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monday 30/05/2011

Forgot about that website having an "import" option so I can view only my own collection, thanks for the reminder. Also never knew I could do a search based only within Collection Pro. That at least gets fairly close to what I would like without having to leave the UR website.

sunday 29/05/2011

Go new blood when new cards gate released if not go with Elite ( Pussycats Piranas Nightmare and Beserk) or classic (pussycats Piranas nightmare beserk vortex and junks)

Yea i remember when vholt was 250k they do need to make a leader ld

Thanks jerromy! That is perfect advice im gonna try it right nowsmileysmileysmiley

You can no longer get Dudley ld but you should be able to finish the mission your on. I can also only think of the same thing as Hane Makikomi to why this wouldn't work.

If you have a card with support +3 attack then your card gains 3 attack for every card from the same clan (including itself) in your hand. This works for every support card e.g support +1 power would give your card +1 power for each card from the same clan.

saturday 28/05/2011

Right. sorry bout that. it just felt a little harsh for me

Oh yes, alot of people we're using Gheist...kinda funny because all starts pwn Gheist everyday of the week(except tuesday, of coarse).but yea, slaughter Gheist and move on.the missions were easy even with the difficulties, just gotta have patience, invest in the right cards(i already had 100 percent all stars except for dallas since i get him free level 64) and play like you would normally.

Bad for the
"make the option that when a player doesn't respond at a certain time then he automatically plays 1 pill"

so 1 player is playing and the other isnt? and what if that player that isnt playing trying to waste time for the other player?
that would slow down the dt if many people are doing that

Im confused with the math and all.smiley
planning on getting credits via MOLPoints using PHP Currency.
im new to this so i really need some help.

Does no one use the search feature? This is a common topic... ugh

Please close mods, necro'd a no longer relevant thread.

friday 27/05/2011

Oh i didnt realise... thanks.

I havent heard that there is a way to do this.

As i said b4, it's just missions & i wanna thanks everyone for taking the time out to help me in my dilemma , i'll be here for a while longer appreciate it.

thursday 26/05/2011

Yea a day i ever heard of it being the longest. so you dont have to wait to long.

I was doing a task and i left it undone. (it was about 8/10 progress i think.)
i got back on it and finished it but i didn't get any credits.
i waited. and waited. and waited some more.smiley
but still no credits.
i did another task, got it done and i imediatelly got the credits.
not really sure what's going on. smiley

@Wahzoo: You'd be surprised how often it happens.

wednesday 25/05/2011

Dolly for sure is a bluff wich you have to fear. if you dont pill aginst her you will be posioned an hert in the end an lose the game just cause of her alone like kenny a card that can change the flow of a game in one serten round.

thats why knowing all the cards an what they are is inportant an confuseing all at the same time.

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