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sunday 15/07/2018

This information will lead people into falsely believing cards like Nellie, Herman, and McLayton are unbeatable. And that is most definitely FALSE!

You have to understand the following when considering using those cards.

Cancel Attack Modifier exists.
Cancel Power Modifier exists.
Protect Power exists.
Protect Attack exists.
Stop Opp. Ability exists.

Additionally, cards with higher base power and better power manipulation destroy aforementioned cards simply because their combined stats, bonus, and ability outshines them.

On a side not, I personally refrain from using Uppers because Raptors are all too commonly used.

saturday 14/07/2018

Berserker are good as is. that bonus they never be played cause they be a backlash bonus an that's just more pain full.

friday 13/07/2018

“Defeat life abilities and - opponents life abilities are no longer allowed in arcade“
Really? The only exclusion I can find is that you cannot use “Vict. or Def.: -X opp Life & Pillz min Y“ (which I wouldn’t use anyways,because its glitched). Even then, its only for Hardcore mode, you can use that ability in normal.

And Lds are good cards for decks, but outside high level EFC they are far from essential.
How about:
Christelle, Dr Six, Jose Star, Magnar, Maurice/McLayton (what ever you can afford), Jackie Cr/Kazayan/Wayne Stark, Zatman Cr/Al Safra, and Saltsberg/Muller

thursday 12/07/2018

I had to switch to vortex an it counted it for me but the other clans did not. so it was weird.

I was also thinking about something like 7/8 cancel all opp. modifications, wouldn't be that overpowered I think, since there is a lot of 9powered cards and SoA cards smiley remember Sentinel bonus is underwhelming compared to other manipulate clans.

wednesday 11/07/2018

Just say/describe what you want. I'm sure there are still enough people around who can do that (me included).

tuesday 10/07/2018

Have decks saved as presets. smiley

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sunday 08/07/2018

Thank you a lot ! =)

friday 06/07/2018

I see more op cards I got it , I will be re-posting this in the EFC section but thank you so much HipHoppa.

Maybe week 3 and 4 rewards "Captain" is Sentinel version of him?

True, even I didn't know about all that for a long long time along with other website features.

thursday 05/07/2018

Look what I have found!
It's from the movie Fahreneit 451 of 2018 ith Michael Jordan. Now we know the Oculus reference smiley

Rows and rows of Vansaar might not appeal, but a bot hand could be randomly generated from a list of non-max cards. weighted against +/-atk clans, obviously.

tuesday 03/07/2018

You still good. I paid 1 mill for Butcher Braxton and he is now 200k. That´s how it works here. Once up, then down smiley

saturday 30/06/2018

Would make sense, aye.

You want some pepper too, Ares? Good grief.

Dominion is the main focus for now because of the comic

Lv 10 you can join or create your own clan, lv 40 you get Eklore most new players start off with Allstarz (which is annoying they should have three packs to choose from like old UR I started with sentinels) however it's nice you get 15k clintz and 30 creds starting out. You get a chance to get great cards early on I don't think I started with any credits lol and being honest, start with the tutorials learn everything from them then start facing people. As others said, Raptors and Skeelz are great for the game because raptors counter almost every attack manipulators and Skeelz counter both SoA and SoB

friday 29/06/2018

I used piranas to ko since they negate the pussycat bonus

thursday 28/06/2018

I noticed Praxie at 90k for ten minutes the other day. most likely either marketeers trying to create scarcity, or some collector buying them all up. i always keep a few spare globumm on hand...

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