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saturday 02/06/2018

I had that happen twice, though I have no idea why it occurred. It ended up resolving itself later.
If it helps, another symptom was that the forum formatting freaked out after I posted a message.

How Tactical do you guys think this game mode is?

Kommandon Ld missions ???

friday 01/06/2018

Oh and my deck for the last 50 matches i guess (?) is

scubb-lagertha-lizbeth Cr-bonnie ld-admiral coco-parmabarb-taljion-and ulrich

wednesday 30/05/2018

Thanks for responding guys...really appreciatedsmileysmiley

tuesday 29/05/2018

When the total cost for all of a clan's non-cr cards is in the region of 1.5 million, 500k ends up being quite a lot. most of the clans now have over 60 characters each; 500k is almost half the Freaks collection, not just an 8-card deck.

Jungo - heal 2 max 12 seems good

Junkz - +2 pillz just fits better than +1pill,+1life

La Junta - the Support +attack is more balanced

Montana - DRs become insane

NM - both cool and both fit the clan

Piranas - -2pillz is too much Dalhia Cr becomes -5 Hawkins -4. The -1pill/life is better
With min 3

Pussycats: Growth -1 damage min 1 last 2 rounds Clover #Charlie - 6min 1 x 2 or -5 min1 -7 min 1 cool though

Raptors - Growth +3 is underpowered 3,6 are bad 9,12 are good but nothing special cancel opp Power modif. Is strong or useless just like their current bonus

Rescue - hard to say maybe brawl +4 attack

Riots - V/D -1 pillz would need a higher min

Roots - both cool the heal fits the theme more though

Sakrohm - I like the killshot one

Sentinels - Im guessing Killshot Confidence means if you doubled you opponents attack the round before this gets activated. It would force pillz first round. If you couldnt get it rolling itd be useless if you could it'd be great at most activated 2 a game

Skeelz - CoB would be too strong for a clan dependent on amazing abilities

Ulu watu - the +1 power/life one is fair the Courage +4 power seems like a bit much

Uppers- both seems okay

Vortex- recover 1/3 pillz seems fine

Based on my Fanfic: [RP/FANFIC] Revenge of Soul

Players pick between 2 sides. Fang Pi Clang or Montana.

This will determine which identity Soul takes. "Hell Hunta" of the Montana or "Xing Rou-Yi" of the Fang Pi Clang.

#Don: "Someone hunt down that traitor. They not only had the nerve to return and sabotage our auction, but returned for revenge"
Kinjo: "The one we raised as an orphan has bared their fangs against us... but not with the heart of GHEIST, but one of a monster"
Soul: And I will eliminate one of the factions and get revenge. Who do you suppose is the easiest side to betray?

Now you decide which clan will be victim to this hunt by selecting the clan you want to defend from the madness.

To get points, damage must be inflicted from either side in Fight Club, EFC, Survivor or Tourney.

If Fang Pi Clang wins, Soul will adopt the identity of Xing Rou-Yi. If Montana wins, Soul will adopt the identity of Hell Hunta.

Card Ideas:
Unusual card idea based on my Fanfic: [RP/FANFIC] Revenge of Soul

Hell Hunta: Clan: Montana
Stats: 6/1*, 7/2 2* 8/3 3* (Uncommon)
Ability: Recoil: Poison 2, Min 0
Bonus: -12 Opp. Attack, Min 8

Lv 1: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a hockey mask, snow suit and Montana Fedora
Lv 2: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a hockey mask, purple Montana suit and Montana Fedora carrying a briefcase
Lv 3: Mysterious figure wearing a hockey mask covered in blood, black blood stained suit, wearing a Montana Fedora with the briefcase in blood glowing a red aura.

Recoil is a form of Victory or Defeat. To active this ability, either side needs to win through a Killshot.

This card will challenge players to make decisions that put pillz at close levels. This ability and poison can put the opponent under stress to avoid winning by Killshot or the enemy winning by Killshot.

Maximum area: EFC Tower

Bio: Hell Hunta was a Montana agent whom the #Don wanted to be rid off. The surprise of Mimmo retrieving a "non-existent" case in a mission was bad enough. In addition, to get rid of a crazed assassin working under you could be difficult. To get rid of Hell Hunta, or at least the threat possessed, #Don had sent Hell Hunta on a mission to the snowy mountains. However, Hell Hunta has some pretty shady contacts there who can supply him with the finest "X-GRADE" poison and weapons. Hell Hunta is now set for the mission.
(Hell Hunta is an original Fanfic Card)

Xing Rou-Yi: Clan: Fang Pi Clang
Stats: 6/1*, 7/2 2* 8/3 3* (Uncommon)
Ability: Purification
Bonus: Damage +2

Lv 1: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a White Fighting attire and is faceless
Lv 2: Mysterious human shaped figure wearing a Black fighting attire and is faceless, but covering his face.
Lv 3: Mysterious figure holding 2 blades with blood, wearing a Red fighting attire and black belt, glowing a blue aura.

Description: Purifcation removes all forms of Poison and Heal from both sides regardless whether you win or lose and cancels the effect from happening on the turn it is played in.

Purification removed all forms of Heal, Regen, Dope, Poison, Consume, Toxin or Infection that both players are suffering under.
It also removes the effects of Morphun`s, Eklore`s and Bridget`s ability from both sides once played.
Nemo Mt`s rebirth effect is also removed after it is played

Maximum area: EFC Tower

Bio: Poison, Lies, Deceit, Black. Of Asian origins and supposedly the half sibling of Yayoi, Soutama Miyaki studied under the Fang Pi Clang under Ashigaru. Years later, Lin Xia had attacked 5 disciples that went to Kinjo`s aid. One of the injured students, instigated this. Soutama having disappeared in the monastery history under the alias Xing Rou-Yi was a mystery. Years later, Koshiro and Lin Xia would attack the Fang Pi Clang, only to find what they are after to be long gone....

Both are designed to have a maximum zone of EFC Tower, but not banned in Tourney

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monday 28/05/2018

I’m not sure what you mean by saying “please make the description better”. I find it fine as it is. The description says exactly that you need to be normal mode to play in hard core and what kind of deck you need to play in hardcore.

I agree with Pamplona, correct investment in the market will really pay off. I recently returned to the game and wanted to buy the new clans. So I started by I finishing the missions (some of them), played tourneys, bought new blood packs, invested in the market at the right time and got to collect good amount of Clintz.

saturday 26/05/2018

When I first started playing this game years ago, it was also very free to play. The markets seems to be overrun by sharks, who buy up cheap cards and jack up prices. I'm not complaining, because I have tons of very valuable cards from when I started, but it seems like it would be a hard start for new players.

friday 25/05/2018

Startuing off small with merch an working your way up is best.
that's why i keep suggesting the get the orders in an money first then making an sending them out so they don't get over stock or unsold items. an we will have to wait a bit for the thing but be well worth it. an if it go's well they can do more. if not then it don't hurt them at all. or the player's.

It means you might have broken some rules.

You should contact support center:


You must be at least level 21, not 20.

You need to press connect, authorize the app then wait for it to redirect you to the site again before clicking on my collection.

wednesday 23/05/2018

So this might be a app only thing an not for computers. well that sucks lol



Hi, he needs to be over level 20 to sell cards.

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