wednesday 17/09/2014

Personally, I play Montana with Skeelz as fillers. This is my list.



If you're not on a budget, you can dump in Mona for Vermarie, and swap out Desmond for another 5*. Fabio / Don / Belladone / Jimmy.

Although I'll just add in that Mono Montana is lacking, especially since the ban on Avola and Oscar.

tuesday 16/09/2014

With pussy which clan i should use?
freaks or berserk

saturday 13/09/2014

Cherry can be good, but it's easily countered by skilled players. It can be DR'd or blocked with a defeat +life card to make even more harmless. I usually counter it with low pillz if I have no such. Mostly I beat it, but even when not, I don't have to worry, cause my opponent has to start losing rounds to get any value out of the healing.
Of course in round 2 I play a low damage card to force my opponent to pill even more or let it through and lose any advantage he had but still not going below the heal cap. I just have to save enough pillz for a nuke on round 4 and victory is guaranteed.

But you don't even need a nuke. You just have to make sure you manipulate the rounds well so your opponent doesn't win more than 2 rounds, and you outdamage him by saving you heavier hitter last. Cherry deals a measly 2 damage so it's not a challenge. If you have cards with +/- life, poision, protection damage, SoB or SoA, it's even easier.

I don't know what to say about Samia, never faced it nor used it before. But it seems like an easy target for jungo and sakhrom. Not necessarily because it's easy to beat, but because if it goes through it doesn't hurt much so you can afford to experiment on her with random pillz.

I love Noemi, she was fantastic back in 12 life ELO and could pull off many unsuspected KOs. It's less reliable due to protection power and increased life, but with unorthodox playstyle she is still really good. You have to keep it in hand so you can attack the right prey.

friday 12/09/2014

Great filler cards opg for budget players who don't have the LDs.

Yep, base 5. Or 4. If they can make a 8-pow PP&D that would be awesome, but I want 8-pow 2*. I know how it feels to have more and more cards getting obsolete, and although Wardog is still pretty solid there are now many 2* who can sub for him (I'll take Thormund over him any day), but IDK... I want someone to carry the 8-pow torch.

Although, now that we have 3 9-pow cards, a 9-pow LJ would definitely wreck shit. We'll probably have to wait 2 or more release weeks before we get another LJ, but if there's a 9-pow on the horizon, I can wait forever. Think 9/2 3*. Or scrap it, just... anyone with an SOB, PP&D, I can get behind, we don't have decent SOB's up in here.

thursday 11/09/2014

No that is not your deck, that is my deck. Publish "your deck" as a preset and post the link to the preset here (or if you're feeling fancy hyperlink it with the code (preset:[preset number]) without the brackets and parenthesis).

It's also a good thing you don't have Smokey Cr and Lizbeth, considering those two are illegal in the Elo format.

tuesday 09/09/2014

Fine then, I'll lock it after this.
No, my point is that I prefer having an immediate, Almost Guaranteed help to win that round, then and there.

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I just didn't like Oxen's min and didn't want Pirahnas to rek me but Oxen works i guess. Cherry (She can stand alone without half unless vs SOA and walls and forces pills)/ Nabrissa/Lucy/Mercury/Christelle/Oxen/Rubie?/Lady

monday 08/09/2014

Good to hear smiley
At least, good to hear the like what you see.
Yeah, I agree with OPG , because all I really know is that you have La Junta and a few other cards.

Caelus Cr isn't frequently banned, he's banned forever.

Also so you want a mono or split deck? What cards do you have?

sunday 07/09/2014

sunday 31/08/2014

@Soiuku Wee Lee is banned this week I think

tuesday 26/08/2014

Riots ???
Nooooo, Riots aren't anywhere near threat level.
They've got a Solid 3 Star in the form of Weasel face and they have a good 5* but they're about average.
Huracan is not as strong as they used to be.
Nightmare / SOB make it easier to deal with lots of clan Bonus'es and such. Also easy to half deck with unlike the mainly mono Piranas

Frozn kitties maybe you can run something along the lines of:

Charlie (Or Selina)

This deck will be great for defense, offense and bluffs with mercury opps nvr know when to pill up or let it slide, or charlie with the double dr followed by a massive damage hit by stompah. Cheers!

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Thanks smiley

monday 25/08/2014


sunday 24/08/2014

@AGPrinz nope, they are not the strongest, nor overpowered. Based on my personal experience, I used that half deck against a mono La Junta deck, and I was raped. When I changed deck consisting of Roots/Nightmare, I'm the one now that rapes such half deck lol. Well the thing is, all cards can be quite dangerous. It depends upon the player who plays with the deck, playing style and card preference. If they coupled cards with the best strategies available plus complex mindgames, bluffs and anticipation, they can surely emerge as the victor in a battle regardless of the cards they use. Well, there are really overpowered cards, but the staff already knew their potential prowess and perma-banned them. If you really want to ban those four cards, well you can as for the community to do it in the next voting lol

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I'd say that other than Rescue, La Junta have the best Elo mono. Cards like Isatis, Sabia, Thormund, Pilzken, and even Raven are pretty great at their full potential.

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