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saturday 13/02/2016

68 more players needed

sunday 31/01/2016

For those who are looking for non-battle event. This is similar to mafia game. Here is the link:

TOS 2: Asylum

Join if you are active and put some commitment to the event. Thanks! smiley

wednesday 27/01/2016

wednesday 20/01/2016

saturday 16/01/2016

Lustrzane odbicie

Both players have the same cards in the deck (deck format). The price of each card won't exceed 10000 ctz. Those will be 8 playable good cards of my choice picked from 2 clans in every stage (4 of each).

The number of stages will depend on the number of players who apply.

wednesday 13/01/2016


Do you use both versions of the urban-rivals website?


I play UR everyday.

monday 11/01/2016

The Brawling Arena
A free and simple battle event with good prizes.

sunday 10/01/2016

Wait, so is the total budget for the deck 44k?

saturday 09/01/2016

There's a virus spreading over clint city...
The scenery is apocalyptic: most of the players have been eliminated or worse, infected, becoming a zombie.
Will the survived civilians restore peace in this chaos?Or the virus will overtake the city,infecting all of them?

International event.
Jackpot: 20'000'000 clintz

In a few days I'll put the English translation of the rules .

Link event: deleted

wednesday 06/01/2016

Riddles will be posted once a week and the prize for being the first person to solve a riddle will be 25k from staff. However, you will not get your prize immediately. It would be tedious for staff to send a reward every week, so to make it easier on them, prizes will be sent as soon as 4 different riddles have been solved.

That being said, the next riddle will be posted at 10:00 GMT-8 on 8/1/16 (DD/MM/YY). Drop by if you're not too scared of riddles smiley

tuesday 05/01/2016

There are now zero spots left, but I may open again if subs are needed smiley

wednesday 30/12/2015

How the Freaks Stole Christmas

Clint City is never peaceful, and those who expected the holiday season to be an exception are probably the same people who believe Hector's eggs to be authentic baby dragons from the Ohéohé Islands. It will come as no surprise that during the Freaks Festive show the Montana decided to drop by to collect some overdue payments. Lenora had come along for the entertainment, but when the fight broke out she became endangered, as she was carrying her latest chemical compound, whose effects are as yet unknown. Help each of the clans involved achieve their goals!

1st - Ambrose Cr
2nd - Blaaster Cr

The Clan that reaches the most points: Lost Hog Cr

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sunday 27/12/2015

Good morning guys, join our new contest on Instagram! Upload a photo in this social with the hashtag #playingur. The most innovative and original photo will be rewarded with gold tokenz!

friday 25/12/2015

Any volunteers to get shanked? UR's pissing me off and I need to stab something.

wednesday 23/12/2015

Hello all, I'm adding these goals, so if you want to change your goal, message me:
1. Earn 5 Million Clintz
2. Reach Eternal rank

Also, if you have already achieved one of the game mode goals, but want to get better at that game mode, message me and I can make you a personal goal. For example: if your Elo record is 1430 (that's over 1400), then I will allow you to use "reach 1450 in elo" as your goal.

If you need a clearer explanation, want to change your goal, or have any other questions, my inbox is always open.

One more thing. If you want your goal to be switched to "earn 5 Million Clintz," send me a screenshot of how much your collection is currently worth.

tuesday 22/12/2015

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