thursday 17/03/2011

Gail Ld
3 stars
6/4 same ability

its not op at all but its a 2hko with oxen smiley

Right answer is Robb.

Why - I let you deduct the logic by yourselves smiley

wednesday 16/03/2011

Its Resevered for... Special Uses smiley

A place to gamble your clintz?
KINDA like this? deleted

So has anyone tested the newest itunes update for UR? The major fix was preventing the app from crashing on iOS

Exactly so both players are using a deck with no bonus, also a deck with cards that have no ability is gonna make gheist and roots useless as well

Yeah, you want to mix a clan that absolutely needs their bonus for the 5 (Uppers, Bangers, Ulu) and one that doesn't or is conditional for the 3 (Freaks, Skeelz, Pussycats, Vortex). Very nice especially if you are getting Yayoi- she's functionally 4* even without her bonus.

tuesday 15/03/2011

The easier the mission, the more common the card. For the 250 wins with a specific clan, if you get a card, it will be Rare

Rass to Janice (cheaper, stronger, more stable, gives you some sort of defense against SOA)
Bree to Gabrielle (preference, but I'd go with a DR since you don't have any)

monday 14/03/2011

Heh, even if Skeelz just deflated, they are still kinda expensive and somewhat hard to use for a beginner (absolutely no offense intended)
But if you insist, I'd go with something like this for 25 stars:
Base: Deebler, Sandro, Zeke, Redra, then maybe Milton, never really tried him, or Sasha if you can afford her
Then: Either get three 4 stars, (all the Skeelz 4 stars are kinda good, matter of preference, except maybe Aigwon and Damian)
OR get a 5 star, a 4 star and one more 3 star.
5*:Aylen, Eloxia, Dwan and Tomas, are all great options.
4*: preference
3*:Cley is nice, if you hate confidence, go with danae if you have enough damage or the lovely chiara if you can afford her

Ive not seen sak in a long time to be honest

Soundtrack, you're post is misleading. You need to mention that Krung's ability is confidence.

Skeelz primarily targets SOA???

Tell me, are they better protected against SOA or SOB?

Equally for both is you ask me, since they don't need their bonus to fight, their strength relies in their high base stats and "usually" strong abilities.

And before someone brings dual stoppers like glorg and the like in the argument, know that almost all dual stops have very low base stats. The only exception being Shakra but still, he's courage based.

Your goal :
Jane Ramba

But for start :

But beware. If you face Gheist/roots you are as good as dead. Both with my budget advice and the ones up there.
But when you have enough money you can get cards that dont care about soa.
Like Bryan, Nahomi, Jane Ramba, Ray etc.

I do NOT advice you to risk with 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 2 with budget deck. You can not afford x x 2 2 hand for now. Its just that your X cards are not as good to fill that gap.
My advicee is to go 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2. That way you will have at least 4 3 x x. And most of the time 4 4 x x or 4 3 3 2.

Y when vholt eklore and eyrik were introduced the staff also introduced the reward system so deepend is right

Move Armand to Nightmare.
Still waiting for them to get a werewolf... smiley

Ah cool, a budget Pirana deck.

About Spycee - theres not too much between him and Puff. Both wall pretty well, Spycee by being a throwaway and Puff by beating them, hopefully with less pills. However imho its better not to have both of them in a deck because those multiple-2-star-with-maybe-one-3-star draws do happen, and your lack of damage can lead to a loss even with good pilling.

Hawkins Noel (to be replaced by Hawkins in the future) is a little different, as a well-guessed win with him makes it easier to win rounds ahead.

Taljion is great, while I really like Cyan (so underrated) as well; hes a much more solid pick. Also with Sliman, an easy 4-damager works to your favour.

sunday 13/03/2011

I still like my idea of a clan bonus being to copy the opponent clan's bonus. In some case, it'd mean nothing (pirahna, Nightmare, but in most other cases, it could make things really interesting.

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