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saturday 05/03/2016

Winner winner chicken dinner smiley

friday 04/03/2016

friday 26/02/2016

Think of the game show survivor only at the end of the round if you didn't help your team you get voted off survive to the final rounds for 1st 2nd 3rd etc pick of the cards donated to the event and a share of the clintz jackpot.game modes will be
*donate cards to add to the prizes
*lose 2 win type 2 where u get points for losing
*type 2 any mono clan of your choice

teams will be randomly chosen at the start
1000 clintz entry fee get in now while it's still in set up mode

Doing hallo of fame, not hall of fame.

monday 22/02/2016

Event begins this coming Thursday. Your window to sign up is closing. Join now before it's too late!

monday 15/02/2016

All you have to do is guess the score for PSG vs Chelsea . More people join the better the prizes so can you please advertise it an give it a shout out please it will be appreciated . PSG vs Chelsea

saturday 13/02/2016

General alert! The ship has just collided an iceberg, and it will flow within less than three hours!
It is the end, and tempting here you are to fight to reach in lifeboat. As the company in wanted to save, there is not unfortunately enough for everybody, and the first class already try to double everybody!
He is going to need to fight sailor!

He is going to need to fight sailor!
Number of phases: 6 of the week
Count of players: 128

1st: 5M
2d : 2M
3rd : 1M
4th : 600k
5th : 400k
6-12 th : 200k

Play now in Titanic: Run Away! smiley

68 more players needed

sunday 31/01/2016

For those who are looking for non-battle event. This is similar to mafia game. Here is the link:

TOS 2: Asylum

Join if you are active and put some commitment to the event. Thanks! smiley

wednesday 27/01/2016

wednesday 20/01/2016

saturday 16/01/2016

Lustrzane odbicie

Both players have the same cards in the deck (deck format). The price of each card won't exceed 10000 ctz. Those will be 8 playable good cards of my choice picked from 2 clans in every stage (4 of each).

The number of stages will depend on the number of players who apply.

wednesday 13/01/2016


Do you use both versions of the urban-rivals website?


I play UR everyday.

monday 11/01/2016

The Brawling Arena
A free and simple battle event with good prizes.

sunday 10/01/2016

Wait, so is the total budget for the deck 44k?

saturday 09/01/2016

There's a virus spreading over clint city...
The scenery is apocalyptic: most of the players have been eliminated or worse, infected, becoming a zombie.
Will the survived civilians restore peace in this chaos?Or the virus will overtake the city,infecting all of them?

International event.
Jackpot: 20'000'000 clintz

In a few days I'll put the English translation of the rules .

Link event: deleted

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