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friday 09/11/2018

Anyone here know how to make 5 star pfulls with minimum 4750 xp?
Thank you smiley

thursday 08/11/2018

Hello, I sell #General Cr for 14.5M clintz. DM me and I'll send it your way through PS.

See "special event cards" topic in our guild forum. smiley

wednesday 07/11/2018

That makes a lot of sense actually, will do that! smiley

monday 05/11/2018

Thanks! I didn't realize they added the prize list to the game mode page. smiley

sunday 04/11/2018

Eh... sell emoticons like with some games? Kate-emoticon is getting old smiley

saturday 03/11/2018

Damn that 2nd evo of Araaknat is actually super cool

I'm thinking B" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/characters/?id_perso=1778">B Mappe.
Every time I face a wallet all star player with this guy I just know the game is over.
My favorite though is probably Nemo" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/characters/?id_perso=1701">Nemo Mt.
He just seems to transcend all rules of the game and bring you serenity...
Judge" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/game/characters/?id_perso=1669">Judge Lynch is another one with a stupid ability.

I have a new guild free for all player and who love anime smiley smiley TuT [img][/img][url=file:///C:/Users/Reene/Desktop/jun shen/22539869_899252940227337_2955221276782600468_n.jpg] text" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/?id=2061428">text

friday 02/11/2018

Vortex' new leader right now is Scylla
Piranha's new leader will come this month
Raptorz has 2 leader, Rex Sweig and #Impera Sloane

Naaa better yet they should give out Dj Korr Cr smiley

wednesday 31/10/2018

Eh I'll just read and give out some prizes for Halloween in events.

tuesday 30/10/2018

Play DT when you've got time. Remember to use a good deck, start on time, play fast and relax. That's my simple strategy which always brings me to top 10.

Also, playing Survivor is highly recommendable. The awards in crypto are pretty decent at the end of the week if you reach a score above 8.

In the end, it would be nice to get to Z Palace in EFC, since your score cannot be reduced below it unless you play bad or don't play. That way, you'll be able to have another 1000 crypto at your disposal at the stard of each week.

Good luck smiley

monday 29/10/2018

I even want Judge Lynch so I can own other non-GhosTown players' asses!

sunday 28/10/2018

I think I got you,and I completely agree ,this would catch the player's interest in other modes, some would play only to get the reward,but still,at least there would be a variety of players playing in all the modes.

#Grudj Cr is another good opener for the Freaks as not only can he get the poison off but you can put a few extra pillz on him and provided your opponent doesn't have SoA or Pillz cancellation you are Guareenteed 2 pillz back another shout out goes to Zaveli however her damage is too high and with the min of the Freaks poison poison will only take effect one providing you lose with the next card but still you get 3 pillz back instead of 2 #Grudj Cr gets

saturday 27/10/2018

As aforementioned by Rowdy, Attack Manipulators make it a lot easier against the AI, also high damage cards with which you can KO your opponent in 2 rounds make the AI use a lot of pillz.

I don't know which cards you have but I finished every single Season & HQ with the same mono Uppers and Roots decks depending on the AI's decks. Let me those two decks here, you may not be able to have the exact same cards in your collection but you can always replace some specific cards with their cheaper alternatives.

Mono Uppers: Al Safra, Christelle, Dr Six, Jackie Cr, Nega D Ld, Rubie, Saltsberg (Jose Star can be used too), Zatman
Mono Roots: Arno, Gertjan, Jeena, Krazan Ld, Mildred, Ratanah Mt, Shakra, Yookie

These two decks helped me finish all of the normal stages with 3 stars as well as the hardcore stage. Let us know which of these cards you have/don't have and maybe we will be able to find good alternatives for the cards you're missing.

Hope this helps, best of luck.

If you leave while you had cards in the bank they get removed from the bank and added instantly to your collection

wednesday 24/10/2018

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