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monday 04/04/2011

Yes i used to do that all the time wen i was about ur lvl to thats the easiest way to get money besides buying creds

@apricotsoup: I don't know since I'm still a starter I think I'mma go with mono for a while then go dual when I got so many cards to choose from..

@LOA_WSN: I'm not yet playing in ELO just for dt type 1 smiley thx thought for the elo advice..

@ DerMagus I forgot to say that i also agree on that "trading cards for cards" note.

There is also the rarer 3/5 deck split usually used with Freaks as 3 and 5 of another clan. This is so you have minimal chance of getting more than 2 Freaks. You will however, draw all three while facing a Ghiest deck and draw your most bonus reliant card from the other clan deprived of its most important asset. (Any Montana) smiley

sunday 03/04/2011

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Format really doesn't matter (forgot to put that in)

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Collect 250000 ctz for 25 prize tickets? WTF?

I use piranas with my junkz smiley

Link your present in the comments to link your present while asking questions at the same time smiley

heres the first

thanks smiley

Would a Nightmare/Sentinel T1 deck work?

Sentinel has lots of good 2/3 stars while Nightmare has the better 5/4 Stars in my opinion

Kolos/Ghumbo/Kenny/(2Star Nightmare)


Also Illegal! Don't do it.

saturday 02/04/2011

I mean Otto :/ sorry mod

This is my preset made with synrgy in mind (or at least the comments in my last preset)
Enjoy: http://www.urban-rivals.com/presets/?id_preset=1816195&list
Thanks for any advise smiley

@ LOA_WSN: Then what would you prefer to change?

It works, just poorly in Collection pro. You'll have to refresh the page to see it. Try it in My Collection to see better results.

Found this deck to be very usefull =D


Use em with pussycats, if ya lose u'll most likely get a bonus smiley

Characters with -X damage min Y.

I think it meant character levels. Since you get noticably more points by killing a 5 star with a 1 star than other way around. Player level is more so a meter of skill and how long thee have been playing

Huh, I would prolly kill you smiley
Really though that is a good hand if you know how to use it.... smiley

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