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tuesday 12/04/2011

I don't get why Vortex are so expensive.. Cr speculations? You gotta be kidding me, they have like, 20 cards. And they aren't OP at all...

I think someone once said that missions have to be re-done (and CAN be re-done even by people who already have the Ld card) but they'll stay the same.

But don't quote me, I never heard it from the staff themselves

Join a guild with less words in the name.

monday 11/04/2011

No Botshot, I'm the only one legendary enough here.

Here's proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

On topic, yeah, there really isn't a Legendary that's staple. As I said already, Bonnie's good, but she's not great.

Some cards in New Blood may have a very low price due to saturation of them via New Blood packs. Buy them before they leave New Blood (a few weeks after their release of course), then sell them after a few weeks - months.

For example, way back in the day I bought Wardom at 3,000 Clintz and 70 Krashes at 150 Clintz. Wardom now sells for a whopping 10,000 Clintz and Krash for 300-400 Clintz. Yes, it took a long time, but getting the Big 5 just from buying them takes a long long time.

sunday 10/04/2011

yes you misunderstand

1 battle consist of 4 round

and they said courage is first in a ROUND

move first in a battle is when you pick the card first
after that the opp respond (and then the animation begin)
this is when the courage activated

it would be activated 2 rounds each battle
either round 1 and 3 OR 2 and 4 (depending when you move first)

I've made a deck with bluff manipulation and pillz manipulation.
Eloxia Corvus, Cley, Deebler, Saho, Drake, Milton Anton.
The idea is to use all those confidence and revenge cards to confuse the opponent. He can never be sure how many pillz spend so Corvus, Saho, Anton can be more effective.
Its not perfect but its playable. Sometimes it works wonders when Anton beat Enzo or Anibal using just 3 pillz because your oponent thinks you just want to active revenege. I've seen that situational cards can be use as advantage and I can win with decs with Ghumbo, Dorian, Ahkab....
I just recently change Deebler to Sandro because if I have Cley, Deebler, Saho and Anton it was very bad situation.
Here is the preset http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1825194

saturday 09/04/2011

Leviatonn... One of the most overrated cards ever..

What they said smiley

really; i dont think you did so smiley

Maybe u should cut down on friends any way i doubt u even talk to all 327 of them

They should do it i like chatting with my guildmates

5 messages

No that was just an example thats why i said its like that

Suggestions are more than welcome,


Oh and I'd appreciate it if any one can tell me if I should buy Shaakarti now or wait for her price to drop?

Now everybody's gonna start Rick Rolling the forums. Thanks Yami. smiley

I just think that once a month is a good thing to look forward too.I mean, twice a month, we get 4 new cards.And it's funny because urban is offering so much new stuff.I just hope this doesn't lead to a burn out of ideas.

also, we need more comics..smiley

friday 08/04/2011

Looking at the deck presets and reading the comments of both cards, I have been repeatedly told to replace my Luba with Leviatonn. First, some background: I am primarily a GHEIST user, and I am trying to bring my deck down to 10 cards. I am seeing that this is a lot harder than it looks, because there are so many excellent GHEIST cards. Anyway, I have been told to replace Luba with Leviatonn, and frankly, I don't want to. I have broken so many backs and tricked so many people with Luba, and now I have to replace her with a card that has one less power and potentially 3 less damage (if Luba gets 8 damage from an enemy)? It doesn't seem like a worthwhile trade. I have considered keeping both, but that means less room for my 10-card deck that already is down to 9 with Eyrik. What should I do???

Timing smiley

someone bought the card before you did in a matter of seconds

You need to lose the round before you play donnie

i suggest you lose with Spaighi

Smokeys starting price wen he was stable was 20k

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