tuesday 19/04/2011

If all fails. Contact support (the little green ? in the top right) and they can soon tell you how to confirm your account (and with what email address).

Spiaghi & ottavia (damage reducers), prince jr & mona (power reducers), enzo & rosa (poision), and edd and don (adequate damagers) [replace don with fabio or avola when u get the chance] ur welcome and gud luck

monday 18/04/2011

Well, any way to list only decks that are ELO playable for the current week would be ok

Yup the ranking is based on your battlepoints collected on that day/week/month/over your career. It matter little weather you got them by levelling up cards, or in DM, or by playing random games. Any battlepoints you makes adds to your ranking.

Consult a staff on that matter, because if the card was not used for that purpose it was donated, it may be considered Card Theft

Just do Eyrik

sunday 17/04/2011

Playing Strategy?
Previous Deck?
You gotta give us more info.

Thanks smiley
and does every1 get the 100 clintz for the lucky number? cuz i had it and didny get a msg saying i got 100 clintz :S

All in all every card is vulnerable to SOA except piranas/nightmare, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't achieve a victory(unless your facing me then it's a sure kill, i destroy with gheist). Also don't focus on the ability of vortex too much as there main focus is there bonus(like most clans, if not all clans). Pill manipulation is the key to victory especially when dealing with cards/clans that specialize in this area vortex being on piranas the other. Don't worry about c beast ability being stopped , hey if you can achieve a victory with sliman and mayhem then whats the difference with c beast?

Well, they released comics about Scott Ld in France (and it looks like it's NOT on the website, it's an actual physical comic book that you can find in a comic book shop) and are now looking for partners/sponsors in other countries

If you have two characters from the same clan in your hand then the bonus will be activated. for example if I have Frank and Cesare in my hand then their clan bonus will activate

So the glitch has been fixed then? Too lazy to test it myself smiley

saturday 16/04/2011

Thanks alot for the link smiley Hope it comes soon on android and we have more news on the subject.

What ever card has lower lvl guys!!!

I like to think of brute force as a 60 powered deck....containing many 8 powers

freaks/junta are great for this

What is up with everybody reviving old threads lately? smiley

So.. actually you wrote this to asks us about our opinion
but at the end you already know the problem and don't need our assistance
you already know what you want, you even already decide 3 cards that pretty obvious which one is the winner

Spiaghi is my choice

and this deck is only for ELO
it would be hard to use this in T1

friday 15/04/2011

@ Night-Warrior

I think I'll go with the Sentinel Deck, it looks promising, thanks a lot for taking the time to help, really appreciate it.

@post 13: UR Staff only allow players that registered before the Noels were released to get them.

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