friday 11/03/2011

If you're going with a high-powered Freaks half, then your FPCs need to pack a bigger punch, like Tsubame and stuff. I'd also suggest cutting back on the freaks, they don't need 13 stars to do what they do.

(Elephents look odd) Im sure you will find that is the correct answer and that Yami was wrong.

Perhaps the card you're opponent played had a +8 attack bonus/ability.

If that's the case, the card that was play gained 8 attack, but the Uppers Clan Bonus reduced by 10, which means the opposing card's overall attack was reduced by 2.


A top-tier Jungo deck for only 10k. Kicks butt as long as no SOAs are around.

To answer Soundtrack, I don't think It will be ELO. Also, are Betty, Gwen, or Veronica worth running?

(ps. TC, their is no need to be so rude smiley)

thursday 10/03/2011

Ghumbo = Nightmare wins.

Piranas make a great low star half deck, but I don't like Selma or Dahlia enough to use them.

@Toxica Yeap i was thinking of a title with a attractive meaning so here it is smiley

I would like to see a vampire that plays of the new "vampires" to seduce and catch his prey and then acting as a real vampire killing them and sucking their blood.

@SkitsoWarrior Edwin is actually based of a combination betwen Freddy kruger and Edward scissorhands.

wednesday 09/03/2011

Mono La junta, for god sake unban emeth!

All Stars: Eyrton
Bangers: Bodenpower
Fang Pi: Lost Hog
Freaks: Boris
Gheist: Sigmund Cr, but now Toro
Jungo: Ongh
Junkz: DJ Korr Cr
La Junta: General Cr
Montana: Don
Nightmare: Ielena
Piranas: Bloodh
Pussycats: Charlie
Rescue: Kerry
Roots: Kiki Cr is the 'hope' for the real leader
Sakrohm: Guru Cr
Sentinel: Copper
Skeelz: Caelus
Ulu Watu: Tanareava Cr
Uppers: Zlatar
Vortex: Dregn

tuesday 08/03/2011

Looks shinier, but its a terrible interface. If you're comparing characters from a clan, it takes forever. Also when you click on a character and then click 'back' it resets you to the first page.

I recommend you get a strong DM-T2 deck. Many of those types of decks are interchangeable with the survivor T2 format (which can gain you a lot of clintz quickly, even for a beginner.)

Dms however can level you up blindingly fast which will snag you the leaders very quickly.

In short,
DMs (or deathmatches T2) give you fast BP, AND fast battles
Survivor T2 (easier than Survivor ELO IMO) will get you clintz fairly quickly as well.

Must buys include: Grax & Uranus (which I'm sure you have since you got that T1 sakrohm deck)
If you like uppers, Jackie CR is essential to be competitive in ALL formats (besides ELO)
If you like Sakrohm, then Skrumm is essential for T2 anything.
Other possible clans plus staples include:
- uppers: Jackie Cr, Dorian, Herman, Nellie
- Sentinel: Copper, Hawk, the Chloes
- Leaders (if you can't wait to earn them): Morphun, Ambre
- Ulu Watu: Tan Man, Lulabee, Hikiyousan, Serena, Wee Lee
- Bangers: Angie, Blaaster, Bodenpower, Fifty, Shann, Vermyn N, Willy
... to name a few.

You'll go through much trial and error I'm sure. One week you'll think you'll know what clans you like to find out you love another one much better. Have fun discovering what you ACTUALLY like smiley

Here are the ways to get credits I know of where you won't have to spend real money:
1) Place in the top 1/3 in a Daily Tournament,
2) Play at least 5 games in ELO mode, and have 1000+ elo points at the end of the ELO week,
3) Place in the top 10 of the day, week, and/or month in Survivor mode,
4) Do one of those free offers of the partners of UR, like "Trial Pay" which was mentioned earlier, and
5) Get the players your referred to use real money in the game. You get 10%(?) of the amount they purchase.

monday 07/03/2011

Old thread locked!

Here's how poison works. Poison does not come into effect the round that you win with the character that applies the poison. Poison damage is not inflicted until the end of the following round. Another thing, poison is inflicted last in the damage resolution step.

As you discussed Nina, I'll use another Gheist card in Astrid for my example.

So, your opponent has 12 life at the start of the match. You win the first round with Nina, inflicting 2 damage and your opponent's life drops to 10. No poison damage is incurred yet. Now, you win the second round with Astrid, who inflicts 3 damage, dropping your opponent to 7 life. Then, Astrid's ability comes into effect dropping your opponent to 4 life, after which, your poison comes into effect dropping your opponent to 2 life.

You lose the next round, and your poison drops your opponent to 1 life as Nina's minimum is 1. Your poison will not incur any more damage as your opponent has reached the minimum of the poions.

Back to Astrid. Say your opponent has 6 life and you win a round with Astrid. That drops your opponent to 3 life, but as Astrid's ability is -3 opp life, min 3, no life point damage is inflicted as your opponent is at or below the minimum for the ability to take effect.

YES TES YES A MILLION TIMES YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They seem to make them like 1 for about 3 weeks missions lasting 1 month

I reckon around 370/1000 sent a card.
and hmmm 27 000?

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