saturday 30/04/2011


Fury gives you an extra 2 damage (if you win). So if you were up against a character with Damage Resistance of 2 (like all of Pussycats), then it might SEEM to do nothing, because it just cancels out their resistance.

friday 29/04/2011

The ability "Heal: x, min y" is aftet everything, the ability "+x life" is after damage but before poison. I know it is after poison and I know poison is after +- life.

Sounds good to me

A kolos was my best luck.

Let the invisible hand do its job

Cool! Thanks C0l

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@ Masterful
Thx for the support.

Update on my theory. I have implemented DR, SOB, and SOA into it. Still working on poison though.

Damage Reduction- This one is simple. Add the damage reduction onto the overall stat combination, then subtract one less than the minimum, since the lowest minimum for DR is 1.

SOB- This is potentially a plus 2 onto the overall combined stats, because the most it can stop is a 2. i.e. Ulu Wata, Bangers, or Rescue in mono if you fold the attack manipulation. I would judge this as one and a half, but then I would have to change the limits.

SOA- Cards made with SOA seem to also follow the rules for SOB, although SOA seems to be more of a wildcard than SOB. Because of the wide range of abilites that SOA can negate, I would judge this as a +3, but now with more Stop cards and Skeelz, I'd have to go with a +2.

That's it for now, by the way, my scale judges the maximum a card's stats can go to. It does not include the range.
Just to be clear.

thursday 28/04/2011

wednesday 27/04/2011

Deck I use for Dm's Rescue.
Marco Glosh Kerry Elvira Anita Steve Lea Krash For Elo You can use Sledg and Suzie and Aurora.
For Survivor Elo You have dr soa maybe sob and the life gainers hope I helped. And any doubles of Rescue?? smiley

I'd also like to see a public preset on a players page...

also i would like shared forums between guilds, so that allianced guilds and acadamy guilds can have forums for themselves and forums that they share so that members of both guilds can see them and comment....

tuesday 26/04/2011

IPod's & iPhone's Can Play UR As They Have A Free App Available On The App Store.

@Deep: Actually, it's more than a 10% raise judging by the prices they were selling for one week ago. Sharp analysis, though!smiley

Main reason for this raise is that a couple of players did some shopping lately, spending their fortune on Jackie Cr & Caelus Cr.

Based off Gertrud's bio it has a place similar to Chernobyl.

Take a look!
Rate it!

What xienwolf said. And since this is tuesday, there will also be a bunch of people testing their newly-constructed elo decks. Maybe 10% of players in daily tourneys are actually interested in getting a good score, I don't think it's anything intentional though.

That was creepy....

monday 25/04/2011

Hi everyone. I need help making a t1 deck, I currently use Rescue so please please ***Mail Me*** With help.
Thanks xR3L04Dz_

Considering you need at least two players to actually play anything, I'd say you should recruit first.

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