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saturday 23/04/2011

I'm not even going to try to balance the other cards, but Roanoa Zoro is definitely overpowered. Kolos is 7/4 +6 damage. 7 power is definitely much much less than 8 power when talking about OHKOing someone, and when hit by an SoA ability, Kolos drops to a measly 4 rather than 6. Maybe 6/6 with Support + damage could work, but still.

@Joels: Dacote says hi. 6 base damage + 4 damage if SoA'd + 2 damage from LJ bonus + 2 damage from fury = 6+4+2+2 damage = 14 damage. Sure, he needs to be SoA'd, but it's not impossible.


Yes the elite it`s an good booster pack, but i say new blood. Because of the new cards if you pick a stella sell her because her price will go down to 50% of her current pricesmiley

I havent ether somethings up with thatsmileysmileysmiley

Hello QL1M4X. Look at your deck, now back deleted, now back at your deck, now back deleted. Sadly, your cards aren't mine, but if you stopped using lady scented skeelz and switched to Rescue like a man, they could battle like they’re mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in Fight Club, with the deck your deck could battle like. What’s in your hand? Back at me. I have it, it’s a liam. Look again, the Liam is now prize draw tickets! Anything is possible when you use Rescue like a man and not a lady. I’m on a Lobo.

I hope this was helpful.

My advice? Dump all of it.

Of course don't do it OVERNIGHT. But none of those cards are really all that useful in the later stages. First one's that got to go would DEFINITELY be Mort Bax. 4/7 for a 4* with no ability is simply useless. But as things stand now you need another Montana to complete that deck. Save up for a 2* card; I suggest Ace, or Prince Jr. They cost about 1500clintz, so start saving. Get rid of Vansaar, he's useless anywhere else other than the Lost Warehouse. Or if you can't wait, get a Filomena to substitute for the time being.

26* now, let's reduce that so you can play T1 where you won't be overwhelmed by the huge cards. Since this is mono (or nearly anyway), let's go with Oscar. 900 clintz to blow. As stated earlier, get Mort Bax out of there.

25*! Go play in T1, and save the clintz for a Sharon, then get rid of Giovanni/Simon. I rather like Giovanni, so I'd say bye Simon, but that's up to you. It's a preference thing.

Now if you play smart, you should hold your own against the newbies to semi-decent players. Hang in there for a while, because Spiaghi is going to cost 2.5k or so, and you're going to need him to replace Ricardo next.

At this time you should already have Hugo, so Timber gets replaced with Hugo. Of course this means you can no longer play ELO, but that's not where you're supposed to be yet anyway. HOWEVER, if you really do want to play ELO, then you want to consider Avola for that 5*. She's a BEAST in mono-Montana decks.

For now, you've got a decent Montana deck to work with, but it can still be improved, because that other 3* card you didn't choose to replace is still there (Giovanni/Simon). Let's work with that. For now, you want Gianfranco; IDEALLY, you want Mona, but she costs an arm and a leg to buy so don't bother with that yet. Get Gianfranco to deal with all those pesky SOBs out there that, as you should have realized by now, are REALLY killing your team.

And finally, while Aniki isn't a BAD card, he's not the best you can get either. Go for Edd or Donnie; or, if you're feeling unorthodox, Vito. I like Vito; his rare SOA in the clan is a surprise factor for most people.

And now your deck looks like this:

2* Ace
2* Spiaghi
3* Milovan
3* Oscar
3* Sharon
3* Gianfranco
4* Edd
5* Avola

And you're jet set. This will probably take you a month or so to cobble together, but if you work at it you'll get it. AND gain a whole lot of experience playing with the Montana clan while you're at it. By the time you get this deck, you'll be so used to playing the Montana you'll be a pro. And a pro with a decent Montana deck KILLS.

Last tip: Just remember to switch out Milovan for a Mona when you get the money to do it. She's the single best 3* in the Montana as of right now (in my opinion anyway, and obviously with the exception of Lyse Teria Cr!).

Good luck!

friday 22/04/2011

Theire more like just a normal evil organisation seem more like soviets but not alot

Ok, so today my friend and i wanted to challange each other. He had a type 1 deck consisting of la Junta and Rescue, and i having a mono pussycat also type 1. We both go to FIght club room, and when i try to challange him, it says that his deck is not compatiable with the room type.
So can anyone explain what the problem is and how to challange him?

Only 1 revenge and only 1 confidence. I would not play both Manfred and Cley, or Jay and Chiara. Figure out what your preset wants to do.

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Leaders.. timber / vansaar, bridget and hugo arent far off the mark...

Hey, what do you guys think of my ELO deck?

Thanks for the comments!!


I agree with Rowan. Lock the thread. The question's been answered. smiley

Celebrating Earth Day 2011

22/04/2011 - Earth day 2011

This year, Earth Day's theme is themed after A Billion Acts of Green: our people-powered campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy

what will you act of green be?

celebrate this wonderful occasion by doing something green and good for mothernature

oh and the deck, of course smiley

1 No Max Level
2 Like Xavi said, Uppers/Montana/Rescue are real easy. Junks and Sakrohm are also pretty good.

Elo Piranas/All Stars both very stong in there own ways. I would have said roots, but they keep getting cards banned.

DT Montana's and Uppers are most likely the best. Uppers have a lot of 2 hit cards and fast games are key to winning.

Survivor Elo.... never played it.

Survivor Type two is Ambre Ulu Watu/Bangers. Ulu watu and Bangers with Ambre is killer. Both clan have very high power and damage cards making 2 hit KO's really simple.

+1 to Honorguard for rickrolling.

Any Pirana or Nightmare type 1 deck that cheap under 10,000 clints.
Anyone know any good ones to help me?

thursday 21/04/2011

What do you think?
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I think its good smiley havent lost with it yet!

-.- yes this is a game but since you brought it up smiley

we are in a bit of a mess with finance and stuff....so right now money is kinda important

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