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monday 29/12/2014

My best card is Askai but he's banned. I'll save up and switch out rosa then

friday 26/12/2014

Yeah i thought at much about the Mono-Huracan deck. ive paired them with Vortex and its worked pretty well, but i think ill try them out with Frozn next

wednesday 24/12/2014

Gibson was great. The change from 12 to 14 life made him too fat to fit into a deck

tuesday 23/12/2014

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I'm not saying she's definitely the next Zhu Tang. That was a very underrated card that was just more recently noticed as an OP/gamechanger type card. Not saying Ellie is going to be the next OP card, by no means is she OP, but she can change the game. And for a 3* that's a lot.

She (obviously) closely resembles Anita who has the same thing going for her, but Ellie's SOA allows her to go thru more often than Anita.

Not saying she's OP or anything like that. She's a good card (underrated IMO), but ultimately, how many more Roots can they ban before your options dwindle down to the same 4 cards as everyone else (Curlix - when not banned, Rico, Tuck? Treeman? Lilly? The options Roots have right now is atrocious). When Tuck is worth almost 19k you know something is wrong.

monday 22/12/2014

It seems to me that you are frustrated with ELO when you submit a change for consideration that totally revamps the entire process. It would SEEM as though you want things to be different... which implies that you don't like the way things are.

It's not even an idea that would bring about your desired end-result. That's what makes it so ludicrous. Granted-- most people wouldn't have room for another 5* if they were using a leader, but there are plenty of Vermaire's and Konrad's out there that really don't need a leader to have their back.

Somebody with Eyrik throws out Konrad in the first round and you either gotta use like 9 pills against him or just hold. Which requires some minimal thinking, I guess, but more or less just nervous guessing. When your decision in a single round (the first round, particularly,) can mathematically lose the game for you I call that guessing. I call that a bad idea.

I mean there is a game mode that makes use of the style of play you're suggesting... you know what it is? Leaderwars bud. You're confusing "the leaders are balanced against eachother," with "the leaders were adjusted to fit ELO." Most of them were made STRONGER... which, you pretend to understand, but fail to apply to your original theory.

Vholt+Pussycats=OH MY GOD. I mean do you really consider it strategy to sit there and guess which round they're going to blow their pill supply in? Is that not the EXACT problem that you're trying to fix?

sunday 21/12/2014

Lawl, same reaction for me too. I was gonna troll with a mono-PC derp defeat deck and Vholt, but I guess the staff read my mind

thursday 18/12/2014

Dat Fei, though.

Mona, Waller, Angelo then pick one of these...

Edd Cr

What? No Spiaghi? Not my style to use a defeat card that cannot be used offensively. "But, Yellow, what about that sweet attack manip?" You mean like what Rescue and Huracan has not to mention Uppers almost matches it with a superior no-pillz required minimum. Mona Vs. Nellie? How many pillz does she need to climb over 8? 4+the freebie.

wednesday 17/12/2014

Give me suggestions here or on the preset id_deleted

tuesday 16/12/2014

Rico to curlix
jeto should be changed to treeman or flora

personally i think there are too many defeat cards (dr, + life etc) so i would suggest getting rid of clive but as you don't want to do that your other option is lola. do not get rid of yookie

Elvis is better than beef. They have the same life difference but elvis has soa (very useful) and 1 extra power which means it is easier to win with.

monday 15/12/2014

I would use dallas only because money restraints(although if marina is like 30k I could buy her) Thanks for th suggestions, and I'm locking the thread.

sunday 14/12/2014

This thread gets a 2/10.

Lorna is handy in an environment with lots of SOA clans, and while Roots are common the ones that are frequently played in Elo aren't worth the trouble.

saturday 13/12/2014

I wasn't showing off or anything if you're trying to make a point here Yellow.
Rather just giving the simplest answer I could without being rude.

thursday 11/12/2014

Cards that arent in packs are technically considered as collectors,according to UR,so its probably not a glitch.

Am i sure that said cards like dj korps arent eligible to be slotted as rares during their "collector run"? im not sure,but in the past rare cards that have been announced as collectors have been eligible as rare prizes despite the obvious bump up in rank rarity.

wednesday 10/12/2014

Swap Charlie to Florida Jayne / Florida Jane . Essentially they are teh same card, except one can win rounds better but DR's slightly less.

Also, Rubie to Christelle smiley

tuesday 09/12/2014

I'm just saying that's how 50% of people who enter elo play. Half everyone else have bad collections and the rest counter or play random stuff.

0lding is when a player puts 0 pillz on their card so as to reserve all their pillz for a sure win in a later round.

^The .5 being Frozn if I didn't miss my guess.

Anyway. I'm going to try focusing high-damage decks as they tend to squeeze more pillz out of Opp.

La Junta
All Stars

I've plenty of cards to build decks out of any of those clans. I only wish I could afford adding Montana (More like Monana) to my collection.

monday 08/12/2014

So at last Striker unbanned... the Staff do really love AS smiley

I am pretty new to elo, and money wise I'm dead. I have a jungo, an uppers and a rescue deck, but I've found that without some of the very expensive cards the decks are struggling :'/

You can look at my presets and let me know if some of my decks are okay or if I should just stop trying :')

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