tuesday 19/03

For the cards, I am looking more for ones that are clear.
They should meet 2 of the similarities.

2 cards with the exact same stats and abilities but different levels
2 cards with the exact same level and ability and different stats
2 cards with the exact same levels and stats, where one has no ability.
2 cards with the exact same stats and stars with similar abilities. i.e. Iris Morana vs Aniki
2 cards with the exact same stats, where the inferior has more stars and no ability

Some exceptions such as Iris Morana and Aniki. However they have the same stats and similar Power reduction. One has a a lower minimum and no condition.

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sunday 17/03

Also there is some thread were a guy talks about thread, that appereantly was Manon and Scarlett new blood thread + guru and general cr announcement thread at the same time

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I’m currious to see what can be done as a 3.0 version of this

saturday 16/03

Thanks guys and oh my bad Jaodorn, I will change that soon

What game mode are you looking to play? That might help people give you a more mode specific deck.

thursday 14/03

Facebook and Instagram too

tuesday 12/03

Kunta, rewards too low.

monday 11/03

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Hm, alright, thanks. Let's hope for a fix soon enough smiley

Now, that was a shock!

sunday 10/03

Please, NO 10 powered cards! smiley

friday 08/03

@Frostweaver: I didn't say they weren't impactful. They def. add a lot of new options to ZPalace but options aren't the same as "must have." The only thing anyone said in that post that was even remotely on this lines was the guy who said new #florida jane is the best 3 for Pussycats and that's just his opinion. I still say you can get by with standard cards.

thursday 07/03


i'm back smiley

Maybe now it is the time to control player for abuse to forums . In free market we can't tolerate some player intended to taking advantage of other player

Oh, exciting to know that there's gonna be another nice card for skeelz

tuesday 05/03


"Couldn't they just set kate to offer a little below market value, once a card has remained within a certain range."

Read the second half of that sentence again, i'm saying if a card remains within 100-150k range for a few months, let kate buy the card for 95k or something.

sunday 03/03

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Yeah, it's kinda like the old Standard format if you were around for that...

There' a youtube video displaying all finishers. Not sure if I can post it here , but should be east to find

saturday 02/03

Sure, no problem.
Hope your poll gives a reasonable conclusion and answer for the Dutch Community.

Personally, I do not use Emotes, even in the game as I feel it is giving away a move, though I think in UR, it is a context to communicate visible irritation or to signal plays meant for Mission Completion purposes.

Not sure about Kate`s equivalent to smiley though.

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