thursday 21/04/2011

Actually Tanto, Marlysa Cr dropped to 600,000 a few weeks following the start of the daily lottery. It's taken her a while, but she's finally climbed back to where she was before the lottery.

I've been waiting for her to hit 800,000 before I sell mine for a 300,000 profit, but darn all, just as she was rearing on 770,000 the lottery showed up and he price dropped to near 600,000. It's taken her two years to get back up here after her drop. Her price *is* rising, so it really boils down to usefulness, and Marlysa Cr lacks in comparison to Vickie Cr and Kerozinn Cr.

That's a pretty decent deck right there, not sure how you can lose much with that
But if you really insist on quitting, then I'll reserve Niva

Yeah pred much try to avoid using attk manip prone cards like Jay and Aylen (they are very deadly, but weak)

Use Tomas/ Chwing to cancel bonus' (their great counter to Kerry, Elvira, Edd all those usual SOB/SOA cards)
Danae/ Sasha give u equal grounds with the attk manip clans
Chiara/ Sandro/ Belgosi can all out-power ur opp regardless of attk manip

Or do what i do and pair them with Uppers, they then take out SOA/SOB clans and Attk manip clans

wednesday 20/04/2011

Just wanted some advice for strategy with some of my decks. I'm low on clintz at the moment so it's difficult for me to get any new cards, so if you can help me with what I have then I'd appreciate it.

Deck 1: Nightmare ELO:
Dieter Hel Kenny Nistarok Pan Phyllis Sargh Timmy (25 stars)

Nightmare and Sakrohm Type 2:
Ghumbo Kenny Kolos Nistarok GraksmxxT SkrumxxT Sol Hona Uranus

Jungo Type 2:
Askai Buba Chill Eggman Niva Ongh Scotty Sylth

Nightmare Type 2 + Timber
Timber Azgroth Ghumbo Ielena Kenny Kolos Nistarok Pan/Dieter



Hi fellow rivals

im just wondering if i should change my deck.
i use to have a ulu watu deck but changed because i didnt have enough clintz to get good cards.
now i have a montana/uppers deck with Jackie cr and Vickie cr but there not as powerful as tan man
do you think i should switch to ulu watu?

Cards dont get clintz just buy newbloods on friday and hope ya get sumthin good

I like both clans,maybe pirates have the edge,and I enjoy them more.Funny that some of the best cards seem to be the ones without pill manipulation?As for the Nightmare?I feel playing them a little stiff until you get in T2 DM where they really rock!I would try to have a tight T1 pirate deck,and a killer T2 NightmaresmileyThats if you can afford it.

If im honest, if you want an Ld that badly, play.....its that simple. i take it easy it takes about a week on and off to get the Ld....its not hard
on the other hand, if you dont like the Ld....dont try to get it, or try to get it and never use it, i dont care which you do

there smiley thats my view on the matter haha

Locking a cards level has been mentioned before, and has been accepted as an excellent idea, especially if you want to use a CR like Vickie at level 4 or 3 or a Charlie at level 3. But i dont think it should be a bonus, it should be available to all cards. But i do like the fact that you mentioned if it was a bonus that in elo semi-evolves cards would remain available for that clan aslong as they are locked, its also pretty cool that you used different abilities for different levels due to the bonus. But i dont think they should have an ability at level 1, otherwise they would just dominate elo. Or if they do, give them a weak ability.

There was no need to post the same subject twice...

Here's a good one for half Skeelz/Vortex

Yeah well its Dangerzone, which is one of the easiest rooms in addition to Fight Club, heck, you can even win by KO with a 8* hand and 0 pilling everything


tuesday 19/04/2011

Check it out ! Leave a comment!

Uh, were you even in the training room?


It's calculated. Doesn't "activate first" because then

Say if you had heal 2 max 12 and poison 2 min 3 and you were at 12 life, you'd lose 2 because "heal activates first"

I haven't tried it, but I'm assuming the game CAN see that the should just cancel each other as long as the life is between 3 and 12.

But poison and heal work after everything else, so yeah, you got +2 life first, then lost 2 due to poison.

So you have a reasonable amount of clintz and no predilection for any particular clan. In that case, I'd suggest first picking a format you like to play in, then choosing the clan most suited for that format. Imho:

T1: Uppers, montana and rescue
T2: Montana, Nightmare, Bangers
Elo: Depends on the week, but Piranas, Gheist, and Rescue are incredibly consistent
Survivor: Piranas

Buying packs are good, go classic they always seem to net me the best, i got Sylth and Wee Lee in one once

Packs arent a guarantee though so don't expect a god card every time, ive had plenty of crap packs where everything i get is worth less than 1.5k clintz
buying clintz is meh, id personally rather take the risk of the packs

Enter lotteries, they're generally decent, especially ones with low entry fees. i mean 200 clintz for a shot at some 2k + prizes, yeh ill take that chance!

The prize draw, tickets are easy to get, i always get prize tickets from doing missions, and well its like normal lotteries
Better to be in it than not in it

Harder way: get over 1200 in ELO and pray u get lucky again and win a rare card, or really get some luck and get in top 100 and hope to win a Cr

Alas, not much help from the community !!

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