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wednesday 20/10/2010


tuesday 19/10/2010


Banging Nightmare

What do you think?

sunday 17/10/2010


A word that comes to mind- MUWAHAHAHAHA!

not flesh pimp

The fact that the game mode can switch to normal when the room is ADVERTISED as non-random means that there is FALSE ADVERTISING involved, as well as a glitch.

saturday 16/10/2010

Which cards are good to have a type 1 and 2, i have 8-9 cards and 600 clintz, and how do u make clintz easily?

friday 15/10/2010

I just got 575 in a DM, please rate and comment on the preset i used


wednesday 13/10/2010

Switch lennox to bodenpower if you can

Great deck for deathmatch because a lot of 2h ko options

tuesday 12/10/2010

Im trying it athe moment

monday 11/10/2010

Nice deck all i would do though is change Lin Xia to XU52 or Miss twice Cr

friday 08/10/2010

Most of the cards are elo banned which shows you how good they are but i would change Rubie for Oxen the 7 power is better then 5, also you have enuth stop oppoents ability with the roots.

thursday 07/10/2010

I know its a t2 deck but i would take out ghumbo and putt in robb, robb plus ambre is almost unbeatable

Clear your cache and restart your browser. If that don't help you can try a newer version of flash and/or java.

this deck is amazing won 10 games in a row so far please rate up

wednesday 06/10/2010

The deck seems fine it dosn't really need updating.

Erpeto to Bogdan if you want to keep freaks.

use Hammer,Essie and El Gringo if you want allstars.

Nice deck.

P.s to make a link you take the adrees (http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1532139) and remove everything appart from preset=1532139. Finally you change the = to : and you get this deleted.

tuesday 05/10/2010

I wonder how FitJohn msg was published, I thought the Moderator filter stuff?
Anyways it was rude... but Funny!!! Spotting the 6% expired battles? Priceless hahahaha...

sunday 03/10/2010

hot 31 messages

SOA beats him specially Jackie smiley kolos is no match for her

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