sunday 30/01/2011

Well I guess I'm not aone on this. I like the game, I just wish some of the cards were a bit more balenced. All cards have powers and all have Achellies heels. I am going to play around in t1.

Ok, thanks. I think it would be nice to have a section on this site that shows the full artwork of every card. The cards obviously crop out some of the illistrations. It would also be nice to see larger full screen images.

Two different people contacted me, asking me to drop my Serena to 4000 (with absolutely no other incentive other than not making the amount of Clintz I should). Then, I looked at my Serena and realized they were in fact right about my Serena's price not being what it should be according to the market. So, I jacked up her price 350 Clintz. She is still the cheapest Serena ATM, I make more money, and the beggars now have to pay more money if they want it.

If the person who buys my Serena is reading this, sorry. But blame the extra 350 you paid on the obnoxious people who think they deserve special prices.

Lol, I'm fairly certain a "poor quality area" for AT&T is anywhere in the US....

OMG, I can't wait until I get my Verizon Iphone... smiley

This won't help you get any CRs since they are chosen randomly (or at least that is what I understand) Staff won't make it obvious on who the next CRs will be o.O

Here they are nonetheless

Rescue (October 26th 2007)
Alec Cr

Piranas (June 6 200smiley
Smokey Cr
Gran Vista

I might be wrong but I am almost sure these are correct o.O

Zemacaco leave the trolling to me mate that was a pretty bad attempt.

Hola guys. New to UR, would much appreciate your help. I'm currently playing a GHEIST/Nightmare deck. Made some mistakes early on and sold some cards, so I only have 2 Nightmare left. Recently switched out Timber for Vansaar so I could play Type 1. Currently lacking on funds, and just need some pointers and tips on what I might do to make this deck more viable.


Fight > Options > Turn off Free Pill.


saturday 29/01/2011

Figure out a way to reduce the time in between turns. I could level a lot quicker if I didn't have to wait so long in between turns.

Baby steps.

Wat a waste of clintz

Sorry, I'm not seeing this on the site, how exactly do you claim your ticket when they draw? Click on ticket? The tickets don't seem to be clickable which is why I was asking, thanks.

If UR was to ever branch out it could only be into Videogames. with the game play it uses and the development system, it could only ever survive as a videogame offline

Just click on their name, and the list comes up, press remove from friends list.

What is the hour glass for in the winnings table at the end of a battle?

@Fanta Pants Is it really a problem if someone wants to ask others in the community what cards are worth more money without having to click through 50 pages of cards on the market? It can actually help to buy packs with clans that have expensive common cards because there is a better chance of getting a card worth more clintz in the pack.

friday 28/01/2011

Coolasc: 'Under the join room button you can choose your version'

Thats right... if you go to the top menu and slide over 'the game' then press PLAY NOW!.
After that u can pick the rooms and under the flamy hot big picture which says Join room! its says standard version and AS3.

click on AS3 and ur back to newer version smiley

I was mucking around in my activity feed a bit ago, and I accidentally turned off seeing status. I had no idea what it meant smiley So for the past few days I was messing around and was looking to get into serious debt to someone (xD I owe Willy_HD 53k, but I got a Marly) and I posted the deal I offered (interest) in the feed. I couldn't see it. *Apparently* your status is the posts you make in the activity feed that people can see, not that I knew. So I'm sure a few of my friends want to kill me now for spam smiley

Long story short, was it ever mentioned *anywhere* that status is that message?

OH!, nevermind, turns out you had to hit level 10 to start legendary missions XD


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