sunday 25/02/2018

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I was getting worried.

friday 23/02/2018

Hi everyone
Is there someone who makes avatars ? I would like one for my guild
Send me a message . Thankssmiley

Type 1 for normal mode; hardcore mode has its own restrictions. You can check if it's mode legal in the deck builder

thursday 22/02/2018

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It is not based on your collection in the sense you get an Ld based on what you are specifically looking for in terms of a Clan.

If you finish the weekly Ld missions, you get a random Ld you do not own each week. Tough for players focusing on a specific clan, but since you cannot sell Lds, might as well keep them. Plus while there is a chance for you to get Lds you do not want, there is also a chance to get Lds from clans you want, so it is worth doing well Ld missions even if you do not like Lds outside from your Clan Collection choices. The upside is, if you own every Ld, you get 7 Credits each week for completing Ld Missions.

Hope this is clear.

I didn't mean individual players preferences and luck. It just really feels this way that some rare cards are "rarer" than others...It can be seen not only looking at the results of people's openings, but also at the price of certain cards on the market, but this factor may be attributed to the market speculants I guess... I don't know but if this is really the case there should be more clarity in the packs description.

wednesday 21/02/2018

Urban rivals should have a report button and commend button smiley

tuesday 20/02/2018

Also, now that Hive is out, it teaches you a lesson on not to rely too much on high star count cards. So it's good to have a variety of cards with different star counts, especially in DT mode.

monday 19/02/2018

Finally figured it out. Seems like I had to refresh the game client every time I updated my deck so the changes would be recognized. Kinda weird tbh.

Oh and Sheryl is a cheap one I believe

sunday 18/02/2018

They're fun if you have Robert Cobb and bunch of different clan heal cards.

saturday 17/02/2018

Hercule used to be around 2-4K before the market restart.

The market Restart meant his minimum expected price in market is 2.5K. Should be around 5K from restart assuming players are not manipulating the market.

Uppers, Nightmare, Vortex, GhosTown (Digging Bill), GHEIST are the clans.

Sentinel also have a drain mission but they have pretty crummy drainers...

Yes. KO does not work in the Training Room.

As Long as KO is done in Fight Club, Daily Torunamwnt, EFC or Survivor, it should count.

sunday 11/02/2018

I think the clintz won in DTs should be changed to random cards of minimum X value getting higher per positions markpoints .

That would help bring the prices down faster. Since DT is one of the biggest contributors of pure clintz in the game.

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saturday 10/02/2018

To me as a new player the difference between new and old cards is striking. When I'm searching for playable cards on the market more often than not it's enough to look at the year in which a card was released to decide whether or not it's worth to be played. I don't think the administration is going to bother buffing the old cards, but making the inevitable power creep more moderate would be healthier for the game in the long run. And also nerfing a bit cards that have proven to be too OP instead of banning them from everywhere and releasing new OP cards to balance things out...

Yeah I just got through watching more than the healthy amount of Gurren Lagann

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