saturday 12/02/2011

I would prefere Copper

Junkz is good...not really a fan of the other two for elo..

Would combine Junkz with Uppers this week

Hawkins is best, duh

1. The move is called fury, costs 3 pillz and adds 2 damage.
Power is the basevalue, which will be multiplied with your pillz, the result is calles attack.

So (Power * pillz) +/- attackmodification = final attack

To the last question, there are many things you can do. Elo is the most important tournament. It runs for a week, has big prizes and is hard to master.
Daily tournament can be used either to get some credits on the way (top 1/3 = 1 credit) or to gain a nice ammount of clintz by aiming at the top spots.
Dm is about quick fun and will level your account up pretty fast, so if you aim for a certain leader this is the way to go.
Survivor is another masters disciplin, you can accumulate a bunch of clintz and credits but it's not easy and beeing successful here will earn you well deserved respect.

@happenin im currently using a ulu watu / skeelz deck works great smiley
but i havent been facing as many piranhas, but many more junks

because ive seen so many junks (maybe just me smiley ) i would suggest using a nightmare or piranha deck? or another attack manip clan

Win in the top 10 in DT's
i never go first

Buying packs produces a much larger profit then buying cards individually,
For example there about 10 cards out of the 35 cards in the new blood pack Which are worth over 10 000, some of which are Uncommon, which means easier to find.
If you buy around 10 of these packs you'll probably make 30-50 thousand clintz
Or you could buy 2 packs of 10 000 clintz.
So really the profit is in the card packs, if that's what you meant.

Well, you need to get more cards first, then add the card till' you have 9, then you can take a card out.

Raeth, for sure. The only one I'd consider over him would be Kristin for strategical reasons depending on the week, but rarely this would happen

Ok thanks smiley

friday 11/02/2011

The tournament lag where the timer is still going probably is top of my irritation now... UGH

La Junta is one of those clans where they have everything necessary to do a mono deck without too many holes. Most clans have a star that is heavily lacking and really needs a boost, but La Junta has a great mix of 2,3,4, and 5 stars that are relatively usable in ELO. Sure, I would prefer that they get a little bit more pizzazz, but Isatis and Thormund have done that pretty well recently.

My game gets stuck sometimes due to connection problems, and it is frustrating to not only lose a match you should have won, but then get hit with negative 20 points on top of that!

I think a better idea would be to provide an incentive of extra points for people who do play faster. They could give 2 extra points each round you play within the first third of the time bar, 1 extra point for playing the round within the second third of the timebar, and no extra points if you play in the final third of the time bar each round.

I just got a iMac, installed the latest flash, and it still isn't opening to allow me to play. Suggestions?

I'm not sure if Selina is trolling or really that silly.

Get back in the kitchen

Back from the Future???
Inflict 175 damage with Kyle
Reward: 75 Mission Points & 10 credits

Once upon a time ,
I got first turn against Ambre. That time i was too little Kid ; level 16 .
In that fight i had a Hugo and three other all starts.

@ Saim923_HiDeF ,
Well, but i didn't get any friend request from you smiley

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Thanks guys. appreciate it. couldn;'t find it.

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