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friday 03/06/2011

How much you been playing? ELO gives you 2 and dt's give you 1 if you get top 1/3. So playing elo heaps during a dt time could get you the 2 for elo and 1 from dt for 3. And you got 1 from another dt somewhere.

"Negating damage is NOT BLOCKING DAMAGE though and thus totally irrelevant to the question, which I assume aims at the block x damage missions."

He didn't say it was a mission tho, and heal 2 does get block 2 damage most of the time.

Fun is over. post was addressed by Force already

Y not just take ur ideas and put them together a playtupus/camel/jellyfish/bat/eel all combined

I do not have these cards yet, so I can't preset this, but what do you guys think of this deck?



-Akhab 5*
-Bonnie 2*
-Tula 2*


-C Wing 2*
-Neloe 2*
-Dagg 4*


Morphun 5*

If Morphun ever gets unbanned (yeah, right), this would be the best ELO Deck ever! Essentially, this deck rewards the player for losing, as almost all the cards have a 'defeat' ability or bonus. Add in Morphun, and now we have a deck that feeds the player pillz if they LOSE, ensuring an easy victory.

Any suggestions?

thursday 02/06/2011

Secure trades are new private sale trades. But you might wanna wait until they are sure to have smoothened up most of the bugs.
Private sales is the old way that works, but the odds of being scammed are higher.
There isn't a third option.

Personally i think Junkz are more playerble mono and half deck then Sentinel.

Ive been playing a lot of poker lately and they have a preset play bar/menu which could work here and aleive the frustration of the players that play 1st rd 4 and like to ride the playclock.

Maurice for half deck, nellie for mono.

wednesday 01/06/2011

Never buy clintz. Buying 2 fulldecks will get you more of a profit than 10,000. I started off purchasing Full Decks. Of course, that was before presets were around, so brand new cards weren't overpriced like they are now.

But through everything, I'd take Battery's advice, except I'd chose Freaks over Skeelz.

Ok thx

Arcueid_OK decks seems like a good one for you to use.

tuesday 31/05/2011

Thanks for the responses! Changing that now. Sorry for the double post smiley

Wasn't quite sure how to search that.

Do the missions ohhh and btw can someone tecah me over messages how to drive a bus tnx.

There are 3 reasons why this would happen (i think).

1) Someone keeps changing something about it befor you have both accepted it.

2) Someone keeps clicking decline.

3) Its a bug in which case you should send a bug report by clicking on the ? and going to contact us.

ROFL Subclavian. smiley

monday 30/05/2011

And to the question - normal cards or CR?

CR is good if you want eventual profits. You are bound to get some, some time.


The ROR - Rate of Return - might not be good in CR cards. If you invested a month ago to Jackie CR - you would have not generated any profit so far. This is where normal cards power comes to play - They can generate easily and fast 5-25% profit in fast cycles. Investing to Miss Jessie would have generated atleast 20% profit in same time interval.

IMHO best way to invest is to have best of both world. Most of your capital should be in CR-cards. These are "funds you dont actively play" - so you might as well put them in low interest product to get them to good use instead of being static number in the screen.

But meanwhile you can and it is good to use part of the clintz in active market play. This way you will generate constantly a lot more clintz, which in order can be invested to more CR cards.

The limit of marketplay after certain level becomes from the management of investments. At about one million clintz playing the market game with normal cards will become a full-day job if you invest your money to cards that have potential quick profits. (the more expensive cards generally behave more stable, so they are not for quick clintz) - For casual investor the same amount could be 200k clintz. Then your personal time and attention span will be the limiting factor.

I have all of teh non-collector uppers. What's a good deck?

I would probably go with the montanas,rescues or uppers as old lds are starting to be released again,it'd be nice to be ready to play with them,and therefore get some practice in with them(and get a free card).

Side notesmileyif old lds are going in chronological order,i would start making decks in an order shown below)


*-anything with a star next to it on this list may be moved up on this list due to new released ld cards coming out.

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