tuesday 22/03/2011

While I do agree with you, I do think that the extra -2 does make a difference when you are doing a montana deck. Often times your opponents are predictable...too predictable. That 2 attack can make the difference of 3 or 4 pillz put into a combat. And keep in mind, the min 8 is easily avoidable if you use Hugo.

Just want to keep montana's view in this. I do like Uppers more though. Hugo, while making montana rediculus, can be used by Uppers to the same effect, and he doesn't have the bonus himself, and people will take advantage of that (especially since he is 5* he contributes heavily to see who is going first, and if you end up first, they can put their 1HKO or their own superior 5* against him).

monday 21/03/2011

There are many reasons why a 0xp card may be worth more than the full xp.

If we are talking about normal non-cr cards, then It can be because they can be used as a 1* and save room for more cards, for example Wanda 1*.
Some people may have 5* versions and have put their cards on the market for less clintz than the 0xp to get it sold quicker.
Leveling up cards give battle points so sometimes a 0xp is more expensive.
Cr predictions also play a factor, for example Jackie Cr before she was a Cr it was about 1-4k extra for a 0xp because of Cr predictions.

For Cr cards:
0xp Cr cards are very rare because people level them up, and because no more of those cards are made (except for special events and ELO) people want to pay more for a 0xp version.
For example I paid 15k extra for a 0xp Lamar Cr.

Hope that's helped clear things up! smiley

Normally content with their lives outside of Clint City stalking, trapping, and tracking their quarry, The Huntsmen have begun to notice the presence of more "worthy" prey within the City. The struggle of trapping Jungo members has caused all the best and brightest of the Huntsmen to flock to the unfamiliar trenches of Civilization. Here they find that many times on these dangerous streets, they feel more like prey than predator!

The Huntsmen Clan will introduce a new mechanic to Urban Rivals as well as bringing in many new faces.

Ambush - This is the opposite of the already existing "Courage" mechanic. Whatever boost is listed as an Ambush effect will only happen when that character is defending.

Clan Bonus: Courage: +2 Damage, Ambush: +2 Power
Yes, the clan bonus is actually 2 bonuses. When playing first in the round, all Huntsmen do more damage, and when playing second in the round, they are much harder to defeat in battle.

The member abilities should try to play to the duality of their bonus as well. Most characters would have "classic" abilities, but quite a good selection would also have dual abilities. For example:

A 4/4 3* card with Ability: Courage: +2 Power, Ambush: +2 Damage. So without the opponent using any SOB or SOA, he plays as a 6/6 regardless if played first or second.

A 5/3 4* card with Ability: Revenge: +4 Damage, Confidence: +3

I would propose some initial characters for the clan, but honestly I doubt my ability to create balanced cards

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If you think about it, the characters I named, sound very reasonable for CR. Shann is OP no matter how you look at it, Copper isnt OP but has been around long enough to get CR, Hawk is kinda OP.

As for the rest; Loocio kinda deserves CR, cause you'd still have Bennie who's the powered down Loocio (well Loocio is the upgrade from Bennie but w/e). Syd Noze is bad enough to get CR, same as Terry CR. same goes for Natrang, Otome, Acid DC, Tania, Erika.

sunday 20/03/2011

He has purchased credits. You can tell by the star next to his title.

I tell ya, poison always works, so you're missing some sort of variable that might be affecting the outcome.

It doesn't matter when you buy the pack... when you sell the cards is what matters.

The best jokes are the ones that are meant to be serious

When you look at the missions, it actually shows you a "0/10" indicator? If not, then the mission isn't active yet. But it should show that since you said you finished ID 1&2.

Just to be sure we aren't missing basic terms here, Nellie has to bring your opponent down to 0 life, thus ending the match in a KO. It does not mean that Nellie has to win the Power/Pillz match against another card, thus doing any damage at all to the opponent.

It kind of sounds like you are thinking the latter, because you say "do the nellie's ko and win 10 matches" bit.

Mods, please close. If Aaa ever wants to remake the thread, so be it. Thanks. smiley

saturday 19/03/2011

Hey, I have about 40,000 clintz and was wondering what a good half deck to go with the uppers would be.

Hello dudes

i am a active lvl 17 player with decent skills (for my lvl)
and i would like to hear your advises.
what should i do next? i manage to buy some low price cards from different characters,
so i can complete the missions faster.. should i keep up like this??

also i am not in a clan yet if you want to help me via a clan you are welcome smiley

hope my english is good enough for you to understand smiley

I replied too quickly without finishing. Packs = high risk, high reward

It would be interesting if say, furysmileyx changed what fury did

I.e instead of +2 damage adds +2 power, it would make fury more appealing in some cases

actually u get more cards from Elite and same amount of clans, and its just a guaranteed 4 rare cards which you'll most likely get in elite smiley

Check the Shop "Get credits" stuff. There are free choises to get credits every now and then by doing surveys or something like that. These little ditches add quickly up.

Use the free lottery ticket each day. Every tenth time its worth 100cz.

Do the missions while you play. Their rewards add up with everything.

The most probable pack to get good income per spent credit is Fulldeck. It costs 50credits but it will most probaby yield 4000+ cz profit each time - thus . Last one I bought had Grax and Sylth = 50k clintz instantly. After getting few of these you are bound to hit something worth better than average.

So you could say that gibson is free 4 damage? smiley

If you want to expand your collection, then go ahead and sell them. Otherwise, it doesn't hurt to hold onto them in case they are part of the next Cr release smiley

La junta are much better of as a mono deck as they have great support abilities. If you want to do a half deck most people would use Fang pi clang, because they have better non-support abilities.

friday 18/03/2011

Don't bump old threads geez

Yes you use he reserve to lvl up non maxed card option is just below the card say something like (add 500exp to your character)

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