saturday 09/04/2011

Maybe u should cut down on friends any way i doubt u even talk to all 327 of them

They should do it i like chatting with my guildmates

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No that was just an example thats why i said its like that

Suggestions are more than welcome,

Oh and I'd appreciate it if any one can tell me if I should buy Shaakarti now or wait for her price to drop?

Now everybody's gonna start Rick Rolling the forums. Thanks Yami. smiley

I just think that once a month is a good thing to look forward too.I mean, twice a month, we get 4 new cards.And it's funny because urban is offering so much new stuff.I just hope this doesn't lead to a burn out of ideas.

also, we need more comics..smiley

friday 08/04/2011

Looking at the deck presets and reading the comments of both cards, I have been repeatedly told to replace my Luba with Leviatonn. First, some background: I am primarily a GHEIST user, and I am trying to bring my deck down to 10 cards. I am seeing that this is a lot harder than it looks, because there are so many excellent GHEIST cards. Anyway, I have been told to replace Luba with Leviatonn, and frankly, I don't want to. I have broken so many backs and tricked so many people with Luba, and now I have to replace her with a card that has one less power and potentially 3 less damage (if Luba gets 8 damage from an enemy)? It doesn't seem like a worthwhile trade. I have considered keeping both, but that means less room for my 10-card deck that already is down to 9 with Eyrik. What should I do???

Timing smiley

someone bought the card before you did in a matter of seconds

You need to lose the round before you play donnie

i suggest you lose with Spaighi

Smokeys starting price wen he was stable was 20k

he might aswell pick nightmare then. Just sell the cards after smiley

thursday 07/04/2011

Woah i decided to use classic mono jungo and it is really good. holy cow smiley

According to master jp's info 24 days each, then it's about 1year and 4 months for cards to come back (assuming they make for all clans and no new clans in between, 1 or 2 months more if 1 or 2 new clans come in scene and also get ld's.

The classic complement to Skeelz is Sentinels. In T1 and T2, you have Caelus + Copper + Hawk.

In ELO the best use for Skeelz is a 3 character, 7* diminished 1/2 deck, with Chiara, Redra and another 2* (for instance, Liam). This allows 18* for 5 characters in the other deck, letting you play multiple 5* and 4* characters. In the Sentinels pair up, Chiara is more solid than John, Redra is a better DR than Melvin, and Liam is a much better SOA than Luis. It allows a 5 character Sentinels 1/2 of Lehane, Owen, Havok, Coby and Tobbie/ Kyle.

Another good example is Uppers. In ELO the 5 core Uppers are Oxen, Nellie, Rubie, Glenn or Dorian, and Harold, which is 18*. Again, Chiara can stretch to the critical 6 damage, Redra is a better DR than any equivalent Uppers character, and Liam is a better SOA than Wendel.

Also great with Bangers (think Blaaster, Chlora, Vermyn N, Shogunn and Massiv for 18*) and Ulu Watu (think Nanook, Lulabee, Serena, Gabrielle and Gaia for 18*).

Eggman is garbage.

I'd also still take Sledg, Aurora and Cliff over Pastor.

The only cards in NB that are really worth getting are Qubik, Numar and Shaakarti (if you play Vortex or want a card that still has a pretty good value)

wednesday 06/04/2011

I find that having a mono Fang Pi Clang deck is quite effective, of course given that my opponent does not have SOB. I'm winning against much higher level individuals on a consistent basis cause I'm able to take them out. smiley)

By defintion, trolling is saying something that would manipulate people into reacting in a certain way. In most cases, the wanted emotion is anger. But the beautiful thing that makes trolling different from flaming is the fact that it's not against the rules. Sometimes it's just stating your opinion, which is controversial (maybe even made up for the sake of trolling) enough to make people respond with rage. Sometimes by trolling, you make others flame you, thus getting them banned.

A good example would be denying the existance of God on some religious forums full of blind believers who cannot counter your points. I know religion is a touchy subject, so don't treat this as a comment on it, I'm just giving an example.

And that's pretty much what M-Bison is doing. Going against the flow. We will never know if those are his real opinions. Funny thing is, if he wanted, he could prove himself wrong, if he was on the other side. But other people rarely can come up with something to counter him. And that, my friends, makes M-Bison a successful troll.

Flaming is just primitive insulting, that is usually against the rules. It's for people who aren't smart enough for trolling.

Make a deck that uses them, or use them yourself.

Agreed mabey instead of auction you can select say 10 different charicters, and each are in a row going down and there is a price box right next to it, so you can put 10 different cards on sale much quicker which is practically auctions

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