saturday 14/04/2018

I suggest staying with All Stars for now before jumping around.

friday 13/04/2018

It will be the new clan net week

Doc Ollie's bio indicates she dressed up as a man.

My personal opinion on Raptors being better than GhosTown overall is based on a in game performance aspect.

I am more of a combat analysis player when in comes to Urban Rivals.

thursday 12/04/2018

Over the time many many cards have come in an may say it replaces said other card.
but the truth is way further then that. or people don't wont to admit it.

some may be underestimated or are looked at as weak. or useless but you know better.

example: Luba can put the hurt on a player i have dose 10 damage with her before. with timbers help. but many think she is a weak card any damage above 2 is a higher hit her ability to copy damage is all about timing with her but she is a powerful card. solid in a fight just have to win pill for pill that's all. i have seen her smack down even the 9 power cards cause of just 2 more pillz an then deal the damage right back at them cause the player thought she was not a threat.
with other cards in your hand more a threat feel like arn 2000, methane plus some other cards she can fall in to the back ground. but that makes her even more deadly.granted soa do hurt her but she can stil hold her own.

so i give luba the spot light. for a underestimated card.
some other's.

please post a card you feel has been underestimated by players or in general.

I use training room all the time vasnsaar is a must have card in the deck. it is his thing but. i usually only have to do 4 fights an i have maxed out 8-10 cards. with in that time. fighting the same person i really don't care just means i will figure them out an win a lot more since people don't notice they set a pattern in training room they just do over an over an you win 99% of the time once you notice it.

i think you just got frustrated with the repetitiveness of it. i do some times i use my saved up exp only for the cards i wont to play right then an there. still i do see your point. may be training could be upgraded a tad bit were its only one option though i do hear the fighting no pill over pill training room. but merging them together would be best. plus i feel can compromise to were you have 6 pillz in training room an have only the one training room that way you can fight more people.

Waow this was long ago and I'm suprised by how close lady was to guessing right.

The fun thing meant back then was they way, the different characters died

wednesday 11/04/2018

Id say the biggest chance at an MT would be outstanding overpowered cards from their generations. Serafina is the next CR

tuesday 10/04/2018

Understanding so much about packs clients posting a message on forum, level 20 on 1 day, not possible

monday 09/04/2018

PM me

sunday 08/04/2018

Not enough players to justify keeping it around due to there being effectively no benefits from levelling past 50 back then.

saturday 07/04/2018

You forgot to end with, "But it's just a theory... A game theory!"
Otherwise, they seem to be good estimates, if not on the short side.

I think he will be VERY glad to get those 7 credits

thursday 05/04/2018

smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley finally

Uu thanks, somehow missed that.

wednesday 04/04/2018

Hawkins Cr
Spiaghi Cr

sunday 01/04/2018

If those suggestions don't work, buy a cheap card. That usually 'unlocks' the mission.

saturday 31/03/2018

" Good afternoon

As it has been a while since the last wave of the new MT (Kerozinn Mt and Spyke Mt) we will put again the bonus x5 fight points in these two (currently x10).

The others MT will have the same bonus:
x5 clinz: Alec Mt, Ratanah Mt, Smokey Mt, Kenny Mt, Scarlett Mt, Manon Mt, Dounia Mt
x5 fight points: Nemo Mt, Kerozinn Mt, Spyke Mt.


So it was temporary x10 bonus because they were new MTs.

friday 30/03/2018

After the goldsink that was RB cards, i don't think they'd be all too fussed about compensation. And, if you were unlucky enough to get the clintz reward in the first place, the amount of clintz you'd've missed out on would've been negligible anyway. 2,500 is what, twenty minutes work in a DT? Just curse the RNG and move on to the next smiley

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