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saturday 26/03/2011

You should read the full sentence
it's -10 opp attack MINIMUM 3
so 5 attack would become 3, 8 attack would become 3,
2 attack will stay the same since it is lower than minimum

same with montana, -12 opp attack min 8
any attack that lower than 8 would not be reduced

Request to mods: Don't unlock posts that necro a thread that is done for more than three months... especially not if the post has no use.

Second that ^
I used to love reading comics, especially because they used to come out like once a month. But since I stopped (over 2 years) then re-started I havent seen any progress in the comics :/

No. No no no. Really harms +life per damage a lot - and it was never balanced against this. Also, I think that "more complexity" or variables it not really the way to go. If everything had a counter and anybody might do anything at a whim, we could go to coinflipping. Fury was in from the start and could always be considered. DRs are oftentime annoying enough - I don't think we really need ninja-sneak-surprise! in addition. (What's next then? SOA-fury for 5 pillz? smiley)

I'm not sure it was clear from previous posts. But to reiterate, and clarify the answer to your question:
"What determines the winner when each player's card has the same ATTACK POWER?"

In the event of a tie (same final attack power)
- Lower starred card ALWAYS* wins
- if both are the same stars as well, the ATTACKING card ALWAYS* wins

- The "ATTACKING card" is the card that is played first in ANY given round.
- "ALWAYS* wins." This is true ONLY if your game preferences is set to "Non Random." You can check this by going to any room (Click "Play!" > Choose any room) Then looking at "Game Preferences" at the top middle of the screen. You should see three options there: ANY, NORMAL, and NO RANDOM. Make sure you are set to "NO RANDOM" for my above answers to be ALWAYS* true.

I hope this helps smiley

Once a year is fine for a clan to be made got to make sure they are not a terible clan that cant be used or overused in a bad way were players cant injoy the game.

odds are it be summer brake when the next clan be out. seems the best time for it casue there is pleny of players yung an older on in that season cause they got time time of day. well hope im right about it being summer. has been so far as many have said so just go with summer.

I think they take some time to think if they make this carde with this power damage an ability would it be op or on the edge of being op.

they do a prity good job. they like to come out with the low stat cards an weird abilitys to see what your made of. no matter what i think they do a prity good job proubly angroop of ppl sit an think or read what they can do to make the card what it is.

thats my 2 cents

friday 25/03/2011

Here you go. The UR developers just released a rare Roots card. smiley

a pirana deck with a surprise.

I finished the mission now, in the end I just put 5 Ash in my deck and that sped up the progress slightly

thursday 24/03/2011


anyonecan post their preset here

It should be doubled for 500?

40 credits or 2 rares or 4000 clintz?

Yup she's a good investment. maybe after 3 years. She'll hit 200k.heheheheh smiley

How do you select the cards to put them in a auction

Ugh, I know the feeling. I have had matches where the opponent plays within the first quarter of the time limit for rounds 1 & 2, then when it is obvious he will lose on round 3 or 4, suddenly the timer runs to nearly out before he moves. I swear they are hoping that I abandon and they can get a win.

Thanks a lot for your help mate

wednesday 23/03/2011

Actually, mr. Ben, if you are out here giving lessons for newbies, you SHOULD mention adding new cards to deck first. For the simple reason you aren't allowed to have under 8 cards in any time. You HAVE TO add first and then you can remove old ones.
Nice to see tutorials, though i'm sure i have seen some deck-building advice before. It just might be that this game isn't matter of life and death to some people and losing few matches doesn't kill the fun for them.

Ae galera is true that this game exists rack.

Master of the seas is for 500 ulu watu wins

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