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tuesday 26/08/2014

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Thanks smiley

monday 25/08/2014


sunday 24/08/2014

@AGPrinz nope, they are not the strongest, nor overpowered. Based on my personal experience, I used that half deck against a mono La Junta deck, and I was raped. When I changed deck consisting of Roots/Nightmare, I'm the one now that rapes such half deck lol. Well the thing is, all cards can be quite dangerous. It depends upon the player who plays with the deck, playing style and card preference. If they coupled cards with the best strategies available plus complex mindgames, bluffs and anticipation, they can surely emerge as the victor in a battle regardless of the cards they use. Well, there are really overpowered cards, but the staff already knew their potential prowess and perma-banned them. If you really want to ban those four cards, well you can as for the community to do it in the next voting lol

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I'd say that other than Rescue, La Junta have the best Elo mono. Cards like Isatis, Sabia, Thormund, Pilzken, and even Raven are pretty great at their full potential.

thursday 21/08/2014

I agree with moving Akendram down, sarcasm or none
Esmerelda isn't bad per say, just outdated.
And I'd put Madelone Tier 2

tuesday 19/08/2014

Yup, Roots/FPC is probably the most common combo that people top with. If you struggle with power manip, change Yookie or Curlix to Noodile Cr. The deck looks great though

Not to forget Crazy Carlo as well... thanks for the heads up!

Ok, lost Kenjy and TGaank for PR and Karnor Ved. Any more ideas? Keep em Rollin

thursday 14/08/2014

I will be sure to try that

tuesday 12/08/2014

But when u get soa (quite a lot) he is8/4 ( with bonus. most of time he will be 8/6. junta aren't that good dual clan. use bryan or gatline or burger

I have the CRs for FPC, and Blaaster for the bangers. I'm trying to make something competitive for T1. I've been using Blaaster, Graf, Randle, Bodenpower, Marlysa, Fei, Kusuri, and Shifou. Any edits from or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

monday 11/08/2014

Yeah, it really depends on your strategy. You can mix Vortex with Frozn because of the revenge, or maybe Junkz/Piranas for a more pill manipulation based deck. Almost any clan can work with Vortex IMO, so I guess it just depends on your playstyle.

sunday 10/08/2014


Thanks for the suggestions, will try those out soon.

However, here's my second budget deck (All Stars mixed with Ulu Watu)

Budget All Stars-Ulu Watu

I'd love to hear some tips with this deck smiley

friday 08/08/2014

It definitely puts Ulu on the map I have played around with Dave, Noland, Shaun, Wee Lee as a half deck which has been working good for me but its still not good enough to be my top pick

thursday 07/08/2014

Its good thanks

wednesday 06/08/2014

I had success in survivor elo with it. 11 wins. a friend of mine got 1384 elo with it

monday 04/08/2014

Ivana is worse than Wanda. Wanda=Nabrissa, Nabrissa can be a 9/4 but is conditional and if you have Jayzel, Cherry, etc, it may be hard to activate so Wanda might be better in that case. Brittany is kinda meh. Lucy is needed. Diana is nice when she isn't banned. Ditha is kinda bad, 5* 7 power with a great ability but can easily be DR'd or SOA'd. Louise is bad compared to Lena

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