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saturday 07/05/2011

Yeah this thread is from 08

Oh ok but that would be cool having the last cr of its kind in the game though

friday 06/05/2011

You talking about Garrik? Lets' see.
Garrik is 8/6, Norman is 8/4, -2 life opp min 2, backfire -1 pill, min 4. that could be 8/6 on the first round or 8/4 on the last but no backfire, 4 is a high minimum which is good. Well, unless your opponent has less than 8 life, he could be just a regular 8/6 on the last round too. Might not happen in Zerk mono (which isn't possible yet) but it's gonna happen in half-decks for sure.
Against SoA, Garrik is 8/3, Norman is 8/4 with -2 life and no backfire. That's (at best) 3 more life difference
Against SoB, Garrik is 6/6, Norman is 8/4 but -1 pill.
Against both, Garrik is 6/3, Norman is 8/4.

conclusion: garrik may be a little bit better unopposed, but Norman is a lot more stable and even stronger against SoA.

I must admit that buying elite/classic pack have possibilities to draw imba card from it (kolos,chopper,etc),but despite of the unstabled value of the newblood,your chances to get some "new" staple card (qubik,selina,maurice,tsubame,etc) is better rather than cl/elite
but,i must admit that it will more difficult to build certain clans from newblood and new clan released which means many nb card in the market (lower prices)

for now i suggest you focused on certain clan,so i will pick elite/classic for now

but,it all depends on your luck,if you lucky enough you can get nice card or even worst draw (although you had been calculated it for many times)

good luck smiley

thursday 05/05/2011

There should be a bank with a .01% interest rate per month but you have to keep it in there for minimum 3 months.

Rescue will work well in elo,survivor and daily tournament (personal opinion : i am prefer using them in t1)
and never make rescue into half deck
lea (2*) elvira (3*) steve (2*) benson/kerry (4*) glosh (4*) pastor/cliff/sledge (5*) anita (3*) crash (2*)
will be solid enough to be used at elo (when kerry,sledge,lea unbanned,but they had decent replacement too),survivor (usually optimizing their dr n life manipulation),and dt (their lower * cards will gain more point in dt)
la junta will good for dm (especially t2),since in dm it will better to ko opp ASAP
(personal opinion : la junta is my fav clans smiley)

Is not about their abilities,its because they are pfull card (card that only need little exp to leveled up)
pfull card is "hunted" by certain peoples,although it will be more expensive than fullyleveled card
just like cr thing,more rare and limited amount of card at the market,the more expensive it will be
you can find many many fully levelled vansaar n timber at the market at once,but you can only find some of them at level 4 (pfull card)
and for collector, usually 0xp card is valued more expensive rather than fully leveled card

Oh ok

Thanks everyone. I'm trying to find a compliment to my OHKO deck. I do use eloxia, but embolt or c wing wouldn't fit as I could only use them for their defeat, which is much too predictable. Eloxia forces the opponent to use some pills. My team right now is: Timber, eloxia, orlok, Kolos, chan, kinjo, tsubame, zinfrid.

@Chippenrah - that OR Tsubame! 7/7 with better recovery than Selina.

It looks like you have already bought credits, did you put any price?

wednesday 04/05/2011

Even if a new clan wasn't released she would of been 4-6k

Yes u can me and my bro used to use this same account wen i was low lvl

Great idea, thanks Soundtrack. smiley I wish we could sell leaders to Kate lol.

Oh thanks BotShot never knew that. But I doubt I could ever get top 100...I'll try eventually though! smiley

Yea, mine was belated by 2 hours, but it's a lovely surprise when i finally got itsmiley

I was thinking of using a sak and sen deck for type 1 and elo which goes like this:


The problem is that the stars are not equally balanced. I can't find good 4 and 5 stars in sentinel. (Tessa Cr - Too expensive)
Another problem is the lack of damage. (May be filled by Sigma's poison, Murray's life or Stella's brute force)

What do you think about this deck? Will it get me 1300 plus in elo?

(Many people say Sentinel are of no use in elo, wanna prove them wrong)smiley

Usually with new clan coming out, other clans have more characters too in order to fight back...

@Dead, there is actually Mr. World, probably US just don't join.
and remember, this game is based from France.

but yes to robots and pets lol

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