thursday 14/04/2011

Only problem about buying cheap and selling expensive are all those people whose prices are exactly in that 5%, so you can't buy them, but you can't sell yours either because of them.

Most recent.

@Bot - they don't all have to be anti GHEIST... Sledg, Glosh, Beverly, and Vinny take care of that...

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wednesday 13/04/2011

I've just realised this as well. Our guild is American now.
Not a huge problem but now we come up lower on the guild list as a result so people are unlikely to see our guild if they search for a U.S guild when before we were 4th on the U.K guilds.

It would be a nice update as we have also changed to Filipino guild as well before when orginally we were advertised as a U.K guild.

I do great w/ jungo, not much buying power right now though

+You always get the bonus
+Can be used with a leader effectively
+Full support effect
-You may have to use some sub-par cards

+You use 4 best characters from each clan, no bad cards
+You can mix both clan's strategy and have some amazing combinations
+If you get a 2/2 hand and win, you get +1 to both "With with a clan" missions
-You don't always get the bonus
-Not that efficient with Leaders
-Support abilities are less useful

It depends on the clans you pick. Some clans have amazing Support cards (Sentinel has quite a few), while some clans don't work in mono that well (Freaks for example, as their bonus works only once).

I request a new card every 3-4 days plol

I don't know, it might be UR use the idea or coincidence

it might be coincidence
7/6 is a pretty normal stats and -2 min 3 also pretty normal
from hundreds of entry from make ld make new cards etc
there is possibility that it would be same
this one only similar so I think it is pure coincidence (even if it's same, it's not something new, vortex has 2 pillz out of 3)

except they make new ability, and UR follow it, that would be different story
and I would not say UR "steal" the idea. you put it in message board means you want everyone including UR team to read your entry (you should be happy that your idea is used, maybe asked for royalties? lol..)

Agree with tanto.

I like UR's relaxed atmosphere, where you can play as much or as little as you want, take time off for a week/month/year and pick up right where you left off. Too many events and casual players will feel left out of the loop.

tuesday 12/04/2011

End Statement:

By popular demand, I have released a second draft of UR History reflecting ALL of the posted corrections and additions on the first draft of my timeline. I had UR staff close the second draft to keep this thread clean and easily viewable by the general public. I will also ask to be able to make additions as time passes.

Again, I would like to welcome further corrections, suggestions and additions to this second draft via PM. If possible please also send proof/evidence supporting your claim. Whether it be a an official UR or a snapshot. Thanks again all. Enjoy!


Botshot i didnt mean it literally because its also bout the luck of the draw i was just saying that it was good i was exagerating

Glad you like it. I tried it and didn't. But people are different.

I don't get why Vortex are so expensive.. Cr speculations? You gotta be kidding me, they have like, 20 cards. And they aren't OP at all...

I think someone once said that missions have to be re-done (and CAN be re-done even by people who already have the Ld card) but they'll stay the same.

But don't quote me, I never heard it from the staff themselves

Join a guild with less words in the name.

monday 11/04/2011

No Botshot, I'm the only one legendary enough here.

Here's proof:

On topic, yeah, there really isn't a Legendary that's staple. As I said already, Bonnie's good, but she's not great.

Some cards in New Blood may have a very low price due to saturation of them via New Blood packs. Buy them before they leave New Blood (a few weeks after their release of course), then sell them after a few weeks - months.

For example, way back in the day I bought Wardom at 3,000 Clintz and 70 Krashes at 150 Clintz. Wardom now sells for a whopping 10,000 Clintz and Krash for 300-400 Clintz. Yes, it took a long time, but getting the Big 5 just from buying them takes a long long time.

sunday 10/04/2011

yes you misunderstand

1 battle consist of 4 round

and they said courage is first in a ROUND

move first in a battle is when you pick the card first
after that the opp respond (and then the animation begin)
this is when the courage activated

it would be activated 2 rounds each battle
either round 1 and 3 OR 2 and 4 (depending when you move first)

I've made a deck with bluff manipulation and pillz manipulation.
Eloxia Corvus, Cley, Deebler, Saho, Drake, Milton Anton.
The idea is to use all those confidence and revenge cards to confuse the opponent. He can never be sure how many pillz spend so Corvus, Saho, Anton can be more effective.
Its not perfect but its playable. Sometimes it works wonders when Anton beat Enzo or Anibal using just 3 pillz because your oponent thinks you just want to active revenege. I've seen that situational cards can be use as advantage and I can win with decs with Ghumbo, Dorian, Ahkab....
I just recently change Deebler to Sandro because if I have Cley, Deebler, Saho and Anton it was very bad situation.
Here is the preset

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