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tuesday 03/05/2011

I honestly dont see why its more expensive -.- makes no sense

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monday 02/05/2011

No, when the videos are less often seen, they are more exciting that way. If you have videos all the time, then it would get fairly boring after a while - I think that if people want storyline, then UR should just stick to the comics.

Wt about dm

Hey! I just made a new Piranas deck that I think has good attack manip, pill manip and enough damage to be respectable enough. Can you rate and comment on any improvements I need? Thanks! smiley


Yeah rescue is good but their good cards are expensive
so you rather have to choose between montana and uppers since their bonus helps a lot
when fighting into your opponent smiley

The opponent would save his own heavy hitter to face off against Volt. So you MUST have other characters to seal the deal before that comes around.

Having a Leader makes you quite likely to go first as well, which messes things up even more. Your surprise hit needs to happen on the second round (otherwise they get to pick which of their remaining 2 faces Vholt to smash your face in), OR if they attack with a low damage character, you have to slip in Vholt on round 2 to avoid facing him off against the guy they are saving to force your hand for the last 2 rounds.

Ditha is the main trump for this to work IMO. Having Cherry for a first/second round bluff to ensure that they spend the pillz can't hurt. And since this won't be a fast win deck, you obviously won't care about the loss of points from using Charlie, so she is certainly amazing for both aspects of the deck.

I got lucky with a new blood pack and made about 5k and I decided to go with gheistologist's advice.


I'm about 300 clintz away from getting tula and I'm thinking of replacing Cyan with her

A dark horse is, according to the urban dictionary: Not the main favored candidate. Someone somewhat unknown who exceeds expectations of all others in an event.

sunday 01/05/2011

I still think we should move to 01/May/2011 dates.

As a long-time Freak, it's important to note that the two, while looking similar, play considerably differently.

Boris is there to deal with people who have a power of 8 or 9, like Ulu Watu fighters. He's an amazing finisher as well, as a 4 damage hit in the first round leaves someone at 4, or 6, when the last round is up, letting him get the KO, or knock them to a 2. In short, he cuts the biggest foes down to size and serves as a finishing blow.

Magda, in contrast, is a mid-round specialist whose ideal prey has a power of 6, giving you that 2 power gap that's so very, very hard to deal with. She can go even-steven with an 8 power, but you want her fighting against 6s (ideal!) or 7's in a pinch.

If you want this fast, do a blended deck. The only rescue being whatever Damage Reduction you own, all the rest something else. Then go spam battles. The reason not to do mono-rescue is to ensure that you DO lose whenever you 1 pill the DR Rescue people.

This is strange. I've got the same problem and I think it wasn't like this when I played UR some months ago. Normally one shouldn't be forced to finish all next-level missions before the max-level missions are even started, or am I wrong?

It had nothing to do with the star count and everything with your connection/computer

Oh i just now got that by thors hammer

Oh thats weird

Mods shouldn't even allow posts after the topic has been dead for several months

saturday 30/04/2011

Stay frustrated.

Oh yea ur prbly right

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