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sunday 23/11/2014

Just switch Burdock to Curlix and upgrade Phyllis to any 3*: Edwin Crowen Cutey, whatever you prefer. Other than that the deck looks really solid

saturday 22/11/2014

Use the Presets thread.

I changed this deck.smiley

wednesday 19/11/2014

Waller > Lorenzo, also try swapping oxo for a DR, nonetheless very great deck smiley

tuesday 18/11/2014

Dregn to T Gaank
Rahanpah to Ruru
Windzy to Haaken

monday 17/11/2014

Eww they need better drs screw melvin. Lol a mini chole

friday 14/11/2014

Don't pay people for this information dude, there's plenty of players that would be willing to help you for free.

wednesday 12/11/2014

Dounia> Rodney
Benicio> Bridge

sunday 09/11/2014

Ya, 5-3 or 6-2 both work. It just depends on the other clan you are using.

friday 07/11/2014

Splash Spiaghi

Upgrade some other card.

@Neo : I didn't adress it because you already hit the nail on the head.
If she was 3 we'd be screwed.
If she was 2 we'd be ultra screwed.
If she was 5 she'd be the best 5 * ELO card for Skeelz (debatably ) but would take up too many stars in most cases.

The thing is, at 4 Stars, she's what she Needs to be, strong and borderline OP .
My point being is that Xingshu 's level isn't a huge factor, but it is relevant. As a 4 * she is good / borderline OP but as a 5 * she would be about average.
Point I'm making here is that Xingshu's stats are on par for her level, and as they should be. But people tend to overlook the things that keep it from being banworthy because. . . well, who knows why.

thursday 06/11/2014

Yeah, he's actually not that bad.

wednesday 05/11/2014

Kitsune , you're here, I saw bison around, and ghelas is an admin now.

All we need

tuesday 04/11/2014

People who use dead internet memes as their avatar should be euthanized IMO

monday 03/11/2014

SMH necromancer....

I loled at post 52 smiley

friday 31/10/2014

I probably wouldn't play GHEIST/Nightmare without them. They are fairly staple. Wait till they're unbanned.

thursday 30/10/2014

Or - 2opp damage

monday 27/10/2014

Don't play Piranas/Nightmare. You are better off playing Piranas mono or Nightmare/Junkz. See, they have the same bonus, so you risk 3/1 hands for nothing.

sunday 26/10/2014

Jungo could work well too?

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