saturday 19/03/2011

Hello dudes

i am a active lvl 17 player with decent skills (for my lvl)
and i would like to hear your advises.
what should i do next? i manage to buy some low price cards from different characters,
so i can complete the missions faster.. should i keep up like this??

also i am not in a clan yet if you want to help me via a clan you are welcome smiley

hope my english is good enough for you to understand smiley

I replied too quickly without finishing. Packs = high risk, high reward

It would be interesting if say, furysmileyx changed what fury did

I.e instead of +2 damage adds +2 power, it would make fury more appealing in some cases

actually u get more cards from Elite and same amount of clans, and its just a guaranteed 4 rare cards which you'll most likely get in elite smiley

Check the Shop "Get credits" stuff. There are free choises to get credits every now and then by doing surveys or something like that. These little ditches add quickly up.

Use the free lottery ticket each day. Every tenth time its worth 100cz.

Do the missions while you play. Their rewards add up with everything.

The most probable pack to get good income per spent credit is Fulldeck. It costs 50credits but it will most probaby yield 4000+ cz profit each time - thus . Last one I bought had Grax and Sylth = 50k clintz instantly. After getting few of these you are bound to hit something worth better than average.

So you could say that gibson is free 4 damage? smiley

If you want to expand your collection, then go ahead and sell them. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to hold onto them in case they are part of the next Cr release smiley

La junta are much better of as a mono deck as they have great support abilities. If you want to do a half deck most people would use Fang pi clang, because they have better non-support abilities.

friday 18/03/2011

Don't bump old threads geez

Yes you use he reserve to lvl up non maxed card option is just below the card say something like (add 500exp to your character)

The thing about this is that it's not that unique of an idea.The developers have probably already thought about it and rejected it. Unless you give them a really logical and well thought out reason as to WHY it would be a good idea they won't give a second thought into it.

Vortex vs. Pussycats
i see how we can compare this

if you want to lose 3 round win 1 and still come out on top, pussycats have it all going for them but if the way to play is to sacrifice to make the next round stronger, vortex is the way to go

its all preference my dear

Freaks vs. Jungo
freaks are my hero's i started this game on them and i am glad to say in this war vs jungo they win with the almighty pillz and life combo
like fang pi though, they have come on leaps and bounds and dont appear to be stopping

thats my comparisons smiley

thursday 17/03/2011

I used a half deck for T1 DM with Junkz and Sentinel...
I'd say the Junkz are better overall... They are better in ELO,they have pill manipulation,a better theme.... smiley

Yeah,i'd say Junkz,unless you're going survivor.

The base damage of the card was 6. +2 from fury and +1 from Timber made it 9 - Deebler's ability reduced it to 5 (nothing's wrong with it). If the screen after the round said it was reduced from 6 to 5 then this is the case because the screen always shows the base damage (written on the card) and the applied damage. Problem solved.

Gail Ld
3 stars
6/4 same ability

its not op at all but its a 2hko with oxen smiley

Right answer is Robb.

Why - I let you deduct the logic by yourselves smiley

wednesday 16/03/2011

Its Resevered for... Special Uses smiley

A place to gamble your clintz?
KINDA like this? deleted

So has anyone tested the newest itunes update for UR? The major fix was preventing the app from crashing on iOS

Exactly so both players are using a deck with no bonus, also a deck with cards that have no ability is gonna make gheist and roots useless as well

Yeah, you want to mix a clan that absolutely needs their bonus for the 5 (Uppers, Bangers, Ulu) and one that doesn't or is conditional for the 3 (Freaks, Skeelz, Pussycats, Vortex). Very nice especially if you are getting Yayoi- she's functionally 4* even without her bonus.

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