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saturday 13/12/2014

I wasn't showing off or anything if you're trying to make a point here Yellow.
Rather just giving the simplest answer I could without being rude.

thursday 11/12/2014

Cards that arent in packs are technically considered as collectors,according to UR,so its probably not a glitch.

Am i sure that said cards like dj korps arent eligible to be slotted as rares during their "collector run"? im not sure,but in the past rare cards that have been announced as collectors have been eligible as rare prizes despite the obvious bump up in rank rarity.

wednesday 10/12/2014

Swap Charlie to Florida Jayne / Florida Jane . Essentially they are teh same card, except one can win rounds better but DR's slightly less.

Also, Rubie to Christelle smiley

tuesday 09/12/2014

I'm just saying that's how 50% of people who enter elo play. Half everyone else have bad collections and the rest counter or play random stuff.

0lding is when a player puts 0 pillz on their card so as to reserve all their pillz for a sure win in a later round.

^The .5 being Frozn if I didn't miss my guess.

Anyway. I'm going to try focusing high-damage decks as they tend to squeeze more pillz out of Opp.

La Junta
All Stars

I've plenty of cards to build decks out of any of those clans. I only wish I could afford adding Montana (More like Monana) to my collection.

monday 08/12/2014

So at last Striker unbanned... the Staff do really love AS smiley

I am pretty new to elo, and money wise I'm dead. I have a jungo, an uppers and a rescue deck, but I've found that without some of the very expensive cards the decks are struggling :'/

You can look at my presets and let me know if some of my decks are okay or if I should just stop trying :')

No... Just no...

I can't believe people actually think Minerva is a good card lolwut. If you lose with your 5 star, you more or less lose the game. It might not be that bad for you 1200 players but at 1300+ where people know what they're doing... It just never ends well.

sunday 07/12/2014

It doesn't take away their life points and I am pissed. Urban-Rivals should give me a refund on all the clintz I used purchasing Freakz cards because I am being cheated out of my money. When a Freakz card does damage to another player the poison 2 clan bonus doesnt get used!

but you know that the poison DOES NOT work in the turn you inflict it?
you have to wait for the effect, same with heal

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saturday 06/12/2014

deleted comment and rate please

cant seem to make this deck work..please help

Change the world!

friday 05/12/2014

I kinda' agree.
But then again, I could say the same for SOA / SOB decks.
Or Mono La Junta.
All you need to do with La Junta is win 2 rounds, sometimes only 1 and can threaten to 2HKO almost every round .
And SOA / SOB Decks just need to wall one or two hits , then crush you on the offensive.

wednesday 03/12/2014

Thx man ill try it out smiley
Thing is i kinda have a love for bangers :3

sunday 30/11/2014

Not really a fan of Michael. 10 power may be really good on paper coupled with 7 damage, but that couragr based ability is such a turn off. With Xingshu banned (who's pretty much like Dounia Cr who will put Skeelz under the spotlight), Skeelz is not good to use in these weeks. I consider you to take Snowflake, who is somewhat better than Greem in some aspects. TAKE Jay, sure you might be thinking that 2 revenge-based cards are crazy, but who said that you have to activate both or be too predictable? 5 damage already packs quite a punch.

saturday 29/11/2014

I think there is no "in general". U need to read the meta. Like Qubik is not allowed? Then you will face Junkz less. Marina and Saki are useble? Why you shouldn't play them? Because Berzerk can counter them? These and other decisions should be made. Just play as often as you can. Success will come after a while

A devoloping character is a card not fully leveled, so you can't use a level 1 wanda for elo, you need to use level 2

thursday 27/11/2014

tuesday 25/11/2014

I thi k I have my Deck. But what you all think? What will be better for a Gheist half? Dr Ergo or Leviatonn? Mostly I see Leviatonn (I think non conditional and a * smaller could handle the missing power point? But on the other Hand P7 can handle more things of the opponent. And I do not have problems in deck space. No, Leviatann could Open a Shit load of New options for my deck.

If this isn't ELO, I would make a deck out of potential 555 22222
Jungo is SUPREME - do like Ongh + Askai + Troompah + Pegh, Mindy, James, Jean, Ashiko
Rage quit or die lol.

But cause it IS ELO, I use what my mono Jungo deck is -
5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2.
Ie mix between Potential and Stable...

sunday 23/11/2014

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