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sunday 03/10/2010

You ranked 1st in a Deathmatch with 880 points!
You have won 150 bonus points and 50 Clintz.


What SHould I Improve ??

saturday 02/10/2010

Leave the room and come back in about 5 minutes if you need to. That or maybe send a request directly to Customer Support asking them for two separate rooms? You know... A DeathMatch Random and a DeathMatch No Random. That'd solve all the problems, and everyone would win. smiley

wednesday 29/09/2010

Using loads of DR's in anything but ELO and survivor will slow you down too much, 1 or 2 are fine.

saturday 25/09/2010

Nightmare really have a couple of good low star cards going for them nowadays
and with raeth and Selma out there, backed up by they ever annoying Smokey and Hawkins..
Uppers can really have a hard time..Tyd is a perfect Jacky stopper
if you only know how and experiment
see how people react to them

I absolutely agree that Zatman and Jacky are one of the most destructive combo's out there
backed up by cards like Rubie, Oxen and Dorian, them become more than a nuisance

but playing Kolos or any of the big five comes with responsibillity
comes with experience, you can't expect a card to win for you, now can you?

thursday 23/09/2010

So this is one of my many DM T1 decks. It includes:
Lamar CR
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

monday 20/09/2010


Rate and comment, please? D:

sunday 19/09/2010

smiley deleted smiley

friday 17/09/2010

It's written like this:

Beat 50 times a player you've already beaten in the same deatmatch.

That's not the most articulate wording, but it's very clear. It simply means you need to achieve the Persecution bonus 50 times.


wednesday 15/09/2010

Did the lose the last round? i.e. if you lose round 1 and win round 2, revenge will NOT trigger round 3.

saturday 11/09/2010

it is true I had to wait for the whole extra time...
got in the room with only 3 seconds left to play,
did not find an opponent,
so had to stay for the entire extra-time....
trying to fight I hit "retry"....
then fighting in fight club...
This is stupid
I won 5 games in a row (didnt have time to play more)
So all I got is my first two "connect four"....

friday 10/09/2010

Any feedback welcomed


Looks like we'll now be able to redo this reference guide. smiley

tuesday 07/09/2010

This one is beter, now almsot always getting bonus deleted sorry for the wrong topic title! should be 2hitters

sunday 05/09/2010

I find it happens when i leave my DM screen idle for a little while i had never thought anything of it till i read this post.


UluSkeelz deck, rate and comments please, not sure if i should change

friday 03/09/2010

In T2 DM there's no reason to low star cards. Sentinels with Ambre or even Hugo rock.

I've used for a long long long time Ambre or Hugo, Copper, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Havok, Hawk, Owen and Coby. If you've got Tessa Cr, you should use her in place of one of those guys.

Truth is, you can use Morphun, Eklore, or Eyrik in the leader slot if you really want. The Sentinels you pick really do the heavy lifting.

tuesday 31/08/2010

Sounds awesome i'm in for it!!

sunday 29/08/2010


Should i make any changes to them?

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