monday 09/05/2011

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You need to buy credits.

Yet people are comparing him to Jay here and there, saying such and such. These hypocrites, obviously Beef isn't all that great.

Meh, not really. I didn't notice the Kate and ELO one though, I wonder what it would have felt to fight Kate. Props to you for that. smiley

sunday 08/05/2011

Oh..i remember was awesome.....smiley

How do you use prize draw ticket?

Montana/uppers halfdeck is good

So you're saying Joshabi you are an alt account? That's against the rules...smileysmiley

Ugh if you did just admit that why do people always admit that in public?

Hmm, back on topic I remember when the elo system messed up and allowed elo banned cards in the rooms such as vickie and jackie.

I don't really care about how they can get that much in one day
what I care is it's a good way to balance the economy
you don't have money?
make 100 pfulls and you can get around 40K net profit

that means the money moved from rich to poorer players.
at least with this, poor does not going to become poorer but become richer because what you need is determination to make lots pfulls to gain money
even my friend detemine to buy marlysa cr by doing pfulls

I hope someone plays around with the UR API and create something unique.

saturday 07/05/2011

Or do you think i should do a half deck with fang pi and junta
they both have good, solid cards like Ray Kuei and Tsubame

Well I bought plenty of classics and only got cheap cards,

my 2 best were Shaakarti and Cyb Lhia
also got Petra, everything else was crap

Kate always take 5% taxes from any kinds of transaction in ur
(in order to prevent inflation to happens),including sales to the market and also private sales smiley

Berzerk was active and no they did not have heal.

I have a few decks that I would like some tips on

first is a half deck for ELO

Olga Noel

next is a T2 deck


what you think? no i dont have Uranus, Gransmxxt, or Sigma

Jane Ramba and Leo.

Yeah this thread is from 08

Oh ok but that would be cool having the last cr of its kind in the game though

friday 06/05/2011

You talking about Garrik? Lets' see.
Garrik is 8/6, Norman is 8/4, -2 life opp min 2, backfire -1 pill, min 4. that could be 8/6 on the first round or 8/4 on the last but no backfire, 4 is a high minimum which is good. Well, unless your opponent has less than 8 life, he could be just a regular 8/6 on the last round too. Might not happen in Zerk mono (which isn't possible yet) but it's gonna happen in half-decks for sure.
Against SoA, Garrik is 8/3, Norman is 8/4 with -2 life and no backfire. That's (at best) 3 more life difference
Against SoB, Garrik is 6/6, Norman is 8/4 but -1 pill.
Against both, Garrik is 6/3, Norman is 8/4.

conclusion: garrik may be a little bit better unopposed, but Norman is a lot more stable and even stronger against SoA.

I must admit that buying elite/classic pack have possibilities to draw imba card from it (kolos,chopper,etc),but despite of the unstabled value of the newblood,your chances to get some "new" staple card (qubik,selina,maurice,tsubame,etc) is better rather than cl/elite
but,i must admit that it will more difficult to build certain clans from newblood and new clan released which means many nb card in the market (lower prices)

for now i suggest you focused on certain clan,so i will pick elite/classic for now

but,it all depends on your luck,if you lucky enough you can get nice card or even worst draw (although you had been calculated it for many times)

good luck smiley

thursday 05/05/2011

There should be a bank with a .01% interest rate per month but you have to keep it in there for minimum 3 months.

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