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friday 27/08/2010

Postez vos Coms smiley
Et mettez des têtes verte smiley lol

saturday 21/08/2010

Once you replace Vladimir with XU52, trade in Arkn with Methane. Great deck smiley

Amazing type one deathmatch deck!!! smileysmiley
Only suggestions for alternatives would be maybe, Phyliss to Eadh, and Sigma to Murray. But I think your build is better smiley

Nice deck. smiley
Hopefully it will be legal once again. In the meantime, you could replace toro with anibal or methane and leviatonn with bristone. smiley

friday 20/08/2010

I'll trade u vansaar for benson

thursday 19/08/2010

It can easily happen in DM because of the limited number of opponents and if everyone else is already matched up or not spinning the random battle wheel then you're gonna see the same person over and over throughout a DM...

wednesday 18/08/2010

Excellent deck! Very well built smiley I would play with Vickie Cr for Edd and Harold for nellie, but that decreases two hit ko capabilities so yours is better for deathmatch. smiley
From my experience, type 2 deathmatch generates more points (since there is no star limit, almost every card can ko therefore faster matches). You could upgrade to something similar to what I use sometime; Jackie, Zatman, Dorian, Glenn, Eyrik/Hugo/Ambre, and three more cards that powerhouses or reducers. I do Graksmxxt, Uranus, and Skrumxxt. But it could easily be something like Hawk, Copper, Chloe/Havok.

As for a strategy with that deck, bluffing works wonders when you have amazing cards such as jackie and mona. Try to get the first hit when you know you can so the ball will be in his court and you (hopefully) have a ko opportunity.
Good luck smiley

sunday 15/08/2010

Lol@GardevoirLove smiley

Does a comprehensive list of all DM bonuses exist on the forums? I'm unsure of them myself or I'd write it up, and the official page isn't finished as the thing is still in beta: http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rules.php?show=deathmatch

tuesday 10/08/2010

The computer I'm on is a work computer, but I had it custom built for handling very large drafting programs, as for flasplayer got the top one, and a satellite internet connection.
I do also play on my itouch and I know that at some points it won't update the round.
Also, I haven't seen this problem in 3 or so days, so maybe the glitch was fixed.
The new layout for the battles also eliminates this problem because it shows you the exact time left to make your move.
Thumbs up to the devs for that!

saturday 07/08/2010

Happened to me as well. Random should not be a choice in deathmatch. It should be a no random room.

friday 06/08/2010

Its not a prob thats common stuff smileysmiley

tuesday 03/08/2010

Try a different DM type and then after playing a DM revert back to the other type...

monday 02/08/2010

Any updates on this...?

I see what your saying Shadow but if you was using Jungo or Pussycats and i was using Nightmare/Ulu watu deck
im quiet confident i would win due to the fast K.Os i would be getting.
By the way im not saying im a better player then you because if i was using Jungo/Pussycats and you was using Nightmare/Ulu watu im confident you would win.
T2 DMs are pretty much just 2HitKOS and the faster they are, the better.
Ofcorse its not 'impossible' to win with other clans but obviously easier and faster to win with the more popular clans.

wednesday 28/07/2010

Rate and comment
please tell me how my deck is
deleted rate and comment please

monday 26/07/2010

The junkz/ piranas looks good as is.

the sakrohm deck can be changed a bit, im guessing this is a t1 deck not an elo deck because of uranus but if it is change trinmkkt-grinmkkt. Other than that it looks very good. You could use your blockers, (uranus and grinmkkt not spiaghi) as anti-bluffers, put them up with 2-3 pills when u play them first in the round if you feel like your opponent will pill low vs your blockers. that wil give you easy damage done and you could use eris with uranus or grinmkkt for the 2hko.

sunday 25/07/2010

And it's getting worse tonight...smileysmiley

wednesday 21/07/2010

Will DM have a ranking and a hall of fame after it end beta like best DM point or best DM record or most point in a day. just curious

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