wednesday 06/04/2011

I find that having a mono Fang Pi Clang deck is quite effective, of course given that my opponent does not have SOB. I'm winning against much higher level individuals on a consistent basis cause I'm able to take them out. smiley)

By defintion, trolling is saying something that would manipulate people into reacting in a certain way. In most cases, the wanted emotion is anger. But the beautiful thing that makes trolling different from flaming is the fact that it's not against the rules. Sometimes it's just stating your opinion, which is controversial (maybe even made up for the sake of trolling) enough to make people respond with rage. Sometimes by trolling, you make others flame you, thus getting them banned.

A good example would be denying the existance of God on some religious forums full of blind believers who cannot counter your points. I know religion is a touchy subject, so don't treat this as a comment on it, I'm just giving an example.

And that's pretty much what M-Bison is doing. Going against the flow. We will never know if those are his real opinions. Funny thing is, if he wanted, he could prove himself wrong, if he was on the other side. But other people rarely can come up with something to counter him. And that, my friends, makes M-Bison a successful troll.

Flaming is just primitive insulting, that is usually against the rules. It's for people who aren't smart enough for trolling.

Make a deck that uses them, or use them yourself.

Agreed mabey instead of auction you can select say 10 different charicters, and each are in a row going down and there is a price box right next to it, so you can put 10 different cards on sale much quicker which is practically auctions

Yes people put a "max" bid, and so if someone put a max bid of 1000 on a 300 clint auction, anyone who bid lower than 1000 would not outbid the highest bidder, as was in your case.

tuesday 05/04/2011

Oh didnt see that i wrote this a while ago

I left for some big time and my kolos grow up more than double lol

I run mono La junta and this is my T1/ELO Deck and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on how to improve the deck

Here is a suggested list for dual decks. Good for Survivor

Freaks/Jungo/Pussycats - Poison and life gain or damage reduction is always good. smiley (I suggest Baldovino, Bogdan, Olga, Grudj, Ongh, Sylth, Askai, Nyema, Ditha, Selina, Charlie, Yayoi, Clara)

Nightmare/Skeelz - both of them goes with almost any clan. (NOTE: achieve destruction with Kolos, Ghumbo, Oshitsune, Kenny/Nistarok, Tomas, Chiara, Caelus Cr, Dwan/Jay/Corvus/Greem/Aylen)

Fang Pi Clang/La Junta - Both support the other's weakness. (Kuei, Tsubame, Kerozinn Cr, Fei, Naginata, Ray, Trish, Bryan)

Ulu Watu/All Stars - i suppose better in mono? quite. (Tanaereva Cr, Lullabee, Stanly, Hikikyousan, Lamar Cr, Marina, Striker, El Gringo)

Piranas/Vortex - I KNOW YOU WANT THOSE PILLZ smiley (Dahlia, Scubb, Pesth/Selma/Sliman/Hawkins, Bonnie Ld, Dregn, Dagg, Shaakarti, Oflgn/C Beast)



If any would ask a deck for mono for other clans not mentionedabove, I am willing to give a line-up

Hope you like it. smiley

Putting them in in order, in my opinion, is useless since it's based on playstyle as we all know.
Sorted by clans, here are my favorites:

All Stars: Jessie, Stacey
Bangers: Massiv
Fang Pi Clang: Chan, Marlysa Cr
GHEIST: Arkn, Z3r0 D34d
Junkz: Gil
La Junta: Thormund, Dean, Wardog
Montana: Spiaghi
Nightmare: Mawpin
Piranas: Hawkins, Bonnie Ld, Tula
Roots: Arno
Sakrohm: Nimestiec
Sentinel: Lehane, Tobbie
Skeelz: Sasha
Vortex: Cyb Lhia, C Wing

MY personal favorites are Hawkins, Sasha, Mawpin and Arkn smiley

U started yesterday and u have 14k clintz man where u busy
maybe try a half deck

monday 04/04/2011

Wat do youll think the best starter cards are such as z drone or sumthin but just good low clintz cards for begginers

Yes i used to do that all the time wen i was about ur lvl to thats the easiest way to get money besides buying creds

@apricotsoup: I don't know since I'm still a starter I think I'mma go with mono for a while then go dual when I got so many cards to choose from..

@LOA_WSN: I'm not yet playing in ELO just for dt type 1 smiley thx thought for the elo advice..

@ DerMagus I forgot to say that i also agree on that "trading cards for cards" note.

There is also the rarer 3/5 deck split usually used with Freaks as 3 and 5 of another clan. This is so you have minimal chance of getting more than 2 Freaks. You will however, draw all three while facing a Ghiest deck and draw your most bonus reliant card from the other clan deprived of its most important asset. (Any Montana) smiley

sunday 03/04/2011

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Format really doesn't matter (forgot to put that in)

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Collect 250000 ctz for 25 prize tickets? WTF?

I use piranas with my junkz smiley

Link your present in the comments to link your present while asking questions at the same time smiley

heres the first

thanks smiley

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