. The rebel Junta is born.

Also in Byran 's bio it even says General recruited him.

Finally, this thread is hella old.........

My take on samantha is that if her min was 5 her bonus would mean 2 pills from the opp, as it is only 1 is taken...similarly if she was rescue or montana with that min she would still take 2 pillz off

There is a Recruitment forum which you can go to here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewtheme&id_theme=1

Cuz they're perfect pfulls. Don't do 5*s very often so I guess I never noticed.

Oh well, if it took me this long to notice, I guess it doesn't affect me too much.

I'm on a losing streak, and I'm only now realizing that a Mono Fang Pi deck isn't doing it for me. I'm low on clintz and I don't plan on buying credits; is there any way I can make something powerful out of this clan? Any strategies? Must-have cards? Deck ideas? smiley

Any help is appreciated. Thanks! smiley

I was using all my level one cards (mostly rainbow) in a t1 deck and won in a DM match. I forget exactly what cards were drew and how it went but I remember having Deebler and 2 Freaks. First round I won with a bluff call I did 2 damage and I had a freaks poison on him. he won the next 2 rounds then I finished with all my pills with fury on Deebler winning 2 - 0 with a 4* hand against a 10* hand.

If i am Guru Russel will fall under 7k in two weeks most smiley

sunday 24/04/2011

Rescue definitely not. Since its support, a half-deck will totally weaken its bonus. But any attack manip clan would work, as that's Skeelz main weakness.

saturday 23/04/2011

Voice of Nothing
Also please check out my other presets, thanks

Can someone explain how this is "New idea of deck building "

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