tuesday 21/10/2014


monday 20/10/2014

The late Kefalo once referred to the Huracan as a clan of bricks, as every card was something you threw at your opponent and hopefully would smack him in the jaw. In my (arrogant) opinion, the Riots are very similar to them, but ultimately a step up in terms of card variety and tactics. Cards like Copernica, Hartnell, Octana, Farman, Boomstock, Geo, and Molder are still very much bricks, but the Riots also pack a number of walls with cards like Van Wesel, Grouchy, Lindsey, Kenjy, and Reeplay (also kinda Geo again). Lastly, Pericles makes for one of the greatest mind-game opportunities this game has to offer, while also tentatively filling in both of the previous categories.

All in all, I like the clan. Lots of potential. I feel like they would go well with a GHEIST half (granted, I have no clue what any good GHEIST halves are), and your Standard Vortex Half (Cyb Liha/C Wing/Dagg/T Gaank) would probably synergize well too.

sunday 19/10/2014

I used this deck myself this week and it got me to 1300 ELO. I'm afraid to keep playing though smiley

friday 17/10/2014

Oh, Glorg or Magenta . . .
Idk , but myself, I've always preferred Magenta. Glorg is mainly good when he has his Bonus and ability, otherwise :
Glorg < Magenta

I am probably not the only one who isn't clear how these abilities work; I've only seen Dawn and Earl in ELO and the other players have always played them first round. That's why I thought Earl's ability was like Eyrik's, since it reduced power by 1.

thursday 16/10/2014

Well you might want to get your vision checked. *rimshot*

thursday 09/10/2014

Use Miss Lizbeth in a deck you would use Lizbeth.

tuesday 07/10/2014

When I think of Junkz, I mainly look at these cards:

5* - Haze
4* - Qubik, Dawn
3* - Tremorh, Romana, D4 Funk
2* - Flanagan

I think they're a good low star half with many 3* options and relatively solid 4* choices. In general, they lack damage but provide good utility and match control.

Since damage is a weakness, pairing them with a high star clan with good damage / DR is ideal.

Off the top of my head

Pussycats with Leela, Florida Jane, Diana + Lucy + Nabrissa
Uppers with any combination, although Lady stands out here
All-Stars with Crazy Carlo, Marina, Saki if you ever get such a gimmick week
Jungo with Ongh, Pegh

monday 06/10/2014

They did do this but they stopped it. If they think a card should be banned they now perma banned it and leave the temp bans to the players.

So... they expect you to pill hard, but instead you pill nothing???

thats freakin genius, im gonna try this in my next battle. thanks!

sunday 05/10/2014

For mono, I think the strongest are Jungo and La Junta. Not many other decks are as good at playing mono (Rescue aside).

mono Roots / GHEIST I think are both pretty lacklustre atm, and mono Nightmare is still average as always. mono Piranas are playable though, but I wouldn't put them up there.

Roots half-deck is pretty strong, and so are All-Stars, so you can look for something to pair with them. Jungo can half-deck pretty well too.

Could really go on a lot longer, but it would help if you're a little more specific with what your preferences are. Do you prefer high damage deck, lots of SOA/SOB, lots of manip....? etc. etc.

I switched luke to morgan

Watch LCS and you'll see LeBlanc has never been picked or banned after the silence nerf. Nidalee should be played top IMO.

friday 03/10/2014

i have to paste it here to see it

thursday 02/10/2014

Freaks/Zerk can never go wrong

monday 29/09/2014

Idk about you guys but I just went 15/0/0 with Resuce. Your choice guys smiley

sunday 28/09/2014

I do agree that round 4 should have like no time to think. 1 min tops.

saturday 27/09/2014

Someone said it already, but I repeat it.
Take a look on the meta. Which cards are allowed and which cards are not?
Look at Montana. Edd Cr is great, Spiaghi, Angelo are staples. But we lost Mona. So this clan lost a good atk wall. They are playable and good, but they lost a great card.

Look at All Stars. Marina and Saki are something like key cards for this clan. Both are allowed. SO this Clan could be seen often (Something like Jessie, Marina, Saki, Heartnett/Crazy Carlo/Mulligan).

Now you could counter All Stars with Desmond (when u try to play Montana). Why? Because he can couter the All Stars Bonus and the effect of Marina/Crazy Carlo.

That is what you can do to improve your skill. Identify the key cards of a clan (like Qubik for Junkz). THen you get to know, if this clan will see much love or not. Than find something against it or try to join the clan.

But that will not give a garantue for beeing good and reaching anything. Why?

Experiance is more important!!!

Well, i like total pillz manip


any suggestion is accepted smiley

thursday 25/09/2014

Hello, I want add some my "impression"... for start I want explain, ok card must be power, but u must know if "this power card" work fine in clan smiley


better defence card are:
soa/sob + reduction/+-life_pillz/sob-soa
pussy + soa/sob

And low star!

So better low star card are: Lucy , yookie, Artus, Parmabarb, Flora, Leviatonn, Curlix

And yookie Curlix and Flora is roots XD

some people love arkn, Lehane, saki, spiaghi ecc... this is wonderfull card but the question is: U want win 3/4 match? or u want win 2/4? If 2/4 so its better and easy lose with low stars, and win with big stars XD

Mercury, is if win 8/4 +16att, if lose 8/4 +16att U lose 2pills and reduce 2 damage... any way is a card with too low damage for a 4*, vs a reduction damage or soa lose too many... I think its better (of course Diana ehehe) Charlie LOVE XD

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