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saturday 11/06/2011

Yeahp, I asked the guy I mentioned in the OP, he said it was a rank for French mods only.

Closing this, props to Reg for taking the time to list. smiley

friday 10/06/2011

Nahi Cr

These are all the stop all at the moment.

1) If you want to get the highest ranks then you need them all.

2) We don't know what * the other lds will be only time will tell.

3) I don't think they are going to keep making them easyer i think they will find a level of hardness they think is suitable and keep it at that.

4) We don't know only time will tell (you do get prizes if you complete the ld missions a second time (mission points + 10 credits, this is what the dudly ld missions gave you i don't know if it will be the same for all of them).

The most current poison takes place over the old one. It's best if you have one or maybe two poison cards because too many poison cards (unless if your using Freaks) will hinder the effectiveness of the poison.

Like others mentioned it will cost a fortune, the best idea I can tell you is to enter the lottos, even tho you are very unlikely to win there is still a chance, other then that I would invest heavily in a card that you feel might go cr. If your right it may only cost 300,000 clints on a certain card and the resail will be up in the millions.

Did you take into account the tax cut, it would bebetter to trade face value and not sell cards.

I know your not supposed to look at the blank screen but there really is nothing else to look at. smiley smiley i know its a podcast and all but since i suck at this game i wish i could see how you and slify play with them so i can learn to become better at this game. in the future if you guys do a live stream let me know so i can watch. can't wait. smileysmiley

thursday 09/06/2011

I don't like having 1 player without a bonus, but ill try it out...

Please close, no longer relevant thread because of new packs.

@Hobbitusz I think you forgot about Vortex. They are slaughtered by SOA except for the few stop cards (C Blade, Drorb) that no one uses.

wednesday 08/06/2011

Well it seems like the code is messed up. Right now I checked with olga's poison and everything went like before, but yesterday I can swear I watched the poison gone wrong, I think it was when I hit with Pyro. Going to play a little more with the freaks to check this issue

Ulu watu can beat bangers anyday in t2 with: Lulabee, Buck, Wee Lee, Hiko, Miss Lulabee, Serena, Stanley

Lets assume your opponent plays only 4 pills. He hits you hard, you are lifewise on the brink of getting destroyed and you really dont have more enough pills to "dominate" him pillwise. Your decision to pill 1 is bad one. He wont most probably sacrifice his great attack card that easily! - Also youre running Freaks so YOU NEED TIME.

Pilling just one is damn bad decision.

Lets assume you have Olga. Olga can poison opponent but Olga has low damage - but she is GREAT WALL. I would pill 5 on Olga against monster. Why? - A hit from Olga is worth 5 damage after second round. So my attack is 1:1 pill-to-damage wise. Because I give good pills to Olga I force opponent to pill MORE THAN 5, probably like 6-8... even more... to kill Olga. So I accept that I might be get hit... but I wont make it FREE for my opponent. He has to sacrifice the pills to hit me, and he has to sacrifice a lot of them.

This way I either get a poisoned opponent AND he lost his monster with reasonable amount of pills - or get hit by opponent but he pays a heavy price on it pillwise instead of getting "free hit". Either way im in the game, getting hit is probably worser option of the two - but it would not mean the end of my game at all, my chances just got a bit lower if he successfully attacked.

This is what I call "dominance play". I dont give my opponent any "good" ... and definately not "great" options. He has to play my game or suffer the consequences.

Bonus: Courage: +X power for every Y pillz used
(Just a random thought, no idea what its state of balance would be)

Our guild has made this list based on the cards that we have found the most useful to use and annoying to face....they are in no particular order
-Cyb Lhia

This is just our opinion.......no need to say we are idiots or noobs

Just found your site and totally love the deckbuilder! Just as a small hint: It doesn't work for me in the Chrome-Browser (Version-number: 11.0.696.77), though. Clicking the little green + simply doesn't do anything. Not a big problem, as it works fine in IE! Great site smiley

I will give you an advise that sums ups the successful advices I've been given, as well as what I have discovered on my own smiley

1. As arcueid_OK said, participate in daily T1 tournaments. It's a piece of cake to land in the top 1/3 of the tournament, which brings you minimum 50 clintz and 1 credit. So participating in as many tournaments as you can will bring you a steady flow of clintz and credits every week.

2. A pro advice I have been given: Look at the cards - they have different bonuses and abilities. Such include life manipulation (making your own life increase or your opponent's life decrease, such as heal, poison, +life, +life per damage, - opp. life), attack and power manipulation, damage manipulation, pill manipulation, Stop opp. Ability/Bonus, and so on. Build your deck around one type of manipulation. That would be your strategy. It's virtually impossible to have a deck that covers ALL basics, so stick with a strategy. Attack/power manipulation to simply outmatch your opponent pill for pill, life manipulation is difficult to figure out - when you bluff, when you'll play with a lot of pillz, what the hell do you wanna do with this card, etc.

All such strategies have been successful in the game by different people with different decks. So my advice - choose a strategy that makes you feel cool about yourself.

3. If you keep losing, don't despair. You must play for weeks before you get a grasp on all the possible bluffs, tactics, and ideas. Just keep playing.

Corwett is probably right, you can be good with any clan, mono or duo. I just find it a lot harder with mono-nightmare though.

Consider Donnie. His good power and damage - even without ability - are very handy - and with his ability you will have something to go against DR cards. Because his ability has min 1 even Spiaghi can be used to finish opponent.

If you need to cut on stars then Ace is one viable option. His ability gets you even further in Hugtana deck attack manipulation. Hes 0 pill one man wall. Damage is puny but forcing your opponent to pill even more to win is fun, especially in Hugtana.

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